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North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper June 10th 2012

Hey everyone! I found a little internet cafe in Jasper so I'm sending you a few lines but no photos I'm afraid, I forgot my camera lead. But rest assured, I will post a proper blog with photos as soon as possible (probably when I get to Vancouver next week). Well... where do I start?! We spent our first night in Canada camping at Pinantan Lake, we toasted marshmallows and introduced ourselves. There are seven girls and three boys on the trip and the majority of us are British. There is one Kiwi, one Aussy and one German just to mix it up a bit. Our tour guide, Becca, is from Iowa and has been working for Trek America for 4 seasons. She -loves- Canada and requested to run this tour (the 'Mountie' tour) this year ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper May 30th 2012

Ce matin, le réveil se fait lentement, il 9h et tout le monde dort encore. Le ciel est clair et on peut voir la montagne de neige qui se dresse de ma fenêtre. Une journée parfaite pour une randonnée pédestre à la montagne. Après un arrêt au bureau de poste, on se dirige vers les sentiers Old Fort Point. C’est un promontoire qui se dresse à 130m au-dessus de la rivière Athabasca. Un sentier qui est abrupt par endroit et qui nous offre des paysages différents, soit le long de la rivière, soit des forêts de conifères là où LiamAntoine a rempli ses poches de cocottes dures et lancer l’attaque. Joseph s’est mis de mon côté et malgré tout LAF avait plus de forces avec ses grandes réserves. Après 3h de marche, les gémissements des garçons ... read more
les 3 enfants

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper May 29th 2012

On s’est réveillé dans le parc national de Jasper. Tout le monde prend leur douche. On reste au RV pendant environ 2Hr.On est allé aux sources thermales Miette, parce qu’il ne faisait pas beau. J'adore! On aurait dit des piscines. Une que je (Liam Antoine) ne pouvais pas rester plus longtemps que cinq minutes tellement qu’elle était chaude, elle était à 40 degré C. L'autre était bien, elle était à 38 degré. Les deux autres étaient l'eau d'un ruisseau à 22, et 9 degré. Bob, Joseph et Moi on s'arrosait dans la 22 degré. Je m’amusais d’aller de la 40 à la 9. Quand on est revenu au terrain de camping, Victoria Anne, Joseph, Bob et moi, nous sommes allés en bicyclette pour aller chercher le permis de feu et le bois. Pendant que Bob et ... read more
Parc de Jasper
les gars aux sources thermales

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper April 12th 2012

Today is the end of my second week in Jasper so it's about time for another update. This entry should be considerably shorter than the last one, however I do tend to find a lot of words to write about everything so I may have jumped the gun with that comment. I arrived here at 6.30am on Thursday, 29th March. I first had to go to reception at the Chateau Jasper to receive my keys and an "Introduction to Jasper" package (which I still haven't read). I was housed in Wapta House, which is a staff building behind the Lobstick Lodge (situated next to Chateau). I had an appointment with Human Resources at 10.00am so once I finally found my place, it didn't leave long to get some sleep. Like a zombie i headed up to ... read more
The view from the main street
The view from the main street
Amethyst Lodge

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper April 3rd 2012

Greetings! Hank and I arrived safely back on the relay in Edmonton. Our hotel was the Delta which was actually part of a huge mall. Our first relay day was very busy! I was made host and had 2 medal bearer meetings with some very important people. Since this isn't my usual role, I was quite nervous. With the help of Monty, Scott and Herve we pulled them off quite well! Since Rick was with us in Edmonton, many of his friends and colleagues were MB's. The next day was an event day. I helped out at a school presentation and then later that afternoon went to the West Edmonton Mall to watch some of my team go bungee jumping! The next day we relayed to Spruce Grove. Marika from head office and her husband and ... read more
Downtown Edmonton
Edmonton, AB
Edomonton, AB

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 24th 2011

We rode the Ice Fields Parkway from Banff to Jasper Yesterday. It's listed as 180 miles long, but took us nearly 5 hours to drive. Not because of traffic or windy mountain roads, but because of all of the breathtaking scenery along the way! The highway gets its name from the Columbia Ice Fields which straddle the border between Alberta and British Columbia, also forms part of the continental divide. It is an ice field, not a glacier, but ice and snow that fills the valley between mountains. These fields feed into eight major glaciers that cascade down from the mountains along the road. The river that flows from the glaciers is milky-white from all of the glacier flour suspended in it, but when it forms a lake the water settles and becomes a jade green. ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 23rd 2011

Geo: 52.8736, -118.083After several checks and re-checks of our condo in Banff -- to make sure we'd left nothing behind -- we were on the road north toward Jasper before 0930. The sky did something it hadn't done in a week, and this is cloud up. By the time we passed by Lake Louise again, the clouds were fully set in and there was a steady rain. We were on the so-called Icefields Parkway, which spans more than 140 miles, linking the towns of Lake Louise and Jasper, and paralleling the continental divide. The entire area is protected as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, declared back in '80's. The scenery was spectacular, but marred by the rain. A benefit, however, were the abundance of rainbows we saw around every corner. It was the first ... read more
A Very Wet Black Bear
Explorer Coach
Descending Down onto the Glacier

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 11th 2011

Sunday July 10, 2011 Almost There I woke up well rested this morning. I sleep much better in the tent then I do in the hostels; hostels are just nice to get a shower, your gear organized, laundry, blogs updated and a quick movie on the lap top. I am only kilometers to the Banff / Jasper border. Heading to the ice fields for (an expensive) breakfast. I took a bit of a break at the Icefields Center to catch up on my blog notes. I ended up taking another break an hour down the road. Weather looked rough ahead and I thought it would be better to let it pass then get wet. I stopped in a camping area later in the afternoon to top up my drinking water. I noticed a weekly weather forecast; ... read more
The Columbia Icefields
The Columbia Icefields
The Columbia Icefields

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 6th 2011

We are actually right in the Rockies as we speak! Last night in the log cabin was amazing! The only wild life we saw was a little squirrel - oh and all those Ravins but they don't really count because they're so numerous and they caw all the time. There are warnings all over the place about the bears but we haven't even seen one of those. Today we were up Whistler Mountain. We tried to do the climb but had to stop before we got to the top. Maybe it was something to do with the fact that we had just eaten lunch. Ron tells me to tell you that we went up most of the way in a cable car. It is hot again today - 32C but feels like more - no wind ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper June 24th 2011

The hostel in Golden was awesome. The hostel in Banff was awesome. The hostel in Lake Louise was awesome. The hostel in Jasper was a hell hole. We pull up to the parking lot. Everything looks normal. We're halfway up a mountain and a decent drive into the town centre. "It's okay" we all think, "this is what budget roadtripping is all about." It's the cheapest place in town. We unload our stuff and make our way around the back of the building. Things are broken down, it looks a little rough. Gone are the manicured lawns, flower pots, and updated buildings of hostels past. We open a creaky screen door and stand inside on a dark and musty porch, waiting to check in. Sonja's face starts to fall. The grimace sets in. She mutters "Uh, ... read more
Bow Lake
Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Falls

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