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Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Koh Chang August 28th 2023

Rob Writes Day 10 We decided that the day following the scuba dive would be a day off. We had as long of a lie-in as we could without missing breakfast and then just hung around the hotel and watched a bit of TV until mid-afternoon. Apart from the stroll up and down the beach front I don't think we left the hotel all day actually, as we ended up in the hotel's restaurant for dinner too. The dinner was memorable because it was the most expensive meal we've had since we left, a couple of drinks, a beef massaman and a pad thai came to about £40. Ouch. Day 11 The following day (now Wednesday) was a great day. We hired the motorbike again and rode all the way around to the other side of ... read more
Koh Ngam

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 27th 2023

Landed in Bangkok at about 0630, and then had to walk over 300 meters to the next connecting area. The lounge is also in the same area. Originally we had over 2 hours stopover but now we are down to about 1. All of a sudden bad memories come flashing back to us. Same area we had to deal with when we flew in 53 days ago. Up the escalator to a passport and boarding pass check, then through another security screening. Same results - battery out and check it is compliant. All good then by the time we have done all this we really don’t have time to go to the lounge. Bugger. Looking forward to a shower to freshen up. Off to the gate, another 250 meter walk. Get there and there is a ... read more
Champagne at 0830. Well it was really 0330 in Stockholm so that works for me…..
View from planes camera. Note the baggage door still open. Reason for our delay.
Coming in to land at Tulla.

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Koh Chang August 22nd 2023

Tina Writes Day 7 I'd like to apologise for Robs blog. He is all up for bringing the terrible ancient notebook and writing a blog because we have regretted the times when we haven't but when its time for him to write it he complains endlessly and then writes a terrible blog, which he sits sniggering at as he writes it. I think I will be firing him soon. Please place your vote in the comments. Yes for firing, No for keeping his shit blogs. It was time to leave Bangkok and head for Koh Chang. Our flight was at 11.40am and we decided to get the MRT/Airport train. It takes a bit more travel time but is way cheaper and doesn't put me in a bad mood dealing with the taxi drivers. Plus it is ... read more
Koh Chang Ferry
KC Grande Paradise Villa
Sunset Koh Chang

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 19th 2023

Rob Writes Day 4 Hang on to your tits people. I don't remember Tina actually wanting to buy the Aliens watch because it wasn't quite the right one. I didn't stop her from buying anything. She can buy what she liked. She's a lair. OK, it's Wednesday now. I had to lookup my pictures to remind me what we did, because it's already becoming a blur, or my brain has turned to mush. I suspect the latter. So, Wednesday we had planned to go to the Maeklong Railway Market, a market basically situated on a railway line, the highlight being, the market stall owners have to dismantle their shops every time a train comes past. I don't know why, but that's the way it is, and that's the pull. There are three or four trains passing ... read more
Maeklong Railway Market
Maeklong Railway Market
Maeklong Railway Market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 17th 2023

Tina Writes Day One I think it was 2019 the last time we came to Thailand. I remember saying to Rob it was the last time. I think I felt we had done it enough times now and I have always said I wouldn't travel places more than once while I had other places to see first and we had been to Thailand three times already. Over the past 4 years though my love of Thailand has gone through the roof. I watch YouTube after YouTube of Thailand vloggers everyday and my longing to come back is rather strong. Last year I forced myself to go to Mexico rather than Thailand again and as much as we enjoyed it, I couldn't shake regretting it a bit because I so desperately wanted to come to Thailand again ... read more
Dead Bat
Chatuchak Maket

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 3rd 2023

We have travelled 38,253 km on this Dreamchasers adventure. That is only 1,822 km short of the distance it takes to circumnavigate the globe. Accordingly, we have spent a lot of time in the air, in airports, and in taxis of various forms. We have decided hands down that this Dreamchasers adventure has been one of the most rewarding we have experienced in years. This in spite of the many more travellers we encountered everywhere we went; the longer line ups at airports; the busy-ness of our island paradise in Koh Phangan; and the highly congested traffic conditions and extreme busy-ness of Ubud. We believe it has been so primarily because of our attitude to make it so. Happiness is a choice. This attitude is reinforced by the people we meet here, and why we return ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi March 30th 2023

All good things come to an end. It was time for us to set off on our way back home. Not before saying our last goodbyes to many of the people we'd become friends with over the last few weeks. First stop was Krabi town on the mainland reached by mini van. Travel is so easy here, a minivan picks you up at your hotel/ resort and gets you over to the mainland on a small car ferry and then drops you off at your chosen hotel/ guesthouse in Krabi. Door to door service, can't complain! They carry 12 people so the journey can be a bit long winded as they go round picking people up then dropping them off at various locations. It took us about two hours in all. We planned a night here ... read more
Last fire show on the beach
Last night at Aleena Mini Mart with a bunch of new friends
A last goodbye to the staff at " Somewhere Else"

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 28th 2023

According to Corrie Cooks (MSN): Thai- Ah, the spicy heat of a great curry or the bursting flavor of peanut sauce. These delights are only part of the delectable options you can find in an authentic dish from Thailand. Often served with rice and vegetables, Thai food is a major hit with many families no matter where you call home. However, much like Chinese food in the United States, what you get for takeout might not be as authentic as knowing how to make these culturally rich dishes from scratch. If you're in the mood for curry but don't like the intense heat that comes with Green Curry -- which is the spiciest -- you can take a shot at Penang or Thai Curry. Food in Thailand is both interesting and quite affordable. Yellow curry is ... read more
Chawan mushi
Penang curry

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta March 23rd 2023

Ko Phi Phi is a neighbouring island to Ko Lanta where we have based ourselves. Back in 2006 and again in 2008 we visited Ko Phi Phi and loved it. Since then we've heard many stories about how much it's been over developed and so, until now, avoided returning. Being so close here, curiosity got the better of us and we decided to take a day trip and see for ourselves. Our 'taxi' arrived almost on time and got us to the pier at Saladan at 7.55am with five minutes to spare before the ferry was due to sail. The ferry was also only five minutes late setting off so quite a record in these parts! The journey was supposed to take an hour, however, as we sailed merrily along at break neck speed there was ... read more
Sailing past Ko Jum
Phi Phi Ley coming into view
Phi Phi Ley

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat March 20th 2023

สบายดีขา Sabaidee ka! I began my study of the Thai language with 20 hours of private lessons in conversational Thai in 2019, repeating the process again in 2020. Because I have never studied a language before without also having access to its written form and grammatical structure - the foundational bricks with which it is built, I found this approach, with its random spelling format, somewhat frustrating. “There are no spelling rules until you learn the Thai alphabet, so just write the words whatever way you want for now; however you think they sound” said my teacher, Kru Cherry, who also informed me that three months of conversational Thai was a pre-requisite to beginning to read and write this language. So when I returned to study this year I begged her to let me begin writing, ... read more
Thai Class Time
Thai Consonants
Thai Vowels

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