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December 20th 2011
Published: December 24th 2011
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Wednesday 30th of november 2011

Returning after midnight after talking to alper in the nice French kinda embassy cafe! Some new people there 2 Turkish guys, 2 Turkish girls , did some hostessing around here by some club I guess!
Doing some more blogging downstairs, watching some Korean movie lAter with the turks. Interesting movie, kinda horrible because there is this girl who is frustrated in some way forgot why because in the beginning of the movie everybody was in a laughing mood and laughed about how funny Korean languAge is built up! Most of the time they end the sentence with dee or ooh, if you are reading this jee young please clarify! 😉 yeah and she went to this island where one guy is with his kinda family and terrifies them by abusing his wife , by raping her hitting her and being always somehow angry! Hmmm didn't watch the movie till the end, again one of the guys in the dorm room hAd some serious snoring skills , sounded like he was farting all the time, weird. Man there are hell of a different talents out there, wonder if there is a snoring world championship?
Didn't get much sleep that night! Had some wet dreams, damn they were nice, sometimes I am even not able to tell the difference, maybe I'll get into lucid dreams Again in the arising future! It's fun trust me, it is a matter of practice though.

Thursday 1st of December 2011

Damn ! Slept too long, damn alarm! Can't pick up my visa today, booking one night more in the hostel, kinda my talent when if comes to hostels: unexpected and spontaneously booking one night more! Hmmm talking more to the new Belgium group that day, actually the consist of two guys from Belgium, two girls from holland and one guy from new orleans, USA, they do gypsy music and the group is called balcony players, they are also on Facebook if you want to check them out! Have to move one level up room is booked full! Am I using the ! Sign too much?!!!! Maybe because I'm passionate, dunno. Having the room upstairs for myself , ac works pretty good! Checking out funny vids before going to sleep.

