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December 24th 2011
Published: December 24th 2011
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Bengaluru - Goa

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1: Rickshaw madness 1 598 secs
2: rickshaw madness 2 171 secs
3: rickshaw madness 3 789 secs
4: Video title 112 secs
5: my hat 45 secs
6: tattoo chat 381 secs
7: Tin tin talking 569 secs
8: Hanging out at paradise 870 secs
9: diarrhea bug 582 secs
10: restuarant jaws 1 555 secs
11: restaurant jaws 2 194 secs
12: Christmas Kids 72 secs
13: WHICH MOVIE IS IT 72 secs
The audio upload thing messed up so there are some missing, maybe i will upload them at some other time, But Nethertheless enjoy!

Sunday 4th of December 201

Arriving on time in Bangalore, getting out of the plane as one of the last persons, getting down to the passport check, on the flight I forgot to say, that saif gave me some delicious traditional spicy food! So down before the passport check I ask at the medical center about the vaccination thing because mine is tearing down this year, they told me to go to Colombo Asian hospital or something. Hopefully that was it, remember the name. So you had to sign some form before you get out, I did it but the guy told me that I have to fill in an adress and a telephone number, but I didn't write one down, there goes bureacrazy again so I go back and some guys help me out and fill in some random hotel and I type in the old number of my apartment, a German one, I go back and the same guy sAis it's ok , all tue time people try to ensure that you get out of the country again so he also asked me till when I will stay, hopefully if I like India and it works out well I can stretch my visa a little because normally you get a tourist visa for 6 months not for 3. But yeah so after that I got my luggage as one of the last persons and search for the last two batteries for my recording device, but I dong find them , hopefully later, so that I can record more of that chaotic I'm trying to make this situation work out somehow situation. So I ask for wifi here to send some couch request or check for the mobile of vinay, they have a recharging station for cellphones here, very good but somehow mine doesn't cooperate with the samsung thing, special German technology I guess. Okay charging my iPod at some car rent thing and later at some laptop of two Indian guys. Hmm can't get wifi again because I don't have a fucking number, the search continues. 06:58, did update my mosaique chuckbook. Still at the airport, pretty foggy outside, maybe trying directly going to an ashram and ask for adoption. Military men walking round here, they have Cousy chilloutnseats here , grabbed one thinking what to do... . Need wifi that's going to help me consider what to do. Asked an Indian guy for the wifi thing, won't give me his number, hmmm the bad thing is that I don't have my own mobile number of my Italian number, that's even not stupid enough because marco from Cagliari gave it to me but I forgot to capture it and now it's only saved in the conversation of of course... Typical me situation, humble but dumb.07:20, I like that all that early birds are flying around in the airpor, feels like being in nature a bit.08:16, in the bus to the center, reading a newspaper, Indians are pretty dark skinned, so foggy on the road, bus is honking all the time, the traffic is as funky as expected.13:38 okay wait wait wait, how did I get myself into this situation? I was walking around found some Internet place, did 10 couchsurfing requests, oh please Allah let there be one accept, then got out wanted