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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill September 3rd 2011

Hi Folks. This is just a wee little blurb about a rather beautiful sky - tonight the heavens gave us an extra dazzling light show... At about nine-thirty I took a look out at the sky from the front deck of our house. There was a spiraling band of green directly overhead which transformed and danced at astonishing speed! I decided it was the night to take a drive a couple of miles out of town to get away from the light pollution of Churchill's mighty sprawl of 13 streets so I could get a better view. They were truly amazing tonight (they still are), it's not too often that we get to see the reds as well as the greens, and to get them so bright at this time of the year is also quite ... read more
The aurora over the town
Over the rocks.
Bright lights

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill August 21st 2011

Hi Folks. York Factory was a trading post located on the shore of Hudson Bay at the mouth of the Hayes River, 227 km southeast of Churchill (according to Dave's GPS). It was headquarters of the Hudson's Bay Company's Northern Department through much of the 1800's and it continued as a fur trading post until 1957 when the company closed it down. York Factory is now a National Historic Site of Canada and is the oldest wooden building in Canada built on permafrost. The trip down there was great! We got to fly over the spectacular Wapusk National Park and the mighty Nelson River as well as getting to see many polar bears from the air. It had been a place on our bucket list for quite some time and the opportunity to visit was thrown ... read more
The Warehouse
The Guns
The View from the Warehouse

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 2nd 2011

Hi to everyone! We have adjusted back to the colder climate and the high food prices of northern Canada. Instead of paying only a few cents for a bag of bananas, we are now forking out $5.99 per kilo! Incidentally, the bananas here in Churchill curve slightly clockwise, suggesting perhaps, that they've been flown here from somewhere south of the equator? Anyway, we needed furniture! Our house was an empty, echoing void of loneliness! Within a week of posting an ad on the local community board, we had filled the rooms with stuff (yes, that's correct - STUFF, which is of course unusual for us). We even managed to gain a cat (Stuart) for a bit, and a lodger (Claudia) too! The transition between winter and summer is always our favourite time of year! The melting ... read more
On the Bluffs.
The frozen river.
Frozen sea-scape.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 20th 2010

Hi everyone, While Dave is out on the tundra, I have had some wonderful moments of exploration here in Churchill. Here are some inspiring scenes as the Hudson Bay transforms from a liquid to a solid mass of pancake ice.... read more
Starting to freeze on land
Ice fog
fresh water freezing

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 31st 2010

Hello to all our loyal blog readers. It's quite the spectacle to see a normally very sleepy town become a buzz of tourists and travellers from all over the world. Bear mania has sprung upon us once again! The lakes are starting to freeze over and the bears are certainly scattered all over the area now!. We saw a mother with triplets on Foxe Island, several seal kills and many more bears scattered along the coast, although, surprisingly, we did not see any bears at Cape Churchill, which normally has lots of bears? We had a nice blizzard for a couple of days too, a nice intro to the winter! The season is moving quickly, in another 4 weeks we will be a sleepy wee town again, and all the bears will be out hunting on ... read more
Red fox
Arctic Fox
Ptarmigans on the ptundra.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 27th 2010

I'm back in the Reef Cafe where we had breakfast (my first hot meal in seven whole days, cinnamon French toast, it was fuckin WONDERFUL!), writing to kill an hour because I can't check in to my hotel yet. That Louise chick I spoke with on the phone seems to run the joint single handedly, cleaning rooms with her trolley while taking bookings over the phone in her crazy Northern sing-song happy parody voice (parrotty voice? haha)... This place is great. Really something. I'm glad I came. I feel lost without Charmaine but we'll run into each other soon enough, I'm sure, in a town with so few streets. Our trainmates were a lot of fun; firefighters, a nurse and a mining mechanic, jobs for serious people, but they're not at all. They got us merry ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 3rd 2010

Despite our busy schedules with Dave's crazy hours and Theresa flying in and out of town to her other remote regions... we managed to have some nice moments of hiking and photography. Here are a few photos of our fall experience...enjoy!... read more
The Smurfs.
Under the lights.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill September 12th 2010

Hello everyone! I did an ultra-light flight last week here in Churchill. The weather was perfect, and the sun was out and about! Great flight! Enjoy the pics. Theresa... read more
I sit behind the pilot
a photo from the rear view mirror
The tide is out on the Churchill River

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill September 6th 2010

October 15th, departure to Canada. Flight from Brussels Airport to Montreal, and then stop over for Winnepeg. Winnepeg is the capital of Manitoba. After a night in Winnepeg, the group will fly to Churchill. 1700 km up to the north. At the Hudson Bay (English explorers and colonists named Hudson Bay after Henry Hudson, who explored the bay in 1610 on his ship the Discovery). Only in July and August there is no snow. We can reach Churchill by train (Hudson Bay railway) 1700 km long or by plane. There is no highway. Churchill has 980 inhabitants, and the polar bear tourism is the biggest activity, second name for Churchill = Polar Bear Capital of the World. During one week we explore the tundra, we spot the bears, we will have dogsledging, a helicopter flight over ... read more
Polar bear
flight from Winnipeg to Churchill
Manitoba Moose

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill August 23rd 2010

Out on the tundra the other day we were accompanied by a female bear and her 10 month old cub. They slept for a while then casually got up and strolled through a waterhole. Later on in the afternoon we saw them again, this time the cub was being nursed. It is always a real treat to see a mother bear nursing, and it is not something that is often seen. On a distant shoreline we also saw 6 bears feasting on a beluga carcass that had been washed up. Yummy! D.... read more
Walking away.
Muddy feet.
Wading cub.

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