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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 20th 2018

NOVEMBER 19, 2018 Today we spent the whole day on the polar explorer traveling over the tundra looking for wildlife. The polar explorer is s large vehicle on a fire truck chassis with 6foot diameter wheels. The front wheels are on a fixed axle and the back four wheels are each independently mounted. They were very large inside and comfortably furnished. We each had our own row of seats with a window there was s washroom in the rear. Our guide was Sam who is quite good. Our driver was Ol’ Bill. Everyone was quite congenial and they told some interesting stories. The beginning of the Hudson Bay Company From 1550-1850’s men’s beaver hats came into fashion. These were very expensive but highly sought after. The end result of this was that the European beaver was ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 17th 2017

Well we managed to get ourselves out of New York yet again and flew on Saturday to Montreal and on to Winnipeg to start our Polar bear trip. The company we booked with covered everything from hotel room to chartered flight to the actual polar bear experience on Tundra buggies. When we arrived into Winnipeg we asked the woman at the hotel courtesy coach desk where we should catch the coach to the Four Points hotel. She said that we could wait outside for 10 minutes or we could walk out the door cross the road, go through the airport car park and turn right….as the hotel was right across the street. So like a really bad impersonation of “the Castle” we walked our luggage on the trolley across the road to our hotel….Ah serenity!!! And ... read more
Tundra buggy
Go inside and have your lunch!!
Are you looking at me?

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 21st 2017

What a trip! The belugas were out in the hundreds and the polar bears came out twice to say hello. Overall, an excellent trip. On the final day we had a torrential downpour and we spent the day in town. The museum is small but packed with interesting artifacts, including the narwhal horn which you'll see in the pics. There is definitely a religious presence in town as evidenced by the Anglican church, with the beautiful stained glass windows you'll see in the pics.... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 16th 2017

Today Canada celebrated 150 years (edited for accuracy! woops) and as such we went over the bay to visit the Prince of Wales Fort. This fort was originally built by the Hudson Bay Company as a means to protect their fur trade interests. Sometime around the late 1700s the French took possession of the fort, but with few resources to man the fort they quickly returned it back to the English. Not before trashing the place of course. Today there is quite a bit of reconstruction work going on as the building is crumbling in this harsh atmosphere. While on the island we tasted Inuit bread bannock (sp), which is basically an unleavened, flour-based, bread. It was very good. We also learned more about some of the research being done in the area - apparently the ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 15th 2017

Hello, oh happy days! Much to report from today's adventure. Today we went out on to the river and saw the star of this entire show - the belugas. At first we saw just a spattering of them - a few here, a few there, but after awhile we came upon a large pod of a hundred or so and were right in the think of them. The males tend to run together, while females are more likely to be found with child in tow or in some sort of supportive role after they have stopped childrearing. Their colors vary depending on their sex, age and also their molting process. Yes, beluga whales molt. Perhaps it is because they come into the estuary, but there isn't a definitive answer as to why these mammals molt. As ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 13th 2017

Hello from Hudson Bay! Today I arrived at the Churchill Northern Science Center in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and I wanted to check in briefly before we get on with our program tonight. I flew in this morning from Winnipeg and it was interesting to see the terrain change from heavily wooded to the tundra. At the airport we were all picked up and taken here to our dorm/classrooms/everything we will need for the next couple of days. On the way in we saw a sandhill crane (no pics sorry) as well as a lot of Canada geese - or as they say here - geese - and their babies. Had my first mosquito bite shortly after arrival, so all is going as expected. It is a spectacular facility surrounded with water, puny but pretty trees and ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 17th 2014

Geo: 58.7691, -94.168We did another day on the tundra rovers today. Unfortunately, we only saw bears way off in the distance, out on the ice. We saw a mom and her cub but they were too far out to get a picture.When we got back to town, we went curling.....yep, curling. Awesome.In the evening, the sky was completely clear. There were millions of stars. And then, the aurora borealis (the northern lights) put on an incredible show. We also saw about 6 different foxes darting through town....not sure if the northern lights made them more active or not. ... read more
Tundra Rovers
Sunset too

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 16th 2014

Geo: 58.7691, -94.168We spent the day exploring Churchill, and the evening on a dinner cruise on the Tundra Rover.... read more
Artic fox
Frozen faces
Dry docked Tug

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 15th 2014

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 14th 2014

Geo: 58.7691, -94.168We arrived in Churchill around 12:00 pm. This is the area of the Hudson Bay that freezes first due to the fresh water feeding from the Churchill River. Each year, about 1,400 polar bears converge on Churchill to await the freeze in search of seals out in the bay. We were told that there have been 19 bears alarms in the town already this month, indicating that bears had wandered into town. Churchill has a "bear jail" in town where they hold the wandering bears until they can relocate about 60 miles from town. There are currently 10 bears in lock up.We did spot a red fox on the outskirts of town around sunset, as we toured around town in our bus....but no bears. We will head out in the tundra vehicles tomorrow to ... read more
Across the frozen tundra
Where we had lunch
Our hotel

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