to go to to this ahram, then some guy drove me there, arrived, them it's not really what I wanted it to be, at least fir now then I wanted to at least book accommodation and then got pickup up by a rickshaw (HEAR recording 1&2&3 rickshaw madness)drove me to a very slummy place and I was suspicious , then I walked up with my stuff, people not even talking English here, no high education, because most of the people speak English really well , kinda strong accent but well LISTEN TO 4. RULER OF THE PLACE)And yeah and now I'm really in a slum place, hole toilet, turn on warm water, no ac, drinking wAter out of some weird can, not sure about the water being clean... No towels , no toilet paper, no soap, food extra charge, water extra charge, hard rock beds, a mirror in the room, a picture of Sri Sri himself , a book about angels and demons by Dan brown( who else, this can't be an coincidence , I'm telling you, this is a fucking conspiracy) I will name them by tin tins book, blink moments. So whenever you see a blink, there is definitely magic in the air.Dan brown by the way was the guy who did the da Vinci code, never read it, never saw it, sooo...what else. Oh checking for some bed bugs as I read it. Oh please dear sri sri, puhhh didnt see one. But good thing there is a balcony and a terrace, and sun, having a weird blister building feeling on my lip, did that come today? Damn that is a pretty good start for the first day, but I saw cows on the street, dogs on the street but no cats, goats on the street, monkeys on the street, little children snorting on the street, grown up people snorting on the street, people washing themselves on the street , sleeping people on the street, begging people on the street, mules on the street, but not the streets on the streets, they are probably back in their fucking British hometown which made these places so miserable, or maybe it's just the culture of being dirty? I don't really know what to think but this is definitely the extreme to the point up to now, it can't get much worse, hmm maybe yes because the ac is...oh surprise, working , but moves in a really unstable kinda way, could be my guillotine since I'm the one sleeping under it, have to drink and eat something, didn't do that today, coordinating with the guy which seems to be the husband of the woman before (HEAR recording 5., luxury hostel guy), want to get into some nature, 14:33, still sun, hope there are no Mosquitos tonight. I sound like a really spoiled person but maybe this situation is really a little bit different, I finally entered a real 3rd world country? Maybe I'm too European, who knows! From heaven to hell if I compare it to where I was 24 hours Ago (business lounge in the united Arabian emirates) that's my yang right there, looking forward to the yings in India, maybe goa, I will see, if I don't die because of that fan of the ac....14.40, two women come in and serve food , looks damn good many things on one plate!!! Hmmm asked for toilet paper, hmm they referred to soap, hmmm sweet, maybe ask the pimp later, not that urgent but maybe after the food, especially when it's spicy!15.07, okay that somehow made my day look bright again, this was damn tasty, filling and just yum.21.50, was asleep after eating, pimp coming in asking me for dinner,why not! Delicious again but this time even more spicy, nethertheless eating it all, as the driver from before said, there are no Mosquitos in the inner city , but t think I am a little outside, hmm but I also don't sense Mosquitos. Hmm going to sleep to get up early and trying to think of a plan how to go on. I guess that was the first day.

