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November 20th 2010
Published: November 20th 2010
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Hi everyone,

While Dave is out on the tundra, I have had some wonderful moments of exploration here in Churchill. Here are some inspiring scenes as the Hudson Bay transforms from a liquid to a solid mass of pancake ice.

Additional photos below
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First wicked snow fallFirst wicked snow fall
First wicked snow fall

Looking out our front door, about 5 feet of drifted snow blocks our path
Starting to freeze on landStarting to freeze on land
Starting to freeze on land

As the water takes on a jelly like flow pattern, snow sits on the beach

...and the wind was also breathtaking...!!
silliest facesilliest face
silliest face

Myself and Ursula set out on a lunch hour of exploration
Freshly made...hmmmFreshly made...hmmm
Freshly made...hmmm

We stayed close to the truck...
Hauntingly beautifulHauntingly beautiful
Hauntingly beautiful

...or is that dauntingly cold...?

20th November 2010

Beautiful Photos
Another set of brilliant photos!!! Ab fab!
21st November 2010

Ever COOL Pictures
As always, loooove the pictures. Since photos can never really ever capture the overal feelings and view, the scenery and the tracking of Polar Bear must give you shivers. You are too cool for me. But didn't your parents warn you that your face could freeze in that pose? Especially since living in Churchill. LOL love and miss you xox PS
24th November 2010

Cool pics
Yes, cool pics and COOL pics, and shivers and SHIVERS! haha! the bear tracks were cool to see. But we were not tracking for bears, lets make that perfectly clear! That's a no-no. AKA death wish. We stayed close to the truck, for sure. miss you too!! xo
15th June 2011

Simply amazing photos!
Loved the sunset.

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