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December 1st 2011
Published: November 30th 2011
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1: Live Concert Classical Turkish Music 1 202 secs
2: Live Concert Classical Turkish Music 2 413 secs
3: Live Concert Classical Turkish Music 3 158 secs
4: Conversation with Mohammad for Visas for Pakistan etc 637 secs
5: Fun with International People, 2 Girls from Japan, One fnny guy from switzerland playing music 655 secs
6: More fun with People, from Karachi and such 606 secs
7: Japanese Kawaiii, Stereotype Music 255 secs
8: Meeting a German Friend in Istanbul, ATTENTION GERMAN 811 secs
9: Meeting funny people from Poland in the Hostel including Mad drunken one! 980 secs
10: Istanbul changing hostel 88 secs
11: Funny night with people from Slovenia, Sri Lanka, France, Marocco, Tunis, Canada, USA, etc. 1 63 secs
12: Funny night with people from Slovenia, Sri Lanka, France, Marocco, Tunis, Canada, USA, etc. 2 ATTENT 580 secs
13: Funny night with people from Slovenia, Sri Lanka, France, Marocco, Tunis, Canada, USA, etc. 3 590 secs
14: Funny night with people from Slovenia, Sri Lanka, France, Marocco, Tunis, Canada, USA, etc. 4 949 secs
15: Funny night with people from Slovenia, Sri Lanka, France, Marocco, Tunis, Canada, USA, etc. 5 233 secs
16: Funny night with people from Slovenia, Sri Lanka, France, Marocco, Tunis, Canada, USA, etc. 6 1576 secs
17: Hello drunken people from all over the world! 415 secs
18: Funny night with people from Slovenia, Sri Lanka, France, Marocco, Tunis, Canada, USA, etc. 7 352 secs
19: Tee und interessante Themen mit Alper, GERMAN Part 1 982 secs
20: Tee und interessante Themen mit Alper, GERMAN Part 2 892 secs
21: Tee und interessante Themen mit Alper, GERMAN Part 3 1063 secs

Turkey (Istanbul)


AND DONT FORGET TO ENJOY and maybe just maybe comment...

Saturday, 12 of November 11', 9 o clock

You know sometimes I have the feeling that time moves too fast, arriving in turkey it proves that there are places existing where everything is moving too fast. Maybe all people have claustrophobia and wanna keep their comfort zone, pretty hard if you live in a city with a population of 18 million people, waiting outside and realizing that it's getting colder. 10 degrees max. Hopefully it doesn't rain or snow I like warm and dry. Getting in the bus is a true battle, but we are survivors, sleeping while standing seems pretty natural to me, getting out and trying to get wifi at a Starbucks. Sorry, only Turkish cellphone numbers can access. Unlucky. Trying to find a hostel.actually first searching the

Secret Messages
tourist office and failing to find it. Going to a Internet cafe near taksim plaza in the 3rd floor. Booking a hostel and going on to find it. Being in galata district we stumble into a nice hostel getting a tea, really cosy with peaceful flute music. International people here. Finished tea. Some German group arguing about making payments. Girl with tattoo on her left arm plays savior. Joes reading her book of murakami. Mosque
Singing in the background, I think they have them on special times. Met a guy named kerrial in front of the hostel who lives around. 12.30 My digesting is still performancing really good, taking a dump upstairs, interesting paintings all over the walls of the hostel. Were leaving, making our way to old town. Heaps of fishing people on the bridge. Some smokin, some selling them after they catches them, everyone stands in a neat line at the ledge of the bridge. Onjee would love this. Making our way to the hostel, asking for streetnames trying to pronunciate them well so people would know and give us directions, passing a big mosque. Finally finding the place, inside is nice, beds look like army beds, no
Oh  my GoshOh  my GoshOh my Gosh

I do not own this picture!
ledges , Jo chooses to be under, I like to be on top, considering showering and doing heaps of online stuff! Eating the rest of the cheese on the armybed. Getting down to the Internet pc, making it log on do some stuff on Facebook checking couchsurfing, got some request that days, and weird questions. First a girl from Poland who asks if I know a person named hijan or something who drives a black Volkswagen and lives in Frankfurt. Second a guy who asks me to join the group of people named Daniel and he wAnts to make a big Daniel party. Third a guy who asks me If I can justify that there is a good hitchhiking opportunity. Getting later out to some shisha bar in the street. Looking at funny video shows.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Getting up really late having heaps of dreams, doing not much that day, going to the supermarket getting some food with Jo not really into making decisions. Getting some noodles and stuff. Eating them later. Outside raining.