Monday 5th of December 2011

10.10 Last night was really dreamy, had a lot of dreams about family and friends back in Frankfurt, I guess I really miss them, at one point I really thought I was back in Frankfurt and then woke up to real life. I woke up alot of times in the night but I also have to consider that I started sleeping yesterday about 3 pm so that is almost a 24 hours run again. In one dream my grandfather had 4 piercings in each corner of his lips, hmm there are so many weird dreams to list here, I don't know if you wanna hear them, if someone wants it really bad, put that in the comment section and be sure to leave your email adress so I can send it to you. I dream a lot so there is plenty more to come. Pretty warm, one good thing. I kinda remember the sentence now that the guy yesterday said, "you won't get your money back if you don't like the it" hmmm I think I don't really dislike it here it's just a thing to get used to as a luxurious European. 12.13, showered under a dripping thing, washed almost all of my clothes with some soap ( thanks again rebekka weygandt) , shortened my nails, brushed my teeth, feeling refreshed, having a blister on my lip. Some say that it's an psychological thing, maybe because I was a little bit yuk when I was walking around yesterday in the city. Hmm will wait till my clothes are dry, will go and ask for some food and some more water . I thought about the thing that if rich people go to poor places, and don't live with the poor people it is like going to a zoo, you have the people behind bars somehow not being able to touch you or do you any harm, or maybe it's more like a safari. Getting some more food and some water, trying to do some drawing of the scenery. Packing all my stuff, all my clothes somehow dry. Going out and on the street, starting walking, rickshaws here and there trying to lure me in, no chance they are all overpriced. I'm walking and walking, seeing a guy with a backprint on his t shirt that says "the race is not over , i am not won yet" . Somehow characterizes my journey. my left thumbnail is making the writing on this iPod more challenging, you can't use the screen with your nail because touch screens are sensing warmth. Anyway so while walking, I see alot of things or hmmm maybe saw them before but now I'm really sensing them and realizing them. More strawdogs barking at me, good thing I read the dog part in one of the survival guides, one dog followed me but lost interest after some time, most of the times it is said that if they don't sense you in a way of that you are or could be a danger to them they lose interest, kinda remembers me of the thing getting mobbed at school, most of the times they lose interest if you don't react. Cows from time to time on the sidewalk, they have the same staring level as the ones in switzerland, as I walk on I find a dead butterfly on the side if the street, picking it up to chuck it in my book as well as later some other flowers. Hmmm getting to a bus station but the bus driver doesnt recognize me as a potential passenger and leaves without me. Hmmm okay more walking, counting this time my steps around some thousand steps later there is another stop for the bus station, this time I got in, talking to two guys on the bus, which guide me. "physically challenged" it sAis on one sign in the bus, there are woman, men, and old citizen men sections on the bus. By the way there are also alot of buses going not for the public, but for colleges and schools and such, some even just for special schools. Getting out in the bus later, have to change. Changing on the right bus, this time it's even more crowded. Arriving at the bus station later, trying to find the big bus stop to all the cities in India. First I was at the wrong spot but then I was guided to the right spot. Okay ... Let's see... . "excuse me, where do you want to go?. "Hm? Eeehhmmm (thinking: okay I wanted to go again to an internet place to check how the couchsurfing requests turned out and to make a call to vinay, but where do you want to go after going to Bangalore?) goa I guess..." . "okay follow me. Eeehhhmm okay.... , so after some here and there and buying some bananas at some decent price, I found myself in a bus to goa. 19.28 now, it is clear dark now, and damn the sun vanished fast maybe just 20 minutes or less. It's a sleeping bus, first time I guess for me, sorry vinay, sorry cocuhsurfers, the kosmos strikes again. Going with the flow. Almost everyone thinks I'm a fucking goldshitting mule, I'm not. Everytime they want a little more, I think it doesn't have something to do with Indian people, I think it's just humans in general, most of them always want a little more, that's why they are the superior race among the mammals and animal in general! They are trying to enslave everything, even their own, just for their own sake. Maybe EGO means something like "Everything Gets Owned" or "Essential Given Opportunity". But no matter what it is, it got dark and I'm better in a bus than on the street right now, bus going pretty funky. Dont remember what he said exactly, arriving 6am or 6pm ? Hmm but I thought it was a 24 hours ride no? Hmmm I will see. 21.44 got woken up by some guy, the bus is stopping for people to go to the toilet, grab some food and get something to drink and that I did in this particular order, after waiting for a super slow man to Down the stairs (daaaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnn ssssloooooooooooooooooowww). Met some guy named Lin, he's a carpet seller in Bangalore, dad comes originally from burma thats why lin looks more asian (by the way this term is confusing because were in asia) , but he was born where his mother comes from , victoria(near Melbourne, Australia) and he is a dark trance dj in goa and is pretty hasty as his tongue, moving all the time. After some cheech&chong, we quickly got on the bus again. 21.58 now, a guy coughing for his life on the bus, he's somehow ok I guess... Night bus rides are fun.

