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November 29th 2011
Published: November 29th 2011
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Friday 11.11.2011, 15.13

Thought that we arrived, getting ready, that means for me, putting stinky shoes on, wool jacket, brother jacket, Swiss jacket, Italian scalve. Still no pants. Joe keeps telling me that I a just a circus man with circus monk(ey) pants. Didn't have to go off. Bus drives more to the center. Arriving there asking for the bus station to Istanbul. Getting to the local bus station asking for information. Getting some but still not satisfied. Going to a travel agency that says "crazy holidays", sounds pretty crazy to me. Asking for tickets, still available, bus going today, hell yeah, fuckin sweet! Trying to find a nice place to spend some time, searching in the lonely planet guide of Joe, finding some but not too sure to get there. Want to kill first the rest of bread and cheese of ours. Finish the bread, failed at the cheese, was just to cheesy. Me realizing that I just saw two black people at once after a long time , probably the last time in Cagliari (on Sardinia). Black people and Chinese people seem to be raw material in former yugoslawian states. Starting to search for a place to eat something, after a pleasant walk and few times of asking we found ourselves in a very nice restaurant, Greek salad and other Greek specialties on the plate. Talking and making an interpretation about a nice picture. Looks to me If your are looking through a window from a ship seeing another ship on the open sea, picture made out of metal and paint, having 3 layers, I like it. Didn't took a photo of it, still no videocamera, but remembered myself that I have a cellphone with me that is capable of taking pictures, will try to use that one to give you something to show in the future. Joe making photos of me making funny stuff. As I'm writing this in the future Joe lays her head down my shoulder trying to sleep. Back to the past. Still sitting in the restaurant eating dessert, dessert I more evolving to a sport than a hobby. Some intense dessert training we had the last days feeling pumped up with sugar, still slim and me. Don't know how much I weight maybe a little bit more than usual, dunno. Will see. Girl coming at us asking us to make a donation for some child saving thing. Writing down the adress just in case, will check out later. Can't think, too happy. Leaving the place with a good Greek food memory. Searching for the big bus station, but after deciding to get the tickets from the agency. Realizing that were already in a different time zone, thought that it was 20.20, instead 21.20. Getting to the agency and getting told that there is no space in the bus that leaves on 22.00 anymore. Killing time in the agency goes pretty smooth, fresh water, sweets, parallel world book of murakami furthermore belonging to Joe. Reading a few pages with her and then deciding to lay my attention on a movie that just starts on the tv screen. Joe joins in. Some guy running away from the police having a scroll in his hand, right before getting catched by the police he throws the scroll into an open fire, still wondering why there was an open fire. Flashback. Guy is some painter artist who recreates the pictures of great artist and sells them illegally for alot of money. Cool guy. Met a girl occasionally having sex with her , yup yup yip. Some b movie, not too bad like the scene where he spends days recreating a picture of Rembrandt and the camera keeps spinning around him and the stafette time passing, masterful done. More and more guys coming into the agency. Guy from states joins the movie. Being kind and giving him a brief description what happened. More Greek people coming, talking to a blonde girl outside about traveling. Bus arrives getting luggage and chucking into bus. In the bus realizing pretty electronically stuff USB. Tv and shit. Getting out again to get USB cables. Being excited. Inside working on diaries. Joe trying to watch a movie, bad sound quality or Turkish , deciding to sleep, pretty hot in here, getting rid of some clothing. Nice service. Tea, water, chocolat snack. Bus ride commences to Istanbul. On the ride checking some stuff from the tv. Not too easy to navigate. End up listening to relaxing beat music da. Chucked on the iPod touch in budva! Sleeping, Awaking, passport control, taking a shit at the border and hoping that I don't miss the bus because this time it's real business! Somebody wrote something like "fuck off and die!" in the toilet. Hmmm... One of them I'll do and so i step in the bus again looking a last time at the Greek and European flag leaving to Istanbul to the door between Europe and Asia!

You know sometimes...

- stick to the next part, it's getting crowdy, 18 million people living in Istanbul!


2nd December 2011

Did you encounter any of the demonstrations that are going on in Athen? You must have seen something that is related to the current financial crisis in Greece. Would like to hear your thought on that.

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