Monday 14th November 2011

Want to get up early but bed seems too cosy, getting up at 11. Timing with Jo getting back is good. Getting out going to the grand bazar, seems like a maze, a not well coordinated person could get lost pretty easy. Looking to get a pant ( still don't have one..) Turkish delight is a sin but still so delicious! Food in general! Walking down from the market to the sea, seeing many seagulls at the sea flying round also many fishershops. Smells like deathzone. Trying to walk directly to the port getting stopped by some policeman, have to walk around. Making a nice long walk to gallata bridge. Love the fitness playground. Benches, butterflies, good basis to have some excercising. Many doggies and cats around, strays obviously. Pretty windy and cold, giving freezing Jo my jacket. Gentle man to the heart. Finally getting to gallata bridge, getting over and arriving in the beautiful area gallata again, many little shops of clothing, music stores for each type of instruments. Pianos, guitars, percussion everything apparent. It goes up the hill. Getting darker. The shopping street has a really Christmas atmosphere, movie theaters just in Turkish, denied. Searching for a no e jazz bar. Finding it after applying map skill. Nothing much happening there. Getting a Turkish coffee, considering coming back later, wandering around, entering a book store, considering buying a book, first getting to the toilet pretty urgent, coming back and buying a book by oisho "freedom, having the confidence being yourself!" right on starting to read the first pages, impressed and delighted with the content. Getting back later to the jazz bar nothing going on there still. Walking on, some guy trying to convince is of some classical Turkish music, tea and coffee on the house, convinced. Music and atmosphere turning out to be really good(CHECK OUT TRADITIONAL TURKISH LIVE MUSIC RECORDING). Dancing later with some Turkish men. Saying goodbye the Turkish way. Left cheek, right cheek. Some of them are from Stuttgart, funny, them saying that they are German with German passport or half half having Turkish heritage. Getting to a shisha bar after. Looking at cheesy Turkish music about love. Man in rain drowning and singing. Man having layers of makeup on putting on cheesy smiley face. Nethermind. Having a long way back to the hostel getting back at 2 am, going to sleep.

15 of November 2011

Having alot of sleep again, normally check out today, staying one more night, doing some online stuff , doing pasta again not doing anything special today and outside is raining, so no worries of missing anything. As the Greek girl said most of the things you di outside in Istanbul so... No worries. Eating some tortillas meeting some people from France and also new people in our dorm room, 6 beds by the way, little room, different arrangement! Highlight of the day is reading the book freedom. The book is seriously changing my consciousness! Going to the toilet, going to bed, reading more freedom, one guy in our room has serious snoring skills, symphony goes on doing writing, trying to sleep. 01:58. Over and out.

16th November, wednesday, 2011

Still sleepy, probably recovering from the last traveling weeks, 6 countries in roughly a month. Finished the Book Freedom Today. Man this was good i Feeling a Little Bit Wiser but I also think that wisdom is something you only get through experience. Got me some bread to fill my stomach , spicy stuff on top. Finished the whole 500 g as usual . Feel pretty stuffed now, doing some things on the pc , Frenchman asked me if I wanted to talk to the pakistanian guy because of the visa thing and the route and in general information about the country!(HEAR PAKISTANIAN GUY RECORDING) Talking with him, he comes from Karachi and is going to be a doctor. Told some things about the borders and their politics and stuff. Karachi can be pretty dangerous because of the gangs and stuff and the corruption. Met also two funny Japanese girls from tokio, shared Facebook contacts. Having funny conversations with all the people also some girl from Ukraine sharing music videos!(HEAR KAWAI, JAPANESE RECORDINGS) Going to bed at 2 approx.

