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February 9th 2012
Published: February 9th 2012
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Tuesday 3rd of January 2012

, last 20%!o(MISSING)f battery, trying to summon up the last times. christmas was pretty calm, watchin some movies, some days after i didnt have the bike but i met indian guys two times, one time from mumbai and the second time from delhi went to curlies, on new years eve it was totally packed up, switched now writing with my right thumb and left index finger since my fingernail of my left thumb is long enough to make tappin the ipod more unprecise and tougher. but anyway new years eve was a blast also on my head as i got some fireworks on it, but as most of the times luck strikes again and i just got some spothair burnt. We were also at baga beach and before we tried to go to the hilltop but they charge alot there. there were 2 girls from belarus and i asked them where they want to go, they also wanted to go to baga. so i sent off the taxi driver they were bargaining with , but after he went mad, he got a stick and threatened us, we called the police but they were somehow unavailable... end of story was that the indian guys gave him some money to make him satisfied. I tried alot of different shacks and restaurants out these days. started doing some excercising again. running on the beach and especially cooldown is really relieving. The second indian group and i met a guy from london too, brendan bean. Had alot of funny conversations on the first of january at baga beach. Learned some indian swear words they dont teach you in the books. Thats all i have to say, ban chaud.

Wednesday 4th of January 2012

Wasnt too easy to fall asleep last night somehow managed it then by 5 am and woke up after at 1 pm , got up, showered and gone off to have another looks on anjuna flee market. On the way to there, as i took some other route to there as im still walking with my own legs, which is quite not understandable for alot of indians here, but anyway so on the route over the dry hills i saw a group of dogs running away from me after they saw me. Saw alot of trash piling behind some houses. Got to andys to let him take some pictures of the tattoo he drew on me, his collegue took them actually but andy seemed to be really satisfied with the result as he is always busy tattooing people all day. im satisfied too with this piece of art and i would recommend him to people, so if you come to anjuna in goa and you want to get a tattoo, you could check out andys. thiz is not kind of advertisement i get money for or anything, just honest recommendation. Coincedence made that i met valentin and kelly on my way to the flea market. sat together with them in a place with some other people from portugal and the uk. they had a nice cute little baby with them, breastfeeding memory of albania came back at me as a deja vu. i love indian currys. searching in the flea market for an ear ring and actually finding one at the foreigners hippy market in a place with some russian people. gotta stretch, no pain no gain. time to try out a new shack place. really nice, guy spoiled my lassi but was a very nice and kind person to get me a new one. forgot slippers again, dont give a shit about getting them back. but they were kind of nics though, especially because they were a gift of the indian guys of delhi because i ripped the ones before on new years eve. My shoe resumee or i think my clothing abortion resumee is quite impressive so far. One t shirt i lost on the european juggling convention as well as a pair of socks, i ripped a pair of pants even before, funny i still have them, lost a pair of socks in switzerland and threw away the mizuno shoes in pompeii on the camping space, in calella in the club freddy ripped down my muscle shirt in excitement, left another pair of shoes in italy again, dunno why i really loved these shoes, gave away my only pair of pants to a bum. in turkey i ripped all the buttons of the new cosy pant i bought while f*****g and finally now in india my starting journey slippers broke, the new ones i bought broke on new years eve, my really only pairs of real shoes(good trekking ones) i lost while running on the beach and now my newest archievment with the indian guy slippers. hmmmm i think that was always my hidden passion. Forgetting and losing things, and even now i think i lost track of my story telling and forgot to mention something.

Thursday 5th of August 2012


i dont know if i get paranoid of getting stung by mosquitos, but i think they are on me alot of times ready to suck me out but i think 90%!o(MISSING)f the times there are really no mosquitos. but im pretty sure that the light of the ipod attracts mosquitos so im gonna shut down this one and try to get some sleep im outside by the way in anjuna, want to try out sleeping near the beach, im in the elephant art bar and its cosy here. peace out.


woke up, not to sunlight but to the breeze of the ocean i guess. Gone out to have a look after the slippers i left yesterday, nope negativ. Going to the exact same hut i went with the chinese boys, trying to get breakfast, maybe have to wait for some time as most places open up here at 9 am, not really many early bird people in general. Lot of dogs round here, some kind of territorial thing going on here since one dog is trying to get protection from me following me near aside as many other dogs follow him and try to circle him, including me... yeah i think im a nice guy and always ready to help out but against six dogs is a little much. nothing really happened, probably the saying barking dogs dont bite counts here for goa too, but does that count for barking, growling and glancin their teeth looking like fuckin makeup of buffy demons dogs? Hmm but until now, i didnt really got injured by an attack or get robbed or stolen on my journey, maybe just lucky. Some people tell me that birth marks are some kind of lucky charms who make lucky people. That would explain it, but seems like some jibber jabber vodoo stuff never gets old, i guess its the magical force of believing in something or being sure of something, also known as placebo effect in the pharma department.