Tuesday 6th of December 2011

06:15 another bus stop, taking my bananas and water out, and putting my inner water/bacteria mixture out in the nature, talking to Lin and a another friend of his(don't know what her name is) good to meet local people I guess, there have been in goa a lot of times and the dad of Lin actually owns a club there. Piff paff and some tea with milk and sugar. Want to get in the bus again but wait...slooooooowwwww maaaaaaaannnn strikes again. I think he has some leg problems but that one wasnt hard to figure out I guess. The sun is already rising and it's 3 more hours to goa, I'm excited for the beach, havent been swim ready at the beach since hvar (in Croatia), hope this is going to turn out to be a blast. Now somebody is playing Indian music. Damn I can already see the ocean outside and mountains from the bus window, palm trees everywhere.Was searching like a maniac for the Buddhist lucky charm gottschalk gave me before I left(it is a card with a picture of ancient person) i have trust in it and it is there to protect me. I keep it all the time close to me since I'm in India. I also have Lins phone number in case. 6:40, now it is daylight, Indian music still playing. I like it.07:13, "kill the speed, not the life" says some sign as were entering the state of goa, the sun is still somehow tanning the landscape as it is still going up. Coca cola is everywhere in the world.12:36, arrived in goa, after a pleasant taxi ride with four new friends, we arrived in a nice place that is supposed to be near the beach, I will Check that out, shower Lin and the others my trip ate some and yeah, I've gone to the toilet and there is the first gecko or whatever, hey fellor. Hmmm can't write too much now because I wanna go outside, peace ya!16.18 was outside on the beach even took a scooter, but the problem is that I can't get anything out of the ATM and I'm flat broke. Hmmm have to think of something, same problem as in Munich, have money but can't access to it. Hmm anywAy, so the beach was great it's really wide, alot of interesting shops on the way down there, everybody's trying to get money from a broke man, I even tried to bargain for some more minutes on the Internet to Check about the money thing. There was a guy who pulled some yuk stuff out of my ear, but I think he also put it in before, I know my ears are not the cleanest but this was a mess. Are you kidding me? I enjoyed the view at the beach but I couldnt really feel comfortable. Now I'm sitting here at this porch and waiting for Lin and the others, hopefully they can help me out. Looking again at my protection lucky charm, still have my rodi rebel shirt, the most precious. BLINK MOMENT ! I saw a tin tin restaurant earlier (never before) connected to valentine (tin tin, I met in Istanbul also never gAve somebody this name) didn't have anything to do with tin tin in I dont know many years.many bugs crawling around here. By the way it is around I don't know, feels like 28 or more degrees. This situation is even more urgh becAuse I got like 3 accepts in couchsurfing in Bangalore, hmmmm but goa was definitely a really good idea! Okay this evening I felt suddenly really tired, I went to be at 6 pm or something, I tried to cover myself up with the sheets to protect myself against some Mosquitos while sleeping. Worked somehow.

Wednesday 7th of December 2011

I woke up like also 6 but this time am, I got up and walked right up to that ATM, still not working, Gotta find another one , so I just have a nice morning walk As Jo used to do, just walking down the road, pretty dead right now, just some dogs around. Many guest houses and stuff on the way, reaching a crossway after some time, choosing to go direction anjuna beach, the way to the right was the right way, got to an ATM where it worked. Got me some water and some bananas right away. Walking back to uncles house, filling up the scooter with some gas and cruising around all day, the tank doesn't want to get empty, was at several beaches, all nice, cows chill at the beach all the time, met some Indian people there, recommended me titos for tonight, saw many crabs in the sea at the rocks, many russian people here, was later at the flee market and got some equipment. Sooo big , this flea market. Got later to an I cAfe to contact some friends and family. Saw Lin later At the guesthouse, did some Bom chika wau wauuu, and gone later to a party at the beach, anjuna beach. Was really nice, met also some other people later at some bar, some Indian guys, two German girls and two people from Norway and a French guy, was pretty funny, got back like at 4 am and putting some stuff in the Space of the windows and doors and stuff to have more mosquito protection.

