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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah December 24th 2019

Frequently considered a Dubai suburb due to its close proximity, Sharjah (literal translation means “rising sun”) is actually the third most populous and largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates, and due to its cultural affiliation, the city is visited by many tourists annually. It is the capital city of the Emirate of Sharjah and shares all kinds of political and cultural relationships with the other six. Many residents work in Dubai and live in Sharjah. Due to the influence of Islamic values alcohol is forbidden, so restaurants and hotels do not serve it, so since Sharjah is a dry state, bars, pubs and nightclubs are almost non-existent. This should be an interesting trip, to be sure. While Dubai is all about flashy tall buildings and shop-till-you-drop malls, neighboring Sharjah takes a much more subtle approach, ... read more
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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah January 3rd 2019

Gestern bin ich mit dem Bus nach Sharjah gefahren. Diese Stadt war 1998 UNESCO Kulturhauptstadt der arabischen Welt und 2014 Hauptstadt der islamischen Kultur. Die Fahrt vom Union Square in Dubai bis nach Sharjah dauerte etwa 30 bis 45 Minuten und verlief problemlos. Vor Ort bin ich vorbei am nicht so sehenswerten Souq und haben dann die restaurierte und ummauerte Altstadt gefunden. Die Arbeiten daran sind aber noch nicht abgeschlossen. Dort bin ich etwas herum gelaufen und habe auch Kaffee getrunken, bevor ich mir ein Kombiticket für das Sharjah Heritage Museum, das restaurierte Haus Bait Al Naboodah, eine Schule, ein kleines Kalligraphiemuseum und das Fort gekauft habe. Es waren aber nur wenig Touristen zu sehen. Danach bin ich wieder zum Busbahnhof und nach Dubai zurück gefahren. Dort habe ich wieder Computer gespielt und abends auch ein ... read more
Im restaurierten Zentrum von Sharjah.
Im restaurierten Zentrum von Sharjah.
Im restaurierten Zentrum von Sharjah.

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah March 7th 2017

Tuesday March 7 – Today we took advantage of a lot of the free extras that came with our Big Bus tour, namely three additional tours. They all left from the WAFI mall, which was not so far from out place by metro, and they were timed so you could do them all in one day. First up was a quick wander through the mall, and then the 10:30am tour to Sharjah, another emirate. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are each also one of the seven emirates that makes up the country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sharjah is the most conservative of all seven, and the only one is which you cannot get any alcohol. Like the night tour, this tour came with a tour guide, and it was quite nice to have that interaction. ... read more
My odd comglomeration of breakfast
More new friends
More bus touring

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah June 10th 2015

There is something quite surreal about this place. It's seriously hot, over 40 every day. I like to walk when visiting places but it's very difficult to walk for more than about 20 or 30 minutes in this heat. A sandy haze has also covered the city each day. You pass from Dubai emirate to Sharjah emirate without realising but the latter is "dry" in another way and more conservative following the dictates of its ruler. It is bigger than I expected and the public buildings are impressive--all built to last in attractive stone. Under construction about a kilometer from where Lyn lives is an amphitheatre modelled on the Coliseum. I have been to the Museum of Islamic Civilisations and an information session for non muslims at the Al Noor Mosque where I was the only ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah April 1st 2014

Temp: 86F 27C Distance travelled: 334 nautical miles I'm not normally one to go for the seminars and lectures on board (I get enough of them at home and in work!!) but I thought I'd try the first in a series of seminars by Marianne and Peter from Ulm in Germany. They are the guys that Jim and Margaret shared the taxi with yesterday in Abu Dhabi. I don't know if it was the schadenfreude in me but I just wanted to see if the ordeal had affected them!! Marianne and Peter split their time by living in Texas as well as their home town. Peter started by sharing a few words of wisdom from his hero, Albert Einstein who happened to be born in the next street to him!! Their first seminar was about all ... read more
The shows opening act
Khor Fakkan ruined satellite dishes?
Khor Fakkan mosque

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah June 26th 2012

On the way to the job site yesterday, Eric said: "I'm sorry in advance about the staring - these guys are not used to seeing a girl out here." I've mentioned the staring problem before, right? I'm a little used to it working on job sites in California; many times I am the only girl out there too, but it is never that noticeable unless you are on a big site with dozens or hundreds of men. I remember, working out at Riverpark, that I had worked with this one guy on the vibration compaction. Then one day, I was drilling down in a pit, and he was driving a scraper - he would drive around the pit and honk and wave at me. It was funny more than anything, and there always seemed to be ... read more
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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah December 20th 2011

Saturday 3rd of december 2011 Had somehow a sleep in the plane, listening to Arabic music. Flying into the rising sun. Getting out taking the shuttle bus. Arriving at the airport another time zone I guess 2 hours later, running out of battery here, hopefully I find a place to plug in my resharjah, haha... . United emirates flags everywhere even at the passport control the lady has fingernails in the flag of the united emirates, nice, I like the colours, green white black with some red in it! Hmm going to the toilet again as always clean. There is a praying room for men here and a lady kinda sings the information of the flights at least it seems like that! Okay, I'm allowed to step outside after the manager in a sergeant looking style ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah September 4th 2011

Hello to All, This Blog is about our trip to Sharjah – Salalah. We two families (4 adults, 2 kids) started our journey from Sharjah to Salalah on 28th August 2011 08:00 pm; we reached 10:00 pm at Al Ain. We had dinner there and resumed our journey towards the United Arab Emirates border “MAZYAD” (MAZYAD border is the best & easiest way to exit from UAE to SALALAH) We have to stop on UAE Border post for immigration procedure. Immigration authorities have to verify our passport and they have to put the “Exit Stamp” on our passport. (Please make sure, passport and visa must have a minimum validity of six months on the date of travelling). Once you finish the UAE Immigration procedures, we have to proceed to Oman Border Check post for immigration process. ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah January 18th 2010

A day in Dubai. That is about all I think I'm good for in this weird city. It is often said that if Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas had a child, it would be Dubai. Though I have not been to either Saudi Arabia OR Las Vegas, I'd say this observation is apt. The city borders on the ridiculous while attempting to be spectacular. Okay, to be fair, there is a lot to be impressed by with Dubai. For example, I stood in one of the world's largest shopping malls complete with an NHL sized ice rink and the world's largest indoor aquarium in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower. The Burj Khalifa sure is impressive. Standing at 828m in height, it dwarfs the CN Tower. To me the Burj Khalifa makes ... read more
Indoor ski resort.  Really.
Burj al Arab

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