First sunraystripes touch this part of the beach, sky slightly and partly cloudy, around 18 degrees celsius.


after some sleep i ordered some food, really a weakling at the moment still sore legs from some running.
Sunday 8th of January 2012


Time seems slow here but passes fast, came back from watching one and a third movies. Ending third of gladiator and full time "meet the fockers". Diarrhea strikes again, dont have really a clue why but as long as it doesnt effect my "daily routine" everything seems fine. When i exited the seaqueen somewho had a bike accident in front of it and some lady who overtook my racer almost crashed into a crossing dog, i also see alot of people here who have bandages and stuff luckily im still not belonging to the injury group of the devastated. As always 20%!o(MISSING)f battery remaining. Had some hair and beard cutting today and also head, back and arms massage at a single place. Didnt do the eyebrow job though nikita was so eager to do to me. I guess they all give them such catchy seller names to remember. They start to learn when they are five or something. Many young woman who sell here have better english than many people that i know. But i guess its just business practice. Been reading the book "paper" by john mccabe for the last time, got it from a book shop here, pretty rocket science stuff.


I think its my favourite black dog mate whos puttin on some serious voicemailing every night right in front of ashdans house. Got the bike back today and yesterday, could get used to it but if i would get one i would think about an electrical one, something more renewable and sustainable. But nothing can top my favourite vehicle, Dan Delaion himself, or more his roots. Gotta love walking, running, jumping, dancing and everything else you are able to do with those nice pals, but as for now to have a real finish, this is the end of word for now.


log out.
Monday 9th of January 2012


Actually already the next day but anyway, awakened around 12:30, did some excercising then shower. Finally checking out the terrace of uncle, reading more paper, enjoying the sun. Hungry, stopping by for some bananas, later tofu sandwich and falafel at the beach, more sun. Days in goa are oretty relaxed and often these lines are nit to exciting to read, but thats the lifestyle here, laid back. Some online communication before movie time, sherlock holmes and in time on tonight. I really liked the concept of in time and justin didnt do a too bad job either, but there were a few scenes that they could have made better, to the half of the movie or a little bit more the film got me goin but then came some uuhmm aha moments. Fueled up that tank of mr shabby scooter one more time. Okay more thinking now to give you some more interesting. What about 2012? Times running up? Less then a calendar year to go? I dont know really what its based on but i heard it was something about the mayas calendar system us going to ebd which is supposes to be the calendar system alot of people use, therefore end of time. Hmmm i dont really think about numbers killing us here more about something like in the day after tomorrow, if you seen that movie. Somehow makes sense that nothing is supposed to be forever and if something is why should it be human life or our little blue planet be? Havent we been here now for some time enough? Maybe its time to move. But where? Most if the other planets round seem to be not designed for the human body and vice versa. Would be like trying to teach a fish to fly or a fish to breathe underwater. This is where we live and maybe theres still enough time to give us some medication to live a little bit longer, because i think our planet has already some sort of cancer and still keeps smoking. But the industry lets call them marlboro has plenty of flesh and money to dig in, there always will be till theres nothing left. Maybe some thing like jah or any higher power enjoys watching these eco system gladiator fight. Humans taking out earth, earth strikes back, pretty natural reaction if you ask me. So sit back jah, relax, grab some intergalactic asteroid popcorn and enjoy the games and dont forget mother teresa to get you some of that milkyway juice to get those fast and heavy minerals down your heavenly pipe. If you need to take a dump please use one of the black holes and flush, will ya? You dont want your holy shit flying round in endless space, somebody might get hurt. Humans are so tiny if you look at the hole picture, just take a flight to somewhere and take a look out of the window at lego man and woman living together with micro machines which are supposed to make them more wealthy and healthy but will maybe provide the opposite.


My last words would be something simple like:See ya!or even better...See ya next time!


9th February 2012

Police unavailable that nuts. I can understand that this mosquitos are getting on your nerve. I don't think anyone likes to have them around.

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