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February 9th 2012
Published: February 9th 2012
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Wednesday, 18th of January 2012


I am now waiting at the train station in bangkok to take the train to chumporn more south.Past:Arrived at Bangkok Airport and met a canadian girl and a german guy, stayed with them the next days and had alot of fun. Busy place in Bangkok, i really dont enjoy writing about the far away past that much because i already know what is going to happen or to be more precise know what im going to write but to give you a impression i was a khaosan road which is really touristic but had alot of fun there, was at soi cowboy which is like the red light street and went to some stripclubs with the boys, did a tuk tuk tour to the golden mountain first which i liked because of its stairs, the gongs, bells and the nice statues of the chinese zodiac animals in front of. Second to the lucky buddha where we did some to get some luck, Third to a ripoff tailor shop, fourth to the big golden buddha which is really impressive, We also went to a ping pong show with some americans, to the kingdom palace where we punched into a demo of the red shirts who are still fighting for freedom of speech. Took the bus often which is nice to meet the locals. China town was also involved nice thaifood all the time too and a pleasant aquaintance with jenny who is the chef of some restaurant in guest house, always wanted me for some money but the last offer of 5000 baht was still too less. 😊 Fred and i went to pattaya on one day to see one of the biggest sex circuses in the world, im gonna spare the details you have to see it for yourself. we also did two nice massages, damn those thais are small but they got strong hands and know how to twist you. Thats it for the summary now.


Think im getting better at saying no, getting to the point and beingvmore consequent with convincing and bargaining, i am now in the train heading chumpon, people selling stuff on the train as in india but not that frequent. In general i have the impression that the people in bangkok dont harrass you that much compared to goa. Leave out Pattaya for that statement because they just come right at your balls, i mean literally, that happened to me not just one time.Many Taxidrivers in Bangkok really dont wanna drive you by the taxi meter, you really have to beh them to do it then it works, especially during the traffic jam time. Simple Pad Thai my favourite, fast, affordable and yum. I am in the third class with fan, i like it here.

Thursday, 19th of January 2012


Train ride still going, battery low, reading to book "The Art of Choosing" by Sheena Iyengar. I like the book which i purchased at the airport of mumbai and currently got to the Chapter 2, Part V, 45th Page.Bunch of People sleeping here although no sleeper class but its somehow spacey. As a phalang as a thai girl called me here the size of the doorways Benches and many other things are definetly designed and made for smaller people. Some guy just powered up the light here, used his skills pretty decent.


lying now in the guest house me and my new friend alex from finland are staying, major sunburn as after i arrived with the ferry i started to roam around by walking, later with a bamboo stick which helps a lot. Climbed up and enjoyed the view from the top. Really nice water. i am really not able to write alot here anymore eyes struggling to stay open.....


I arrived at Chumpon in the middle of the night, people selling breakfast and stuff, im going for the bananas. Taking a boat after for some hours to koh tao having some sleep on the ferry. Many people asking you if you want to do diving since it seems to be really popular in koh tao. But refused kindly, arrived on koh tao and teamed up with aleksi from finland, got a double room the first two days we pretty much did our own thing , i climbed the hills there went swimming and got some major sunburn. The Day i left koh tao to go onto the way to malaysia, aleksi and i rented a kayak and got to shark bay where we did some snorkeling and had some nice big sandwiches and climbed a hill together too. The Nature is really nice, purple spiders, lizards of different sizes, ants everywhere which goes pretty much the same for the mosquitos. Then i left with a cab and a night ferry which was really cosy with all the other people round, danish to the left and swedish to the right working in oslo. When i arrived at surrathani a cab picked me up to some travel agency at 4 in the morning ate some ice and sugary peanuts and lay myself down to sleep. Woke up by sone firecrackers, smells like new years. Then on a really nice private bus, which i changed then and met 2 Americans and one canadian girl after some tiring 5 hour drive we arrivef in malaysia...


9th February 2012

Just checked out a video on youtube about Thailand. Crazy place to be and not that expensive at all.

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