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North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper June 3rd 2015

Distance driven today: 242 miles / 390 km Cumulative distance driven: 1,945 miles / 3,130 km (15,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada to Jasper, Alberta, Canada Schools with donated e-readers visited: 1 Hours spent proving tech support on e-readers: 3 Hours driving in pouring rain: 2 Canadian province borders crossed: 1 In my professional life I work at the main Amazon campus in Seattle. Our CEO Jeff Bezos, often says that for Amazon and the Internet, it is still Day 1. By this he means that most of the innovation and growth opportunities lie ahead of us, and that we are still very early on in the history of the company. He believes that we should keep taking on big bold risks, and try to build and deliver superior customer experiences. ... read more
St Mary's school in Prince George
Principal Brent and his Kindles
Kindle Device management

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper June 2nd 2015

Geo: 52.8736, -118.083Lake Louise welcomed us to an overcast day but even the clouds could not dim the serene beauty of the lake. I did get up at 5.00 am to watch the light spill on the still waters and yes, even under dark skies, the lake shone back in beautiful shades of blue and green.It was a 9 am departure and we greeted lots of familiar faces in the lobby of The Chateau. We are gathering names and are getting to recognise lots of the passengers and we have come to know the speedy passengers who get to the front of the line first for the front seats, the jocular ones who like a laugh and the trivia buffs who seem to hoard the crazy facts about the animals and vegetation. We enjoy spending time ... read more
Lake Louise perfectly still at 6 am
Room service to start the day
Condiments for one at The Fairmont

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper May 21st 2015

It is the end of another great day. We left Banff at 8:00 am, gassed the RV's up downtown, and hit the road on Rt. 1, heading for the Iceland Parkway. The views on this road could never be accurately described. Each turn brought a vista more spectacular than the one before. Although four of us had traveled this area before a few years back, we were still not tired of it's beauty. The Iceland Parkway is a 144 mile stretch of highway between Lake Louise and Jasper that meanders through multiple passes in the high mountains. It was originally an Indian path, and was shared with the early European explorers. During the depression, a work project was begun to make it a one lane road. Today it is an incredible highway. We stopped on the ... read more
Road from Banff
Ice Field Parkway
Ice Field Parkway

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper April 1st 2015

I had decided to plan my Spring Break exploring two of the most beautiful natural creations that Canada is renowned for and two of the big reasons why I had wanted to visit this great country. This first was a drive through the Rocky Mountains, which included a visit to the very place that was responsible for luring me to apply for a teaching exchange. The other is the amazing phenomenon of the Northern Lights, which is an experience I will elaborate on in a future blog. Firstly, I will tell you about how beauty managed to tame the wild beast from Australia, and how this lonesome journey was both was soul building and soul destroying. I couldn’t wait to jump into my car and start the long five-hour journey to Jasper where I would spend ... read more
Peyto Lake
Pyramid Lake Resort
View on the Pyramid Lake hike

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper June 17th 2014

bags out at fixed time, breakfast and down to the coach. We have allocated seats on this tour..... On the bus nearly last and I walk down the back where I can see some empty seats - not our name. Back down the coach and guess what - front seat passenger side - not sure if this is good or bad. Raining as we leave Calgary. Introduced to the coach captain - Patrick - doesn't have much to say but drives ok. Tour director Russell gives running commentary from the front seat next to us about Calgary and surrounds. Then goes through optional excursions and lots of other info about our day - we travel 350 km today so big day ahead. First stop is a toilet stop near the Banff turnoff - we double back ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper October 12th 2013

And we're off! Off to Jasper that is for the thanksgiving weekend! I have never been to jasper, nor have I ever seen the Rocky Mountains so I have no idea what to expect. We drove in at night so I couldn't see anything and boy was I amazed in the morning. The cute little town is surrounded by marvellous mountains! The sight is extraordinary, the outdoor smell is so refreshing, and the mood of the whole place is extremely pleasant. After Sunday breakfast we bundled up and drove around to see what there is to see! First of all we stopped at a place called 5 Lakes and did alittle hike but they were more like swamps. It was still a great way to try out my new camera, break in my new hiking boots ... read more
The gondola
On the top of the world!
Petra and I

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper September 16th 2013

Left our camp spot at Clearwater just after 7am ready for the drive to Jasper.Rain fell quite heavy during the night and in the morning it was cloudy with intermittent showers. It was nice to see the rain today after several very hot, dry days - just the cool break we needed.Couldn't resist stopping by "mad river" shortly after leaving the camp site to grab a few snaps. The river was flowing quickly over pebbles and rocks - looked so serene and peaceful. Drove through the small town of Blue River and then took a break at Valemount's Visitor Centre. Used the wi-fi to upload blog and check emails. Valemount is one of the larger towns we have passed through and is not far from the Alberta border.Short drive past Valemount was Rearguard falls - our ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 13th 2013

We are dry camping in Jasper National Park, in Loop 30 which is way (waaaaay) on the outskirts of the park. Wildlife sitings were almost promised, but so far .... Again, I'll let the pictures that follow do the talking. The only thing I did not get pics of was our trip to Miette Hot Springs today. Two huge pools, one 102 degrees, the other 104. Beautiful experience, beautiful views.... read more
Can't complain about the views
On the road to Maligne Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 11th 2013

Over the last few days we have traveled by special train from Vancouver to Jasper staying one night in a town called Kamloops. The train was a double decker with a clear see through roof and the mountainous scenery was very spectacular. the service on the train was fabulous and I will need to run off many calories given the quality and quantity of the food- the staff on the train were great too- got customer service down pat. We have stayed in the Jasper lodge hotel for the last two days and tomorrow head off to walk on a glacier in Banff- life continues to be tough. Will talk again in a few days and update you how I am going with my american/Canadian beer drinking - some photos included to cover the activities. Take ... read more
A close up of Pyramid Mountain
Pyramid Mountain in Jasper
Train traveling

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 11th 2013

We made it across the board into Alberta today. It's a bummer to loose an hour of time each time we cross into another providence in Canada, but at least it's dark at night now. So nice to be able to put away the sleep mask… The day started out sunny after a major thunderstorm went through our camp last night. Not a lot of rain, just lots of thunder and lightening. About 30 miles before we got to camp it started raining, but thank goodness it finished before it was time to set up camp. The drive today was beautiful. There were several lakes and rolling green pastures, but the most significant thing was coming around a corner and seeing Mount Robson. It is the highest mountain (12,590 ft.) in the Canadian Rockies. It was ... read more
Mount Robson in the distance
Mount Robson - top
Mount Robson - view from below

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