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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 15th 2014

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 14th 2014

Geo: 58.7691, -94.168We arrived in Churchill around 12:00 pm. This is the area of the Hudson Bay that freezes first due to the fresh water feeding from the Churchill River. Each year, about 1,400 polar bears converge on Churchill to await the freeze in search of seals out in the bay. We were told that there have been 19 bears alarms in the town already this month, indicating that bears had wandered into town. Churchill has a "bear jail" in town where they hold the wandering bears until they can relocate about 60 miles from town. There are currently 10 bears in lock up.We did spot a red fox on the outskirts of town around sunset, as we toured around town in our bus....but no bears. We will head out in the tundra vehicles tomorrow to ... read more
Across the frozen tundra
Where we had lunch
Our hotel

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 22nd 2014

I'm running late on writing the blogs...Saturday in Vancouver...we are Tuesday night and I'm ready to board a plane to Johannesburg...but still in Bangkok...and tomorrow afternoon, should be finally in Congo. Don't ask me the secrets to deal with simply have to deal with it! The kids are happy to be home, they had some fun time in Saigon, but now it's back to school till Christmas. For me it's back to work...and hit the small white ball too in Congo, even if you will still ready 2 more blogs on my Canadian adventures...more to come. But first, the polar bear! I'm fortunate to have enjoyed an amazing trip to Antarctica back in 2008...than few years later, I went on a multi-days adventure dog sledging with a good friend in Greenland. My last adventure still ... read more
Curious male
Our lodge in the tundra
Nursing the kids...pretty rare moment...

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 19th 2014

A blog centered on the polar bears, and I'm not publishing a single picture of a bear. The reason is simple...I've got way too many pictures and these are coming in my next blog. I had planned this trip for a while...and it was on my wish list for even longer. If you want to see polar bears, and want to see a lot of them, there is only one place in the world....up North in the middle of nowhere in Canada, I name the little city of Churchill. Bear season is very short, just 6 weeks from early October till around the 20th of November. The polar bear spend most of their year on the ice in the Bay of Hudson. By the end of July, the ice has melt, and the bears are simply ... read more
Artic hare!
They are not kidding!
Pumpkins...cornflakes...and see it...all in the same shop!

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 22nd 2013

A big hello to all of our blog followers... A blog by Dave... We haven't blogged for a wee while, partly because we've not traveled a great deal during the year other than work related trips, and partly because we've had almost endless sunshine all year and have spent most of our time outside... However, we are now losing daylight very quickly and the temperatures are falling by the day so we're starting to get into hibernation mode - ideal for writing a blog or two. There has been a few 'incidents' this year involving our furry-faced friends... There was one fellow who got charged a couple of times by a young bear on the Town Beach and another chap who got bitten and scratched by a different young bear! Both men were O.K., but understandably, ... read more
Wandering the streets after dark!
Nudging the Kayak
Blow hole

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 10th 2013

Geo: 58.7254, -94.1168Part II of our current world wanderings is supposed to be a little bit of the 'vida loca' in Central and South America. And what better way to get to Costa Rica than via Churchill, Manitoba. Some of our more loyal viewers might be thinking that DH was somehow in charge of logistics on this leg of the trip, and while it's true that my Princess' navigational skills continue to start and finish with a coin toss, viewing polar bears in their natural environment has long been on our bucket list (and Churchill, Manitoba is the self-anointed polar bear capital of the world). Since Churchill is never really on the way to anywhere else, we decided to make it a stop on the way to Costa Rica.No roads lead to Churchill (literally) so one ... read more
Carry On Bags From The Dollar Store
No Shots Fired
That's Our Bear

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill March 20th 2013

Hello to all blog followers! The weather right now is 'most unpleasant', which I think is a very slight improvement on this morning's weather - which was 'particularly unpleasant.' Yesterday's weather was 'somewhat unpleasant' and it's likely that tomorrow will be 'less than pleasant' too. However, I'm hopeful that by April it will become more pleasant, and by looking out the window, it surely must! What an awesome winter storm! The wind is howling. Outside, all you can hear is the sound of trees getting hammered and the metal panels of the building getting slammed by the nor'wester. However, the northern lights are spiraling above with vivid greens and bands of white filling the sky with mystery and wonder. It truly is a magical time of the year, with the aurora in full bloom and daylight ... read more
The Lights
On the shore of a Frozen Sea
Departing the Owl River Site

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill January 23rd 2012

Omdat we nu al een tijdje in Churchill zaten kwamen we steeds meer te weten over het leven in het kleine dorpje. Het dorpje lag zo afgelegen van alles dat de dorpelingen hun verveling leken te verjagen door zichzelf elke avond te bedrinken. De kroegen zaten elke avond vol, ook die van ‘ons’ hotel. De wc’s schoonmaken, Judith’s taak, werd hier niet plezieriger op.. Mede omdat wij elke ochtend vroeg moesten beginnen met werken lieten wij het barleven meestal aan ons voorbijgaan. Een keer per week was er echter ‘open mic’, een avond waarin iedereen zijn of haar zangtalenten aan het publiek ten gehore kon brengen. Onze Ierse collega’s (Dave en Elaine) begonnen elke avond met een optreden, om de bar-gangers een beetje op te warmen. Dave was een goede gitaarspeler en als Elaine meezong kregen ... read more
Muisstil blijven zitten
De lucht vlamt
Geweldige zonsondergang

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill January 7th 2012

Na een paar dagen in Winnipeg om ons voor te bereiden op het afgelegen Churchill stonden we om 5 uur in de vroege ochtend slaperig te wachten op ons vliegtuig. Er zijn geen wegen tussen Winnipeg en Churchill. Het is een enorm veengebied bezaaid met meertjes. De enige manier om 'over land' naar Churchill te reizen is met de trein. De rails 'drijft' op het veen waardoor de trein zo langzaam moet rijden dat hij er 2 hele dagen over doet om in Churchill te komen. In de winter zou de trein wat stabieler zijn omdat de grond dan bevroren is. Ons werd dit bespaard omdat er nog plekken vrij waren in het vliegtuig en wij gratis mee mochten. Omdat het een charter vliegtuig was hoefden we door geen enkele controle. De meeste mensen die mee ... read more
Het strand met The Enterprise
Het treinstation
Rots op het strand

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 22nd 2011

Hey Folks. Just the other day, I was on the ground working out at the lodge when I had a wee visit from one of our furry friends. We get bears at the lodge all the time as they check it out and hang around for a few hours before moving on, but this time he decided to check me out instead! He appeared out of nowhere (like bears often do) and stood looking at me from about 15 - 20 ft. I pumped a slug into the chamber of the 12 gauge and had my finger on the trigger as I walked back to the vehicle whilst pointing the gun at the bear the whole time. It was an odd experience! I was thinking "are you gonna eat me or are you gonna just stand ... read more
Eating Lunch
Nap Time!

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