Thursday, 8th of December, 2011

Woke up like 12:00, chilled in the bed, the sun is already bursting again, gotta goa out.Pretty much drivin round and chilling in the sun.Got new batteries for my recording device( listen to 6. reborn device)

Friday, 9th to Friday 16th of december 2011

I wasnt writing for the last week so I'm trying to summon up what happened. I hung out alot with prehm and also with radjsh, who told me alot of stuff about their jewelry business. Trying to find a hat i like but failed (listen to 6. my hat) I sat on the beach in some bar and did some drawing, I was at chapora fort and really enjoyed the view up there onto the beach, I asked for some rooms in chapora also, one roof of a room was smashed by some coconuts which fell down, got myself a tattoo at andys where some fucked up topics with a Russian girl appeared (listen to chat) which Lin recommended me. Fell sick after that, maybe dehydration or something, dunno till yet. Also having diarrhea and sore weak body, feeling also a little bit cold, but I'm feeling better now, so now is the 16th of December already, time passes fast man, Christmas is knocking on goas door. Yes Christmas is a huge celebration here, because most of them here are Christian. It's weird to hear songs like Rudolph the rednose raindeer and jingle bells while driving topless with a bike in the burning sun, sweating. Even saw a Christmas tree in the tin tin restAurant while eating nice spinach stuff and listening to jamiroquai , or janitorial as the iPod touch auto text would like to call him. sometimes it's a little bit annoying, writing with my left thumb is getting more and more imprecise as my nail grows. Did also some skyping with my mother and my brother and tin tin(listen to 8. Tin tin talking) Life seems to be pretty boring back in Frankfurt, if I should listen go the voices of my friends, I am not convinced, I am telling you. No matter where you are in the world there is always something exciting happening.21:06 I think that my gecko friend left me alone, still not that many Mosquitos round here, but I'm pretty strict with taking precaution. Will miss you buddy , but not your poo poo on the wall, thanks. These people here at paradise bar in angina are very relaxed, and I think they have open 24/7 during season (listen to 9.Hanging out at paradise) Gotta love the around 50s hustler and owner of the shop, always joking with the boys who are working in the bar, Sam the French guy is a nice guy who has a somehow strong French accent. Sam another French guy who had to vomit after smoking, was also nice. Shithead the card game is played all over the world, so far I've seen it by, germans, swiss, Indian, Swedish, French, england, Australian. Almost everybody has some slight chances in the rules, but it's Always fun. The guy from England who is very sympatic , got some violation while having a massage, I laughed my ass off as he told the story about the Indian guy touching his dick and asking : "good?" ROFLMAO, some would say, but I always had a more fluent moment taking language. I mostly leave the ac on all night, this one is also not as scary as the one I had in bangalore . Maybe uncle will rent the bike to some other tourist people tomorrow then I'll probably walk or run, I'm craving to do sports again, it's been almost 5 months now and I didn't do almost any sports up till now, I feel so outta shape, I've been doing sports for 12 years at least one or two times a week, I really feel some energy potentially coming up which needs to get some credit. Hmmm took some leftover diarrhea out and made a nice acquaintance with a bug ( listen to 10. diarrhea bug). Sometimes i think it would be easier for me to life in some kind of Truman show, so somebody Else could take care of documenting my journey, but on the other hand I really like to put my own kind of "I just write, without long time thinking about" style. Nobody could do it in that exact way not even Charlie. 00:22 thats what the iPod is saying, let's pop up some deep minded questions... Could the hulk be a good handmade merchant? Could Steven seagal be a decent kindergardener? If god would be gay, would he be attracted to Satan? Is a bad stand up comedian a one night stand too? Is a one night stand possible for someone who can't get an erection? Does erection in a linguistic sense has something to do with election? Who would you vote for if you could just vote actors and musicians? Am I probably not the only one who asks himself these questions? I would say yes man and I'll vote for Joe pesci. Good night, Jo.

