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9th February 2012

Police unavailable that nuts. I can understand that this mosquitos are getting on your nerve. I don't think anyone likes to have them around.
9th February 2012

Just checked out a video on youtube about Thailand. Crazy place to be and not that expensive at all.
9th February 2012

Chinese New Year
I believe this years symbol is the red dragon. Which is already the nations symbol the dragon. Kuala Lumpur is supposedly nice.
25th December 2011

I want (would like) the dreamy stories (pleease) you know my email :)
24th December 2011

hahaha oh Gott
Sucks if you don't have air conditioning. The funniest part about the "fucking jungle" with ten different animals and so on. There was so much to read and I'm not going to comment on all of it. Very nice to see that you have added pictures. They are well worth it and would like to see more of it in the future. Have fun and be safe.
24th December 2011

nice UAE the seven kingdoms (Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the best)
I'm exactly hoping to get a job with the emirates airline. Would be so nice. I would be able to do what you are doing seeing the world.
24th December 2011

nice been waiting for an update.
Really stupid this embassy and there timing. Aren't they supposed to serve the public? Instead they kill you by only being open at certain times. Glad to read that you made it in time.
16th December 2011

20th December 2011

No are you?
How come you ask, you probably know how it is to be on?
2nd December 2011

Did you encounter any of the demonstrations that are going on in Athen? You must have seen something that is related to the current financial crisis in Greece. Would like to hear your thought on that.
From Blog: Greece
2nd December 2011

why so much?
George Carlin is great to watch. I love his work.
2nd December 2011

Istanbul I want to go...Must be an amazing city.
Sure you needed that sleep. Totally understandable after all that traveling.
2nd December 2011

I prefer the last row too. That's the spot to be at :)
Keep it up!
1st December 2011

a little bit too much going on at the same time but funny recordings -Joaquim is so...Joaquim^^ -I loooove yuuuu, lalalala... no more kawai-pop-stuff please, I think I\'d even rather listen to Indian pop music ! -Why don\'t you go to Pakistan anymore by the way ? Want to be asap in india ? Or too hard to get a visa ? -I\'m in love with the Polish, he\'s as drunk as he was when I arrived^^ He\'s soooo funny !!! Is he drawing/writing stuff while talking ? What are the noises ? (Still no comment on the pictures except that it is definitely NOT a kawai stuff^^)
21st November 2011

See there are always people trying to steal from you
Awesome that you are on your way to Turkey. Never been there, but really want to. Nice to read that you get around with the Bus as much as you do.
16th November 2011

Good Stuff
Wish, I had some of that Hot Chocolate. Cool that you met someone from Philly. The world is really small after all. Anyway looks like you are getting around pretty quickly. By the way your friend who went back for an interview. For what job or company did he apply to? Keep it going Leo.
From Blog: Bosnia
13th November 2011

sounds great
Sounds like you are having a good time down there in Croatia especially the weather must be nice to enjoy that much sun. Can't wait for your next blog to read. thanks for keeping us updated and be safe.
15th November 2011

Your Right!
The Weather was indeed fantastic! Next blogs coming soon! Greetz Dan
12th November 2011

let me know what s going on with you & where you are!!!
hope to see you soon in egypt! greetings mr. basti
13th November 2011

yeah, hope to see you again too! Put yu into subscribers list! Greetz Dan
6th November 2011

Bella Italia
Das klingt ja fast zum neidisch werden. Bin gespannt, wo du demnächst auftauchst ...
2nd November 2011

sehr schön:D hoffe dir gehts gut soweit, scheint ja so zu sein und dus cheints ja auch spaß zu haben! viel erfolg weiterhin, keep in touch
17th September 2011

Hey thanks for your comment, first my goal is to get there but what i will do there? I dont know for sure maybe being proud to reach my goal...^^. Hmm Yeah Switzerland is very beautiful indeed, in which part of there do you live? Do you have FB? Greetz Dan
16th September 2011
Hard Time

Greetings from Indonesia
Its good to know that youll go to Indonesia. But Ende, i even never been there before. What particular activities you would like to do there? So now you're in Swiss? I really love Switzerland. I miss that beautiful country. Enjoy your trip!

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