Thursday 17th of November 2011

Awake at something around one. Wanting to get out today. Jo is going to some American cafe where she met a lady going to read some book! Connecting finally with alper, friend from Frankfurt. Meeting him at around 4 o clock! Going with him to a very traditional shisha bar where the old kings used to smoke. Had very interesting conversations Bout philosophic questions and things. Zen buddism telling old stories of the past. Ate some interesting potato mushed thing stuffed with all kinds of things , leper calls it the real Turkish kebab! Also got some sweets And more Turkish delights! Sat down in some park and I told alper some things about Switzerland and we talked in general about the differences in the cultures of all the countries! Walked me back to the hotel and looking forward to spend more time with him! Returning to the hostel doing some uploading of my voice recordings over joachims laptop and after talking to some girl from Graz of Austria via skype. Joachim showing some pictures of his child and him, very chute! Spending more time in the Internet , feels like home. Waiting for Joe to return, checking upstairs, nobody there, has to be still out. Talking to people on Facebook I hVent talked to for a long time. Funny. Joe returning late, saved some Turkish sweets for her and she gives me some tobacco. Turns out to be really intense, Jo applying Again fir her university, shitty bureaucrazy doesn't work, systems are just fucked up., disAbled, dismembered function that is supposed to work and be more efficient but simply mKes things more confusing and officially stupid. Whatever, guy from hostel rushing us and charging is for the Internet, being a pain in the ass. Maybe doesn't like his job. Thinking about stRting a hostel in the very future, why not. Getting upstairs, Jo leaving today or trying to get a bus from Istanbul to Athens, somehow , let's find out if it works , 04:13 , got some battery left on my I plod. What is right or wrong? I think people define it, people who could be you could be me. Trying to make things right, but do often the opposite, maybe they are just trying to hard. Thinking bout going to university as a clandestine or better to say anonymous (ba dee ba dee beep) and just prove that certificates are just a sheet of paper and you can use it to wipe your ass and it still feels good because you wiped your ass officially! Trying to make everything official to prove to people that it is true, seems pretty cocky to me, as everytime I would do something right to have some people giving me a certificate, I got one when I participated in an eating competition. Maybe that's my most valuable certificate to state out that I am a big consumer of just some schnitzel of the world. And the world just gets eaten out by people till the plate is finished. I don't think that the world is like an all you can eat buffet nor it's flatrate or endless , there is always an end to everything , depends just if it's a bad ending or an happy ending , but if everything ends who would be happy. I think there are happy beginnings that's for sure. When I start with something I tend to be happy because everything is still fresh still growing and starting to move. Learning new things, seeing new things, kinda like ghat, feel motivated to pit some fresh energy into it, but isn't everyday somehow like a new beginning. The day you wake up and realize: yeAaah new day, happy time, do something you enjoy. That would be a good beginning. You could also just cherish the endings or at least appreciate it, there could be no beginnings without an ending same with every opposite. No evil no good. No light no shadow . Interesting thing that darkness is everywhere, just close your eyes for some time. Would you rather be blind, deaf or mute? or if you had choose two which ones would you choose? Blind and deaf would be pretty hard because you would be able to speak but not knowing the respond of people. Blind and mute, people giving you input you could hear but you couldn't respond with your voice. Deaf and mute. I would probably go with that one, being an expert of body language! what would be your profession? Painter, graphic designer, fashion artist or mirror, wonder whT it's like being a mirror, having no own identify , being just the reflection whatever comes at you! What is the outcome of two twin Mirrors doing a staredown, looking into eternity? Too tired to keep this going having shaky feeling , battery still low, 04:45,
I'm out, peace

Friday 18th of November 2011

Didn't have a really good sleep, had one blanket and wrapped myself into it, was still a little cold I guess. Kinda indecisive today, made some plan after weeks ago. Still don't have like an answer, maybe it's Also a little bit the climAte, the cold, maybe also because Jo is leaving soon heading back over Greece, Italy and Switzerland later to Australia. Kinda sad there would be no obgs, no bgs, no bg just the b . To b or not to b that is the question. I think I didn't take mu h action the last days so I'm kinda trapped in a swamp but there are not really people to get me outta there, just myself. Maybe this is the first time where i have like a psychological struggle with myself and tend to think to much. The swamp of thinking negative. Had that in the past but I got some tricks to get out of there, cause I'm a survivor so far. Prove me wrong when I'm dead. Joe, Valentine and i later going to a nice jaZz bar with live music, get to know valentine a little bit better, studied video editing and is probably smiling when reading this now, I'm genius I know. Was really nice and had some more discussion, was afraid of having to go back to Frankfurt because of some bureaucracy shit, but turns out to be a false warning, puhhhh breathe Dan, breathe. Checking some table tennis stuff on YouTube. Love table tennis. China or more precisely zhang joke sweeps again! Looking forward to 2012 olympics, looking also forward having a job and some place to live in an Asian country or somewhere abroad, just really looking forward to the language the people and the differences. Strict guy pain in the ass again, going up being positive, might have opportunity to stay in some place, will find out tomorrow, gülle gülle (see you again in Turkish).

