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North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 5th 2016

Geo: 52.8736, -118.083Snorers! So apparently not all of the snorers made it into the cabins...... One rogue buffalo made it into the tent area and thus a fitful night ensued. However, on the upside, we had another beautiful drive ahead of us in our way to Jasper National Park. As we drove the black road, which cut through the landscape like a giant liquorice rope, we passed by brilliant turquoise lakes, set deep within curtains of pine trees, the few deciduous trees scattered amongst them having begun to change colour to beautiful shades of burnt orange, golden brown and deep yellow. We sailed past the Rocky Mountaineer, carrying its luxury passengers through the stunning scenery, their view as impressive as ours. On and on we drove through mountain passes - the jagged tops of multicoloured rock ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 22nd 2016

Jasper 21-22 July 2016 We had 2 nights in Jasper. Our first night, we went exploring this quant town of 4,500 people …. plus 100s of tourists. There were 2 retail outlet streets, including many, many restaurants, tour-booking outlets, tourist souvenir shops and all the other usual outlets found in many towns. Exploring Jasper National Park was our plan for the next day. We were picked up by our tour guide. About 35 of us were on the Brewster company bus. Our guide drove the 2 retail streets of Jasper which was our orientation to the town. We then headed N-E to Pyramid Lake. We were hit by the magnificent glassy, highly reflective lake, surrounded by the Rockies in the Jasper National Park. It was beautiful. While there, we spotted the biggest male elk we had ... read more
Around Pyramid Lake near Jasper in Rockies (6)
Jasper Rockies Skytram (7)
Jasper Rockies Skytram (3)

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 7th 2016

Avid followers or insomniacs, we have now arrived in Jasper after the overnight Canadian train from Vancouver. Yesterday was spent circumnavigating (going round in circles) Stanley Park, one of Vancouvers premier tourist attractions. Plenty of things going on. Bowling (Chris variety), cycling, fishing. Very impressive gardens, brilliant sea life aquarium and a slightly less thrilling children's mini train ride (practice for future holidays?). I did consider a spot of totem pole sitting but we ran out of time. Perhaps just as well. However I did catch a fish - got photo to boot. But is it another Overton sized Whopper? Your call. After returning the hire car to the most obscure location in Vancouver - (no signs to direct us to the bowels of a posh hotel near the cruise liners dock), we boarded the train ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 7th 2016

And so the expedition goes on. Today high up into the the Rockies to Lake Maligne, a renowned beauty spot. Well to be frank it was very scenic but it was a bit like a motorway severe station crowded with Japanese and other oriental tourists. Joy went for a brief walk while I had a quick nap. Well we have been on the move for days and the huge 4 by 4 we now are using is like driving a truck. My excuse anyway. Joy wasn't too bothered. We then moved on to Maligne Canyon. But on the way....... What did we spot? Well more like what is causing the traffic jam? A mother bear and her cub in the undergrowth. We didn't get too good a view as the Japanese crowdead around them. Joy went ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper May 21st 2016

I'm writing this in the restaurant at the top of 'The Whistlers' in Jasper. We got the sky tram up. Steph isn't happy at the moment aesthete is a huge family sat in the same area as us and they are talking very loud. It's hard to hear ourselves think! It's not helped by the fact that as soon as we went to sit down I put my sunglasses down on the table and one of the little kids came to steal them off the table!! The top of the mountain is very cold at -4 degrees. Our ski jackets, hats and gloves have come in handy although Steph forgot her hat and gloves so is now walking round like a proper tourist in a hat and gloves emblazoned with the word - Canada! We've wandered ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper May 20th 2016

We had aimed to get up early to leave Clinton as we had a three and half hour drive to our next stop at Blue River. After the beers the night before we woke up a little later than planned, we checked out then decided to have breakfast at the onsite cafe. Steph had eggs on toast and I had buttermilk pancake with sausage and poached eggs. It was whilst we were munching away that we noticed the local from the night before who had paid for our beers was sitting there with two other guys who had been in the pub the night before! Not sure if he noticed us or not but they soon left and then we finished up and headed off. It was my turn to drive today. We decided in the ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper May 4th 2016

Geo: 52.8736, -118.083If 'scenic' makes you weak in the knees, than the roadtrip from Jasper to Banff (in Alberta) particularly through the Columbia Icefields is going to be your number one worldwide choice with all other options vying for a distant honourable mention. Unfortunately it's not quite the undiscovered secret that it was many years ago, so both Jasper and Banff can be both crowded and expensive in the summer and winter seasons. We were trying to sneak through just after the ski bums had gone home and just before the Campervan Armada started their invasion. Jasper was a little busier than normal at this time of year but that was largely due to a number Fort McMurray fire refugees hiding out here until things are safe enough for them to return. It's further north than ... read more
We're In Jasper
The Rocky Mountaineer Train In Jasper
Jasper Totem Pole

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper November 14th 2015

R: Yesterday was quite a dull day. We spent most of it in a mini van on the Icefields parkway, heading for Jasper. We started with Schnitzels in Banff before we headed off, served in the "traditional style", with Anchovies and Capers. Now, I'm not a schnitzel expert but it didn't sound right. We spent 4 hours on the bus driving through incredible Icefields scenery (an Icefield consists of multiple glaciers). Sadly the cloud level was so low that you got the impression of magnificent scenery around you, but no actual views. It's snowed pretty heavily while we were on the way - I was pretty glad I wasn't doing the driving at times. We've ended up in a small B&B that seems to be run by Welsh people called the Williams, also given the number ... read more
Jasper Anglican Church
Park Sign
The view of the drive to Jasper...

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 24th 2015

We arrived in Jasper today. We decided to do a bit of grocery shopping and catch up on some laundry. The first laundry we went to was closed for renovations -- seriously, at the height of the season, it was closed! There we were standing on the sidewalk with our blue laundry bags wondering, "Where do we go now?" David took out his cell phone and thankfully found another laundry a couple blocks away. It has been some time since I was in a coin-laundry, and they've definitely upgraded. It was like a swanky little coffee shop where you could wash your clothes and catch up on your email. And, it only took a little over an hour to get all our laundry done -- it takes me hours (sometimes days) at home -- I might ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 21st 2015

I had spoken about a fear that was growing inside of me, a fear that make people desperate, make them panic, behave in ways that are not natural to them. That fear is created by the true ruler of our world, and the invisible poison that can dictate people's actions, opinions, socio economic status. It is Money! I had never really seen money as something hugely important. I've only ever wanted enough to survive and live a happy and healthy life. That might sound pretty selfish considering the number of people I have seen right around the world who live on the streets, begging for just a single dollar, preying for a bite to eat and a warm and comfortable place to sleep. In some cases, this has been a fate placed on people that can't ... read more
View of Victoria Glacia from the lake water
View on the way to Lake Agnus
Mirror Lake

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