Friday 2nd December 2011

Damn! Can't believe that I'm already traveling for 4 months , thats one third of a ye ar, yeah I know I'm a math genius! So woke up around 1 pm , skipped breakfast, packing my stuff, hopefully getting my visa this day not sure about the times, checking online to be sure. Seems to be that receiving time of incoming passports is between 5 pm and 5.30 pm. Puhhh okay. Hmm cooking some leftovers, last time it was pretty damn good, this time it was pretty damn different, not different in a bad way but maybe I put too much of that honey in it, rice is supposed to be a salty meal, but I don't cAre, freestyle is on the menu everyday in every action I make. So I printed out some more stuff of my passport and travel insurance thing , was without any passport around for the last 6 days, lucky that nothing happened or even more , happy that I wasn't unlucky. Moving to taksim square to go to the Indian embassy. Leaving at 16.47. 15 minutes Pproximately . Making my way through the masses on istikal street and accidentally seeing the balcony players on it, pretty nice but I'm in a hurry. Trying to walk fast, normally not my style but as I said I'm kinda in a hurry, If I am not getting my visa today then probably the embassy is closed the next two days because of the weekend. So hurry And think positive! There is a car going on istikal cad and I use it to go through the masses quickly. Okay arriving at the embassy, nice turkish men greeting me and taking care of my luggage, like always I'm sporty and not using the elevator in these cases I don't trust these things too much, like it better to Use to power of my own because most of the times I know what I'm capable of, okay 7 floor, jump jump jump . Ringing the door, sweating under the two jackets. After ringing for the second time someone opens the door. Hmm looks good, giving them the receipt for the passport . Denied. Wait , why? Hmmm not panicking being sure that I hAve it somewhere. "no receipt, no passport" one sAis. Yeah, yeah shut up I know, I'm thinking. Ahhh got it, few moments later and two stamps in their documents I got my fresh Indian visa, even more aaaaaaaahhhhhhh relief! Going down again happy and not hurrying at all to get my luggage, nice man again saying " yeah, turkey, Istanbul nice " and makes a thumb up gesture. I give him the thumb too and step out the door with a friendly smile! Getting to the bus station to get to sabiha gökcen international airport, trying out my luck again. Getting in the bus. Bus starts somehow on time at 6 pm , picking up people from the middle of the road, always starting and stopping, man traffic is much more tougher in Istanbul. Thought back then that learning how to drive in the city of Frankfurt or alt sachsenhausen is tough. I think it will even rise one level up, maybe even two when I get to big cities in India! Soo close everytime to having contact with other cars, it's practice I guess. There are some news running on the tv of the bus, some terrible news about some terror fighting in turkey I guess, Molotov cocktails and lots of other things going on, the signal is not too stable though. 18 degrees Celsius in the bus 18.33. That would be under average in India right now, looking forward to wArm temperature! So relaxing to sit in the bus right now, even more if later.... Hmm don't think about it , never know what happens next! Like the Forrest gump chocolat thing. Traffic seems to be pretty tough now, it sAis that it's around 1 and a half hours to the airport or longer if the traffic is tough, hmmmm I like busrides no matter how long they are! Longest one so far was like 10 hours from tessaloniki to Istanbul . If someone reading this is from Frankfurt and likes bus rides and wants to travel to Istanbul one time, there are buses going directly from Frankfurt to Istanbul for about 120 euros. The bus ride is 48 hours! ); but There are
also flight companies like sun express who offer cheap flights I think. Bus driver talking on his phone from time to time, while driving and entering the highway. I love the Friday afternoon traffic if I'm not in a hurry, but that's the good thing on my journey, I'm not in a hurry! Pretty uninformed these days didn't check the news for a long time, know that the euro is breaking down, the peak of the crisis I guess. Wow , going on the Asian side over this big blue lightened bridge, so we are not halfway there, love the blue and red polis lights, seeing something about thiev flash mobs on tv, interesting. Funny that the outro of the news uses some rip-off of that epic pirates of the carribean song. Bus using the side lane of the highway , some others too. I can definitely say that in Istanbul it's pretty freestyle in traffic! Arrived after more than one and a half hours and aN additional nap, at the airport. Going through security, easy despite all the knifes and stinky clothes I got with me. Looking for the flight to Bangalore hmmm just the one to shArjah listed, hmmm yeah but it's the stop airport so... . Going to the counters, closed or better to say not open yet. Looking around gotta tAke some action to make it, seeing the ticket sales sign, following it. Hmmm seems to be pretty sleepy here nothing really open here. Asking for air Arabia company, man saying that there are more counters sown the hall. Going there asking for a flight to Bangalore, yup still seats free, fucking awesome, getting the confirmation to take up the ticket in one hour. Now it's 20.44, just 46 minutes to go to check in. Sweet! Thinking bout the vaccination thing, probably doing it in India just have to be careful. I think I spotted some Indian people in front of the counter. Hmmm waiting in line at the counter, everybody is somehow equal, have an umbrella on my stuff pretty not compact, wonder how that is going to be, maybe leave it, I think I will know in a minute . 21.34. Checked in successfully, 21.50, flight going at 0.35 am, boarding time is at 23.50. Searching for a toilet . Finding one right away, pretty nice and clean, thinking bout if there are like really shitty toilets at some airport of the world, but airports are most of the time a place where alot of money flows around so no poor toilets. Flush is a sensor. Surprised me with the first one but was totally unnecessary for the next five times while I wAs arranging my pant trying to find out a new technique to fix it to my body so it won't fall down and reveal my sexy red shorts. Hmm it goes on sensor sink, sensor handdryer (even with blue led lights) but wait..... I have to press for soap? WhAt kind of stupid bullshit is this. To be serious I'm against all thAt automatical stuff I like to decide when the toilet flushes my balls. Hmmm maybe search for some wifi now? 22.20 got some because a nice guy gave me his phone number to get a password for the free wifi. Contacted somefriends . Boarding at midnight. Cold outside, bye bye cold temperatures . Seat 12 A means fucking sweet window seat! That's how I like it. Instructions in English, nice orientaL music. Two Indian guys sitting next to me! I guess that many Indian people are using this airline go fly to India saving some money! Now I'm definitely leaving Europe! For the third time I guess! Don't know what it's going to happen, but as you all know, something is going to happen! Now Arabian instruction , this day is really filled with detail. Trying to text down the rest of the battery by summoning up my impressions of turkey! Turkey was cultural real different, I had alot of nice food and made many nice aquaintances! Met an old friend, had some crazy party times, and had extremes of sleeping disorders. One thing is weird and that is that I didn't do shopping at all in Istanbul, because you can shop here really well because everybody wants to sell everything here everywhere, all the time! Will miss the mosque singing everyday . I wanna do a poem (why not)

Oh Istanbul, gate between Europe and Asia,
You gave me joy in the face ya!
Markets, people and traffic everywhere,
There is so much more this city can share.
15 million people you contain,
2 continents you combine,
Gone through hard times and alot of pain
But now you shine.
Hope that one time I'll come back,
That's the end, now I'll have a snack!

-dayum I'm hungry...

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24th December 2011

nice been waiting for an update.
Really stupid this embassy and there timing. Aren't they supposed to serve the public? Instead they kill you by only being open at certain times. Glad to read that you made it in time.

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