Saturday 19th of November

Jo leaves today with her bus heading to tessaloniki! Kinda sad, but life goes on. Were having some shisha for the last moments and chilling together listening to some music. Jo leaves, hope she will arrive safe And also have a save trip, going upstairs wAnt to get my iPod go recharge. Surprise! Some new polish guys in the room, one of them pretty crazy and drunk but still friendly, drinking some with him( HEAR Meeting funny people from Poland in the Hostel including Mad drunken one!). Going out tonight with valentine, getting to know each other better, having some beers together returning really early in the morning, changin to sumo cat hostel in gallAta district. Like her sweet manners and British-French accent, my gosh .

Sunday 20th of November

Still awake getting all our stuff to the hostel, hostel is really cosy, getting some breakfast, going to be after, can't concentrate on sleeping, can't stop the lion inside of me. Having two hours of sleep, chilling downstairs in the video area after having some shower, foam is fun. Getting some vegetables and past to cook additional bread and cheese, many Germans here in the hostel, meeting some , still able to talk German though, watching some movie later with tin tin, couch is enjoyable. Getting to sleep late/early, where has all my sleepiness gone? 5:00 , crazy.

Monday 21st of November 2011

Mainly sleeping all day till 7 pm, get up do some cosy stuff with tin tin, eating some of the rests of the food from yesterday. Just bashing trough the night no sleep,

Tuesday 22nd of November 2011

Having nice breakfast with the other persons of the hostel, meeting some people of belgium who travel with bike. After getting to know that the hostel is booked out that day. Going downstairs again to search in the www to find some other hostel(HEAR Istanbul changing hostel), finding some and directly getting there, nice Canadian girls in my room and a guy from Tunis. Doing some skyping with my brother , getting up again and all my luggage is gone! Goindown again. Ask e guy at the reception fir my luggage , going up with him, everything there again. Just stepped into the wrong floor! Stupid. Getting out to see tin tin, not there parents of her arrived that day. Buying some eating stuff out of a small shop, watching the championsleague in fooball trabzon against inter Milan. Getting to know people , Slovenian guy, marocco guy, Sri Lanka girl, French girl, azerbaidjan guy, states girl, etc. Alot of drinking (HEAR Funny night with people from Slovenia, Sri Lanka, France, Marocco, Tunis, Canada, USA, etc +Hello drunken people from all over the world!). One of the most awkward situations in he last time, getting upstairs to the island, going naked to bed, having to sizzle , not making it to the br! Other people coming. Going to sleep, checking out next day.

Wednesday 23rd of November 2011

Returning to sumocat, seeing tin tin again, making dinner with Gregor and Lisa from Dresden , hmm yum delicious cous cous, talking to the peeps of our room, getting to know them better, staying up late again with tin tin, leaving souvenirs.

Thursday, 24th of November 2011

Getting up for breakfast, having such a nice atmosphere that I forgot to go to the Indian embassy. Hmmm frying to do it later. Getting up making siesta . 8 hours later I awaken to tin tin smiling. Got mosquito stuff for gift from valentin.
Getting back to sleep again with tin tin. Oh by the way Catherine and her boyfriend are new in the room, girl from NYC and Spanish roots, doing a film project documentary.

Friday 25th of november 2011

Gettin up at nine having quick efficient breakfast, four pieces of bread melted over, tea. Going to the embassy, applying for visa, worked out pretty well, 5workdays normally. Getting back, pant is working somehow, not very stable though ripped buttons while being in action. Checking some stuff about India. Having a coffee with Belgium couple, talking about currency, monkeys and rickshas. Getting up thinking bout what to do. Meetin up later with tin tin, making some delicious pasta with onions and stuff. Having a really nice evening chucking things into the Dan Delaion journey book. Today is a cosy day no much action, period. Relaxing is fun, gathering more information about India. Guy coming to Internet place, and trying go sleep on couch, seems that he is working here and arrived a little big to early, 4 am. They are shifting work times after 12 hours of work. Going to sleep cuddling with tin tin.