Saturday 17th of December 2011

12:00, most of the times I only get up to go to the bathroom, not only in these times but also in general if I don't have any stuff in particular I want to do. The fan is still blowing nicely, used my new nice big nice smelling soap today again, dan feels so good to lay down in bed. 12:54, my obgs sentence for today: (13 cards)end of word ,steal tacos, chilibeans, beer, that tickles that meat knockout. Original from grappuss the grace herself: (52 cards) Obgees coming attcha Watch oauut ladies and gentlemenLets goWe bring the god given goods to the table and knock you out of the ballpark into the Pitt of saucy tacos where only chilibeans will befriend you but they will steal the ghost that tickles tee beer in your bloodstream that damned minced meat is brain damage bringing the end of word Will miss the obgs, hopefully not for too long.Ok, 13:25, time for some action!Driving out with the bike, asking uncle before if he wants to rent it to some other person as we discussed, no he sAis, he will come at me when the time will come. Checking out some gym places which are maybe Around, driving to mapsa, traffic is much livlier here, driving hills up and down is a lot of fun, saw some construction site where people are carrying stones oldskool style. Also saw the chapora lake, very beUtiful! I drove to chapora fort again, love the view and did some drawing and lunch there and especially enjoyed the sunset. After I checked some Facebook and some table tennis online, Dan I miss table tennis, after looking for a place to eat, driving by at jAws and going in there for the first time, you know why? Table tennis table. Had some really nice tea, Thai rice, Some rolls and Tibetan specialty which reminds me of the dragon eggs I ate in shanghai back in 2008. Sounds logic. Played some and more some with a guy from north east India, one guy from Darjeeling which is also northeast of India and is the chef who rents this place which he opened 2 years ago and opened up the place which the first guy manages for him just this season one month ago, I just don't really remember the name of the other city, and one guy from the Netherlands. Everybody challenged me, but I remained unbeaten, still got it somehow, but it's just 5 months ago roughly. I also had some strawberry lassi and more Tibetan specialty, there were later some three russian guys appearing out of nowhere after midnight. The chef, who is by the way really funny, tried to do a wheely with one of the bikes of the russians but failed, couldn't get the nose up. I found out later that the Russian guys are doing motocross and last year they were teaching some stuff in goa, one guy was also 2 years in cottbus in a team (LISTEN to 11&12 restaurant jaws) . I tried to charge my phone with the help of the chef but it failed. Never-ending story, drove back with my bike and them lay down to sleep in the bar, behind the bar( LISTEN to 12. Driving home to ashdan). Washing tattoo, cleAning mouth, trying to sleep, question of the day: who gets more chicks? A cow or a dog? There are no right or wrong answers, the creative answer which gets me to laugh the most gets a price though, just write it down in the comments. the winner, who will be this happy: ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ will be tried to be announced after the average view number of the recent blogs will be archieved in this one.

Sunday 18th of December 2011

06:31, no sleep, was at the bathroom and did some project writing, dogs barking, crows yelling, and plenty of other birds, i was totally exxagerating all the time back then in frankfurt when i sometimes said that its a noisy big band bird concert. this clearly is one. so we have the crow, my favourite the yoo yoo, the owl , the other black one, the whistler , the squeaker, the cry baby, the cheep cheep, the ascelator and finally the siren who simply missed out the education lesson "stop!" in his childhood. so in total 10 . welcome to the fuckin jungle, i dont even need ac/dc in this. on top there are sometimes indian buses passing by with guess what it is... indian high pitched music, hell yeah! ah by the way, in the middle of the night the electricity broke down all of a sudden, maybe thats why im not sleeping, because the ac is not working and im paranoid of lovely vicious mosquitos. 06:45, still feeling not sleepy, but patience is the key. my alarm nethertheless sais there are delightful 28.7 degrees celsius in the room. thats not too bad, and im not being ironic here. the highscore is 32 ( with ac) so far. battery is bursting out pretty fast, because i have the light on full power, same with the sun dawning. strange drum sounds from far, wonder what that is. Doing some execising and after going to jaws playin tt with a russian guy, having food and watching two frenchmen playin pool, as they always do. Talked later to a dutch guy who is a teacher back in the neatherlanda he comes more from the south but lives in amsterdam.(LISTEN TO DUTCH MEN ) He is a teacher, his name is stephan and we had interesting coversations together with alex from ukraine. nite got late, returnned something around 3.

