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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 16th 2009

Hey guys We had some good sparing action by our camp a few days ago.. Two males were play fighting to help pass the time, as they wait for the bay to freeze. Which is now overdue as the temperatures keep rising!? Enjoy the pictures. Dave.... read more
Sparring bears
Wrestled to the ground.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 10th 2009

Hey guys During the last week or so we have seen our fair share of arctic wildlife. We even had a wolverine run by our camp. We often get woken up at night when bears bang on the side of the lodge, trying to get in to the delicious garbage room! The foxes and hares are in their full winter coats and they look superb. The temps are still relatively mild and the sea has thawed back out, leaving the bears onshore to pace back and forth. So, my day will be spent repairing an air leak on a buggy's brake system, installing two propane furnaces into another buggy and fixing a couple of doors! Hopefully Mr Bear wont get too close? Dave.... read more
Arctic hare (Snow hare)
Arctic hare
A comfortable seat

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill November 7th 2009

Hey guys. Today we watched a bear drag a seal across the ice for a mile or so! He was being pursued by several other bears, all wanting to feast on this treat. There was quite a bit of action! A bigger bear stole the kill, then an even bigger bear stole it again. Although it was way off in the distance, the viewing was awesome! Once the other bears moved away from the kill, we drove up close and got look at the blood covered and happy bear.. Dave.... read more
Blood covered bear
Blood covered bear
Blood covered bear

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 29th 2009

Churchill, Manitoba, eh? I ate Manitoba perogies at the legendary Gypsy's Bakery, like a good tourist! Perogies are cuisine pauvre- sheet pasta wrapped around a filling of mashed potato and cheese, tasting nothing like either. Orange crumbly mush, served with fried onions, and sour cream and scallions or chives, all floating in some kind of grease. I don't see the appeal, apart from as comfort food or emergency food. The grease was questionable but I was told it was veggie-friendly; although I haven't tasted anything of that consistency for a long, long time and it somehow reminded me of my childhood. Anyhow. A list! I love lists. Highlights! --------------- -TUNDRA. I couldn't shake the sensation of being on the moon. Bizarre, beautiful, harsh land. -Tundra BUGGY! (An exact hybrid of a monster truck and a school ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 29th 2009

Greetings from a rainy Churchill! All the ice has gone again! The temperature rose and melted it all, so the bears are happy just to sit tight and wait a bit longer.. I was talking to a guy from Manitoba Conservation as well as a couple of the Parks Canada guides, and they were saying that a lot of the bears this year are still down close to the Manitoba/Ontario border and that they still have a lot of body mass so they don't seem to have the urge to migrate north? It's an interesting theory, and there may be some truth behind it? However, bears seem to be moving into the area, we have had a couple of sets of mums and twins pass through. It was very exciting to see them, and a ... read more
getting a closer look.
Bear outside my bedroom.
Bear walking by the willows.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 19th 2009

Hey Guys. More and more bears are moving through the area every day and they are getting hungrier as well as more curious! We have had a couple of big male bears trying to bite their way in. Tearing away at the underside of the lodge and ripping off panels and fittings! We now have Buggy 1 up and running and on the tundra! Buggy 1 is operated by Polar Bears International and is used for research and live broadcasts, it is the only buggy on the tundra that picks up high speed internet! I am in the lodge dining room right now looking at the frozen edge of the bay and at a young female polar bear rolling in the sea weed... She has just sat up and stopped rolling.... She is licking her leg ... read more
Routine maintenance.
Too close for comfort.
Let sleeping bears lie.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 15th 2009

Hey guys! I thought I would try and update the blog fairly frequently, as there are many bears around, and I am sure you would all like to see some of the action? Winter has arrived... We had our first winter storm, and the land and lakes are now frozen in time. There is actually sea-ice forming around the shoreline, something we don't normally see until very late October or early November! I have my fingers crossed for an early freeze up, it would hopefully do wonders to our bears! During the last few days we have had a couple of four-legged visitors to the lodge, one big male and a very young bear (We are not sure whether it's a boy or a girl). They have both been extremely curious about us, and tried there ... read more
Drifts by the trees.
Frozen wastes.
Frozen dryas integrifolia.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 12th 2009

Hey guys. The highlight of the week this week was during a trip to the dump!!! It's not uncommon to see a big, dirty polar bear rummaging through the food scraps at the town dump, but I was super excited to see a wolverine! He (or she) was all straggly, gnarly and grumpy looking, and although the backdrop of plastic garbage bags and piles of Pampers wasn't visually inspiring, it was a very powerful experience! My first ever wolverine. So cool! Buggy 17 got into a wee bit of trouble out on the tidal flats near Polar Bear Point. The driver (not me) hit a big rock (we speculate) and shattered the leaf spring centre pin, and as a result the entire rear axle moved about a foot back on the springs pulling the u-bolts back ... read more
White spruce and tamarack.
The Dene village
Broken buggy 17

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill October 3rd 2009

Hi folks! The north wind has been howling for a couple of days now. It is starting to feel like fall, but somehow the temperatures are struggling to get below freezing? Not that I mind, as I have a lot of work to do out on the tundra, I could do with a couple more weeks of warm (Relative for the time of year) weather. Our mobile lodge has been hauled out to the wild and barren, windswept and bleak Polar Bear Point, and we've already had a group of 'campers'. Polar Bears International (PBI) had a group of students staying in the lodge, while seeing 'the land of the white bear' first hand they learned about how our changing climate and melting ice is affecting them. Right now I am flirting between town and the ... read more
The fall at it's best
Bear among the bear berries.
Why did the bear cross the road?

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill September 20th 2009

Hi there blog-meisters! Theresa and I have had a fun week up in Churchill... We dined in Churchill's finest restaurants (all two of them), and took a couple of very colourful and scenic drives along the coast. One highlight was having a polar bear run across the main street in town when we were out walking! Just a nice reminder that you could be killed and eaten at any time by Nanuq!!! I had to fly to Winnipeg for a day to do a work related course, which was fun, except the timing was a little bad. It was right in the middle of the week that Theresa was visiting! I guess that's just the way it goes. We got out on the Tundra Buggy a couple of times and the colours were amazing! The light ... read more
Bear berry plant
Fall reds.

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