Saturday 26th of November 2011

Waking up at 9 am , tin tin likes me alot, I guess. Showering, feels good. Having breakfast before
11 am, gettingback to sleep after, more information about India, having dreams about my family, especially grandparents. Tin tin coming back later checking emails and doing some writing, doing an own block of her own too. Having a last name consisting of 2 vowels but 7 or 8 letters, polish name. Listening to some jazz music, maybe if your reading over these lines you may think that the last weeks not too much exciting happened, your right , but low life feels really good, maybe I should do more thinking here because that's what's always happening! Thinking of meetin tin tin again in 2012, traveling together, wherever I am at that time, looking forward to Olympic games 2012. Ever heard of an ashram? Maybe you will soon be wiser. 19:37 now. Feeling of change.

Sunday 27th of November 2011

Sleeping all day, couple besides probably fucking at one time. Zzzzzzzzzz

Monday 28th of November 2011

Getting up at around 10, first one in the shower, getting to breakfast meeting tin tin. Finally awake somehow, having alot of action that day, her parents leaving that day, going to taksim square to check out bus times to the airports, every half an hour, sweet! Going to the grand bazar, eating something in between, some girls with veils want to take pictures with us maybe because were are a unique combination of two blonde people, our new nicknames are david guetta and shakira, that's what we were called. Whenever, wherever you always see people trying to sell something in Istanbul. Also the weirdest things because they probably run out of good ideas, maybe that's where all the bullshittty ones come from. Finally going into a mosque , pretty nice, morenpeople with photocammeras, this time I'm doing the picture. Click! Picture of man an woman with henna tattoos all over her inside of mosque secured, mission accomplished. Going back to the hostel, getting some veggies before, starting cooking, forgot sauce and water, run tin tin, run! Hmmm yum turns out to be good, also to get alot of grapes was a good idea! Showering, going up, sky level, being in heaven, shower kinda strange , seems to me like a fusion of shower and a toilet, hmmmm shoilet? Weird. Wonderful hours. Getting late. More of that pasta. Going to the bus, carrying stuff of tin tin. 3,15 am still people out. Ever saw a buy one get two for free thing, me neither but if you want to buy perfum like that just walk istikal street up to taksim square, it's on the left, you will see it, save a fortune. Hmm not good at long goodbyes, trying to make it short, doesn't work to well. Miss you still , see ya 2012 tin tin, Bon voyage. Hmmm walking back alone, being barked at by a dog, arriving safe back at hostel, doing some online stuff having contact to jones from Perth again, nic3! Washing dishes at 6.30. Still awake. Writing. Wait till 9 am to breakfast? Dunno.

29th of november 2011

Woke up at afternoon, got up and did a lot of things on my blog, probably going to meet up with alper tomorrow. Thinking about what to do in the future, Catherine (the girl with dreads) has birthday today getting 27 or so. Kelly and valentine going to her party. Researching on the Internet all day, beard still there. Giving the night no chance.

30th of November 2011

Preety much contacting People going out with alper that night, having nice tea and coversations at a nice cafe francaise place(HEAR RECORDING Tee und interessante Themen mit Alper, GERMAN Part 1), i think where tin tin used to go, its at the same time the ambassy, got to walk through some safety control! Go Back to the Hostel, maybe one of last days of Istanbul, thats why im publishing, hope you enjoyed it so far


1st December 2011

a little bit too much going on at the same time but funny recordings -Joaquim is so...Joaquim^^ -I loooove yuuuu, lalalala... no more kawai-pop-stuff please, I think I\'d even rather listen to Indian pop music ! -Why don\'t you go to Pakistan anymore by the way ? Want to be asap in india ? Or too hard to get a visa ? -I\'m in love with the Polish, he\'s as drunk as he was when I arrived^^ He\'s soooo funny !!! Is he drawing/writing stuff while talking ? What are the noises ? (Still no comment on the pictures except that it is definitely NOT a kawai stuff^^)
2nd December 2011

Istanbul I want to go...Must be an amazing city.
Sure you needed that sleep. Totally understandable after all that traveling.

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