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November 30th 2011
Published: November 30th 2011
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Me =Me =Me =

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First Rule: Dont give a Fuck!

Doing some writing again this time fitting this into some kind of category, at least trying to ! So this is most of time or the time something that is just coming straight outta my mind pretty unfiltered. Listening to some electronic music right now with some Zelda tune, always reminds me of my Zelda brother , he is definitely my LINK to the strange world, maybe he has an even more abstract way of thinking than I have , but most of the times I just realize that raiding his emails, just to give this. Note I'm just typing and not too much correcting so many errors appear maybe also a little bit more than usual so just stick with cope with it whatever. Always kinda a thing reminding me that I don't have a lot of family. I mean furthermore the bloodlines relatives, grandmother and father, father and mother , 2 uncles and now one step sister probably. Didn't ask my father till now but she (Miriam, I think) is probably Lready part of this world and the Japanese tokio society. I like people from japan in general, didn't meet like bad people from there , but I kinda tend to not meet bad people in general, bit what are bD people? People who act against the law, I think rather more people who act against people. It's alwYs little bit strange for me that one kind of species is like really not friendly with his own species. Did like different type of mooses had like wars against each other, maybe just people are just to concerned about things and mooses just don't give shit. I like that statement from George carlin about god, that he most of the times just doesn't give a shit. I can truly recommend to all the English speaking people out there george carlin, he really gave me some laughs and some material to think about, also made up my mind a little and made me a little bit more conscious about things, look him up, and when you feel not too good just play don't worry be happy from Bobby mc ferrin, that's one of my recipes to be happy. Laugher is probably one of the best medicines out there, and by the way it's a 100%!n(MISSING)atural, not like the western chemical ones. Have to he honest, didn't have any kind of shits for a kong time so car, you probably know what I mean, the writing errors are not destroying common sense , come on! It was interesting readinf the osho freedom book, he mentioned a thing that it seems to be really weird that in many societies we pay the doctor when were sick to make is heAlthy but isn't like the doctor making not a good job at all when you are sick, he should be paid while your healthy, but maybe it's just like that because the world is just over populated and we are really not treated anymore as individuals anymore . Mass production, more for less, were eating ourselves, what would be the number of people there would have to be in this world that their wouldnt be enough resources anymore, hmmmm but maybe it is also the sAme right now that also a lot of people are dying for the sake of other peoples lifes but they simply are not aware of it, but who really would want that dying for someone you don't really know and have nothing to do with him. I also don't get how people are more like sad or better making like a bigger fuss out of it if people die in their city, like some accidents appear, but still being concious about that people are dying everyday. Of course I have more emotion for a person that is close to me dying but if I think of it then it would be like the same level of sadness as for the other people, but maybe that's just my view, Humans belong to the species of animals, no doubt, they just think they are too intelligent too have something in common with other animals, it's like some kind of neuron mAkeup humanity puts on to show thAt they are the greatest, but the funny thing is to me , who do they wanna show it to or prove it to? The animals, from a human perspective they seems to be too stupid to get it or realize it they would even clap or give an applause to the humans, general answer: maybe they just don't give a shit as many do. I actually read an article about a person giving like lessons to people to let loose and teach them to just say fuck it! To leave the negative things behind you and be able to start with some new energy trying not continuing to think of the past! Easy method. So just fuck it , 04:01, it's late again, I don't really give a shit, but I like dreamland, one of my favorite countries so far I travelled to and I'm always visiting, always finding something new and fresh. There goes the caravan to dream land...zzzzzzzzzz...

