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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe July 28th 2015

It has been years since our last blog entry and this one is long overdue. Just to catch up, we started our "trip" in 2008 with one and a half years of travel in SE Asia with a side trip to Europe. (Check out our previous blog entries to see all the amazing places and things we did during that time). We returned home to New Orleans for a couple of months then back to Thailand again because we missed it. We spent two years more on Koh Phi Phi before returning home. Then the big one…we sold our house and everything in it and returned to Thailand, again! We have now been living and working on Koh Lipe nearly three years. During this time we have been enjoying the island life, have taken trips throughout ... read more
Pattaya Beach sunrise
Mali Resort
Mali Resort

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand July 28th 2015

We have spent the last month in Thailand and have been so busy…..everyday it has been like AWAKE, eat, walk, beach, read, swim, eat, read, swim, pre-dinner drinks, eat, ASLEEP. AWAKE, eat, walk, beach, swim, eat and so it goes on and on. Bliss! We stopped in Bangkok for 3 nights to try out the backpacking area, a small block of restaurants, bars and shops. Nothing going for it, felt dirty and seedy to me. We wanted to try a food stall that was highly rated on trip advisor for dinner. As we looked across the road there was no sign of it being open yet, chairs normally on the pavement were stacked in the side alleyway next to the kitchen. Deciding if we should wait I looked into the alley way for any signs of ... read more
normal day at the beach dog hawker and fish drying out on boat
deserted haad yao beach, in one week it will be crowded
haad son resort bar

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 25th 2015

Nick: I'll start by owning up and saying that we didn't really get around to doing an awful lot during our few days in Chiang Mai; after our tiring three day trek in northern Laos, and the subsequent nightmare journey we had getting here, we both feeling pretty washed out and needed a few days relaxing to recharge our batteries. As such, what follows here is not necessarily a reflection of there being little to do in the town, more a result of our own disinclination to do very much! After sixteen-odd hours of travelling/waiting about, we finally arrived at our guesthouse late at night, in the midst of a tropical downpour. By the time we'd checked in, hung out all of our soggy backpack contents (the entirety of which were damp either from trekking-related sweat ... read more
Off to pick up the groceries...
Our guide, Yam, explaining the various ingredients to us
The marketplace

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand July 22nd 2015

I cant beleive how long it has been since I last posted, I guess time flies when you are having fun. I also generally struggle with finding internet cafes that have the appropriate USB capacities to upload pics. After Manila and how I felt about it, arriving in Bangkok was a pleasant surprise. I had pictured much of the same - hectic, smokey, crazy, poor. some of that applied, but not really. First impressions in the taxi from the airport were how developed and rich it was, full of skyscrapers and garages for posh cars. We stayed at the notorious Kao san road (known for partying and being able to eat scorpions and the like) but a couple of streets down.At first it was a lot of fun, so many cheap markets selling nice clothes and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Rayong July 16th 2015

We checked in at Classic Kameo, part of the Kantary group that Jamie uses when she travels in Thailand. They are nice hotels and very friendly. Jamie was able to arrange for a driver for our last day, taking us all over the area all day, from 7am until around 8pm. They joked about our planned full day; with Jamie, I am used to and always up for the ride as she hasn't steered me wrong yet (except when she missed taking my photo coming down the Super Slide! :) ) Anyway, for that night we decided to take it easy; i talked her out of the hike that afternoon as it would just be hot and it may get dark. So, instead we planned to go watch a movie; it was very difficult to figure ... read more
Khao Chamao National Park
Khao Chamao National Park
Khao Chamao National Park

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Wiang Pa Pao July 15th 2015

Tuesday (7/7/15) morning I'm up super early again but am finally able to go back to sleep. I sleep until almost 7 am and I'm so happy. The little things in life. We have breakfast and the a teacher picks us up. We're now just 3 volunteers so we are all going to the same school to teach today. It's a planned full day and I'm excited about it! We drive about 15 and then arrive at a big school. When you enter there is an elaborate wall and gate. Some of it is made out of colored stone. Other parts look like a temple woth the white walls and decorative red and gold tops. The grounds are beautiful! There is a massive tree on one side and plenty of medium size trees to fill in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Wiang Pa Pao July 15th 2015

Wednesday 7/8/15: Slept great last night and woke up with a lot of energy. Apparently the clouds did as well. During breakfast it ended up absolutely pouring down rain. Due to the weather, we were not going to the pre-school for the morning session. Kate said that Thais don't like the rain. I interpreted this as, they don't like to drive in the rain. So, as an alternative we loaded up into the back of Aum's pick up truck, rain coat on and drove to the White Cup Coffee shop. This was quite a treat! We settled in on the patio and I ordered an espresso and chocolate mouse cake. I'm definitely a girl that can't resist cake! As we ate and chatted we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. I wrote in blog, some read, some ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 13th 2015

The third city on my Thailand tour was Pattaya. I had never heard of it, but apparently is a well known area for other Asian countries and especially Russia. Our driver is someone Jamie uses for work and it was a couple of hours spent in a pimped out van (apparently, a usual mode of transportation). With a little difficulty, we reached our hotel, the Rabbit Resort, which is right on the beach. We checked in pretty easily and were given a nice large, private room. After Jamie gave me a few options, I selected this resort as it seemed to have a private, tropical setting where all the rooms have their own entrances with trees all around. The receptionist set us up with our driver for the next day and so we went to our ... read more
Splashdown Water Park
Rabbit Resort
The Colosseum Cabaret Show

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 12th 2015

So this being my first proper day back at Ted and Wans i was treated to a huge bowl of salad for breakfast ( not really what im used to first thing in the morning but lovely all the same.) Wan pops round the corner to the local market to pick it up fresh every morning. Was really nice also to finally get my hair cut properly today - also by Wan ( there are no ends to this womans talents!) the last time i had it cut was in Saigon - where there was a load of pomp and ceremony in the salon but they didnt actually do a good job of cutting hair! After this hectic start it was time to chill out for the day! write up a few days of this blog ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 12th 2015

Starting the day with another lovely bowl of salad, Lee and Boom popped over before going away for the weekend to come and say goodbye. Lee is Wans sister and Boom is her daughter - it had been really lovely to have met them and over the past 6 months have got to have spent some time with them. Having a hug and saying goodbye i then spent most of the rest of the day chatting to Wan (her English is getting so much better) and pottering on the net. At lunchtime Cream, Wan and i popped out to one of Creams favourite restaurants where we all had beef with noodles in a lovely chilli sauce - with really nice deserts for after - for all three of us costing just over 2 pounds what a ... read more

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