Dan Delaion

Dan Delaion

Dan Delaion

Started a trip from Frankfurt in Germany to Ende in Indonesia via landroute, do you think that i'll make it?


Asia » Malaysia February 9th 2012

Sunday 22nd of January 2012 Arrived at Butterworth but instead i joined the guys because some malaysian couple said its good to go there to indonesia. So i stayed in the vehicle and we got on a ferry that goes over to the city and island penang. Lot of high skyscrapers, just a 10 minutes ride and alot of red and white jellyfish spotting later we arrived on the other side and the guy drove us to banana guest house as it most of the times happens tgey only had a room for 4 people left so we took that room and got out to get us some ringits. The ... read more

Asia » Thailand February 9th 2012

Wednesday, 18th of January 2012 19:15 I am now waiting at the train station in bangkok to take the train to chumporn more south.Past:Arrived at Bangkok Airport and met a canadian girl and a german guy, stayed with them the next days and had alot of fun. Busy place in Bangkok, i really dont ... read more

Asia » India February 9th 2012

Tuesday 3rd of January 2012 23.59 , last 20% of battery, trying to summon up the last times. christmas was pretty calm, watchin some movies, some days after i didnt have the bike but i met indian guys two times, one time from mumbai and the second time from delhi went to curlies, on new years eve it was totally packed up, switched now writing with my right thumb and left index finger since my fingernail of my left thumb is long enough to make tappin the ipod more unprecise and tougher. but anyway new years eve was a blast also on my head as i got some fireworks... read more

Asia » India December 24th 2011

The audio upload thing messed up so there are some missing, maybe i will upload them at some other time, But Nethertheless enjoy! Sunday 4th of December 201 1 Arriving on time in Bangalore, getting out of the plane as one of the last persons, getting down to the passport check, on the flight I forgot to say, that saif gave me some delicious traditional spicy food! So down before the passport check I ask at the medical center about the vaccination thing because mine is tearing down this year, they told me to go to Colombo Asian hospital or something. Hopefully that was it, remember the name. So you had to sign some form before you get out, I did it but the guy told me that I have to fill in an adress and ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah December 20th 2011

Saturday 3rd of december 2011 Had somehow a sleep in the plane, listening to Arabic music. Flying into the rising sun. Getting out taking the shuttle bus. Arriving at the airport another time zone I guess 2 hours later, running out of battery here, hopefully I find a place to plug in my resharjah, haha... . United emirates flags everywhere even at the passport control the lady has fingernails in the flag of the united emirates, nice, I like the colours, green white black with some red in it! Hmm going to the toilet again as always clean. There is a praying room for men here and a lady kinda sings the information of the flights at least it seems like that! Okay, I'm allowed to step outside after the manager in a sergeant looking style ... read more

Middle East » Turkey December 20th 2011

Wednesday 30th of november 2011 Returning after midnight after talking to alper in the nice French kinda embassy cafe! Some new people there 2 Turkish guys, 2 Turkish girls , did some hostessing around here by some club I guess! Doing some more blogging downstairs, watching some Korean movie lAter with the turks. Interesting movie, kinda horrible because there is this girl who is frustrated in some way forgot why because in the beginning of the movie everybody was in a laughing mood and laughed about how funny Korean languAge is built up! Most of the time they end the sentence with dee or ooh, if you are reading this jee young please clarify! ;) yeah and she went to this island where one guy is with his kinda family and terrifies them by abusing his ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul December 1st 2011

DONT WONDER ABOUT RANDOM PICTURES HERE IN THIS SECTION, SINCE I DONT HAVE REALLY A GOOD CAMERA THEY ARE AN EXPRESSION KIND OF MOSAIQUES OF MY IMPRESSION OF: Turkey (Istanbul) CHECK OUT THE FAT STUFF WHICH RELATES THE TEXT TO MY RECORDINGS JUST SCROLL UP AND CLICK THE NAME TO HEAR THE SITUATION! AND DONT FORGET TO ENJOY and maybe just maybe comment... Saturday, 12 of November 11', 9 o clock You know sometimes I have the feeling that time moves too fast, arriving in turkey it proves that there are places existing where everything is moving too fast. Maybe all people have claustrophobia and wanna keep their comfort zone, pretty hard if you live in a city with a population of 18 million people, waiting outside and realizing that it's getting colder. 10 degrees max. ... read more
Oh  my Gosh

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg December 1st 2011

Germany: 1. Yosh (old Friend, Neu Isenburg, german) 2. His Gma (same) 3. Hari (First Hitchhiker guy from Langen to Darmstadt) 4. Paria and Friends (Guys at Burger King) 5. Bülent Dogru and his Kicker Friends (Mc Donalds Wifi Spot) 6. Christoph and Guhl (Darmstadt) 7. Gorian (Jesus Rules Man, Pfungstadt) 8. Jana ( Nice Lady gave me a ride to Stuttgart), Alsbacher Raststätte 9. César and Bioletta (Mexican Circus Guys) 10. Ernesto, Mario, Manika, Diana 11. Fabian (WG Hoster, Stuttgart) 12. Girlfriend of Fabian (Henna Tattoo, Stuttgart) 13. The beautiful Twins at the Juggling Convention (Munich) 14. Juan and the other Mexican Guys (Jugglers) 15. Rumpel the fool of oz 16. Marina and the Ruhrpott Group (including the Indonesian Michael and the twin couples!) 17, Freya and all the nice Akrobat Ladies from Überlingen 18. ... read more
Super Philiph
With Fäbi last night!
With Sven (Switzerland)

Middle East November 30th 2011

FEEL FREE TO COMMENT IF YOU WANT MORE OF THIS UNCUT CRAZY SHIT! First Rule: Dont give a Fuck! Doing some writing again this time fitting this into some kind of category, at least trying to ! So this is most of time or the time something that is just coming straight outta my mind pretty unfiltered. Listening to some electronic music right now with some Zelda tune, always reminds me of my Zelda brother , he is definitely my LINK to the strange world, maybe he has an even more abstract way of thinking than I have , but most of the times I just realize that raiding his emails, just to give this. Note I'm just typing and not too much correcting so many errors appear maybe also a little bit more than usual ... read more

Europe » Greece November 29th 2011

Greece(tessaloniki) Friday 11.11.2011, 15.13 Thought that we arrived, getting ready, that means for me, putting stinky shoes on, wool jacket, brother jacket, Swiss jacket, Italian scalve. Still no pants. Joe keeps telling me that I a just a circus man with circus monk(ey) pants. Didn't have to go off. Bus drives more to the center. Arriving there asking for the bus station to Istanbul. Getting to the local bus station asking for information. Getting some but still not satisfied. Going to a travel agency that says "crazy holidays", sounds pretty crazy to me. Asking for tickets, still available, bus going today, hell yeah, fuckin sweet! Trying to find a nice place to spend some time, searching in the lonely planet guide of Joe, finding some but not too sure to get there. Want to kill first ... read more

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