Monday 19th of December 2011

got late up that day, drove the bike this day again to anjuna, meeting all the peeps, playing cards, chilling out, new japanese guy there and also met some jeremy from new zealand (LISTEN TO PEOPLE FROM ZEALAND)and other from england and sri lanka, had the funniest greek salad of my entire life that day . just so shameless plain.

Tuesday 20th of december 2011

got up late again, workin out, on top, showering this day, getting out to internet space ride, funny english guy always swearing and cussing besides me because somefhing is not working, it is even more funny because he is writing funny weird messages to friends i guess with a huuuge amount of special smileys and stuff, never saw so many smileys and things in one message, oh by the way, as i entered the elictricity was out and the ladys was lighting kind candles. downloaded a david guetta album, but i think im already disappointed, too mainstream for me. driving to parDize eating some, 21:15, currently listening to goa version of thunder originally from ac dc , weird. had a centipede today walking over my bare foot. My gecko friend was back again yesterday, hopefully hes also there tonighg becAuse he scares the mosquitos away and eats them maybe even the cockroach, but maybe it will be vice versa. Bought some 5 liter water canister again today. Shaved myself too, but dont be afraid, just shaping, beard will survive. They appear to have some new puppy here, indians are maybe a little bit rougher with the dogs here than in other places.00:12, i have to admit that some of the david guetta songs are not too bad they are the instrumental ones, maybe thats what he meant with the title of the album "nothing but the beat" maybe hes also tired of being so commercial. This evening or night when returning back to ashdans (uncles, edwards) house i climbed over the wall to get in because there were some serious aggressive dogs followin me, good thing im not too unfit still these days.(LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS KIDS)

Wednesday & Thursday, 21st and 22nd of December 2011

Woke up on wednesday with stiff arms, muscle hurting when stretching out. Getting up late in both days, drving around little bit in the sunshine and going to the seaqueen restaurant on both days watching 2 movies each night , which they play over a big beamer. First night was "The Dark Knight" and "Black Swan", second night was "Cowboys&Aliens" and "Salt", pretty good movies altogether.(LISTEN TO WHICH MOVIE IS IT?) 22:35, silent now, people talkin bout the movie. I love blondes.But now a chinese guy asks me if i want to do a dolphin boat trip tomorrow with them because its then you can get off price for a bigger group, why not i say. Them two are indeed from china, drew from beijing and ao from guangzhou.(LISTEN TO CHINESE BOYS) Drew does some kind of media thing and ao some classic opera thing, we talk some more about china and india. Nice and funny guys, most of the talking i do with drew because he is better in english and then translates for ao. Okay driving back to ashdans, no dogs today, i got the neighbours album of blink 182 today and a book, 01:23, try to tell you the title some other time because im laying in bed now after brushing my teeth and washing my tattoo and putting two vitamin e gel from some tabs on it. fan is blazing and 182 2. Set four alarms for later to dont miss the boat trip with the guys. By the way, mosquito vaporizer in the power plug seems to work properly the last days.-.-, funny this sign i didnt do on purpose.

Saturday 23rd of December 2011

went on a dolphin cruise with the chinese boys today, had some very nice lunch in some levelled huts(LISTEN TO CHILLIN IN THE HUTS) and i drove all the three of us on one bike to chapora fort and later i watched "inglorious basterds" and "i am legend" at the sea queen.

watch out for part 2 with christmAs and new years eve coming and where im going next.

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24th December 2011

hahaha oh Gott
Sucks if you don't have air conditioning. The funniest part about the "fucking jungle" with ten different animals and so on. There was so much to read and I'm not going to comment on all of it. Very nice to see that you have added pictures. They are well worth it and would like to see more of it in the future. Have fun and be safe.
25th December 2011

I want (would like) the dreamy stories (pleease) you know my email :)

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