Balance of Ying and Yang

Still awake didn't sleep during the night, don't know exactly why maybe Internet addiction maybe laziness , sounds stupid. Is sleeping the laziest thing you can do? Do you actually have a process while sleeping? I think so, you regenerate , build up new energy, muscle, people grow in general, heard that the ears and the nose are the only parts of the body that doesnt stop growing. Don't know about my ears but my nose is already a good one. Am I going to be one of these old guys with an ginourmous nose? Would switch to old pervert sniffing pantys or something like that. Could that be a payed job? Sniffing pantys, heard that some peeps out there are selling their old used pantys on eBay and make alot of money with it. I think fetishes have no real limits, normally is death the limit, but there are even necrophiles, so pedophiles is just the beginning and necrophilia the end? Some things seem to be immortal, just because everybody passes it on to the next generation, history is one of those things, just writing down what happened in the past! And evaluate what is more important writing down and what not. Jesus or god are one of these people, but also all the other bros and sisses of religion, they are one big family I guess, legends, gods, invincibles, whatever you may call them, they don't appear to really die. I think that is the point where you really die, when you get out of peoples memory and never get mentioned again. I have to say, I don't really know about my grand relatives and such, but I'm also not in good contact with my grand parents either, not because I don't like them or vice versa but just because I forget. I kill them somehow, they are simply not in my present. Thinking in live progress is actually a pretty fun thing to do, writing while thinking and thinking while writing, could do that also with my voice recordings. Would be even quicker and would leave me less time to think, would be even more intentional than this, getting pretty used to this iPod touch kinda writing style. Getting faster and faster maybe even as fast when im writing on a normal keyboard. Used to do some typing class many years ago, switched to freestyle then, but this style is just using two thumbs anywAy. Freestyle.... I like that word, tells me to do it on my own or doesnt tell me anything to do it's the style to be free, to act your own, act intentional, like my writing, free writing they call it in school or uni or in other kind of educational facilities. Human vs machine. Can a machine freestyle ? Hmmm saw breakdancing robots but freestyling, maybe that's the limit up till now for machines. Ai you say? Bionic robots? Let's see what the future brings, interesting that on one side humans are struggling with themselves ( wars, politics, borders, languages, money, ethnicities, etc.) but on the other side they can't wait to develop things that are not there yet. That's like trying to learn a summersault when you are not even able to crawl, maybe I'm exaggerating here. Just wanna display the differences, exaggerating is a good way I guess to get peoples attention, kind of a psychological thing. Kinda adopted this kind of way of speaking from Australians, this is so amazing the best one I've ever had. Kinda funny if you hear it every day, if you search something on YouTube I recommend most of the times making a big step around these titles "best ... Of all time" or just " best ... Ever", it is really a personal experience thing which thing is the best one ever, yeah maybe just yours best one ever but maybe not in history. There is a saying in German that says, who searches, will find. Hmmm what is there to find or what is there to search? Many things I guess, shoes to go out, matching outfit, lost socks in the laundry, glasses, hat which is on your head, contact lenses, girlfriend,boyfriend, child to adopt, new tv, new haircut, best price, nice place, nice bar, nice park, good gym, sports club, fraternity, community, unity, school, faith, way of life, penis pills, life purpose, religion, pet, something new.... I probably could go on like that forever, but whatever it is or if you even have the feeling that it is searching for you and then finally finding you. Something will happen, that is something or maybe the only thing I can ensure everybody. There is something going to happen. What it is, is not that important I guess, the most important thing is that it is present for the moment, some moments are short, some moments last longer.if you have these kind of beautiful moments or moments you really enjoy, please dont try to think of the past or the future like did I had this moment before or how long will it last, try to enjoy it as long as possible you never know when it will end. But moments tend to be rather short than long. One moment please.......... Ok, there you go. Moments are also a really personal, like these time words that don't have a fixed number attached to it, or to he more precise a certain measurement. Just look up, time by George carlin, nice thinking. When is somebody wasting his energy? If energy doesnt leave this planet into space it has to go somewhere, or is it just another form of pollution? Yuck got sick of pure energy. Is pure energy visible, I mean pure life form energy, of course we have elements and there form of energy, fire, water, wind and earth, but is there something like animal/plant energy, like chi? Like aura? Maybe even kamehAmeha. My kamehAmeha is sneezing but I say something like huashyouuu!!!! Sounds not really German to me. But anyway. Which is like the biggest greatest most powerful? Elements are certainly more powerful than animals , that's why we are concerned about this day after tomorrow 2012 thing ( yes humans belong for me in the category animals). The interesting thing is that natural energy is a kind of energy you can't just turn off or switch off like a light. Maybe just with my kamehAmeha , because our heart is always pumping and beating but while sneezing all body functions stop but just for a moment! Maybe that's just my judgement day for the moment, It's similiar, the earth is just sick of us, sneezes a few times( hurricanes and shit) takes medicine (floods), and cleansing it's own. Ahhhh new and fresh! Just like after a shower. If you are trying to stop people getting healthy again they are gonna die sooner or later, or you are going to die while trying to stop them! Humans= bacteria of the earth? Hmmm yeah maybe first we were good bacteria for the immune system of the earth and we just turned to bad viruses and infections, gotta do something about it, other animals, I think most of them are still harmless bacteria. That's what people are, getting more in numbers, increasing so fast that they are not part of the world anymore but rather more the center of the world, at least that's maybe what they are thinking. Hmmm let's find these big diseases in human areas. Let's see... Tetanus, industry...aids, greed...cancer, wars...malaria, pollution...other health related issues, carelessness.......the list is also infinite. The end is coming but who knows when? 2012, 3013? Most of the times there is an end when there is a beginning? Beginning was big bang and on the first day god created bla bla bla, so there is probably an end. Purity is good but only pure purity, elements seem to be pure, chemistry of humans is not pure , but is also used for something good. I think that's what I think of good and evil in terms of life, if someone is acting against the life of our planet that is evil it is against our own, it is like killing people but in a passive way, but that's the thing if you only notice what happened within your reach then you miss everything else. So imagine if your going to do some daily activities for example buy something (that is what I call an classical human activity) like clothing, food or hygienic products normally you are not able to see the chain which connects from good to bad, to buy something that protects you from the cold, puts down your hunger, makes you feel good, can be at the end of the chain a thing that makes people live miserable with low wages, no clothing, no food and no hygiene. Seems to me that this is a form of ying and yang. Had to break off for some moments because the Belgium couple said goodbye,


30th November 2011

2nd rule ?
2nd December 2011

why so much?
George Carlin is great to watch. I love his work.

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