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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah January 18th 2010

A day in Dubai. That is about all I think I'm good for in this weird city. It is often said that if Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas had a child, it would be Dubai. Though I have not been to either Saudi Arabia OR Las Vegas, I'd say this observation is apt. The city borders on the ridiculous while attempting to be spectacular. Okay, to be fair, there is a lot to be impressed by with Dubai. For example, I stood in one of the world's largest shopping malls complete with an NHL sized ice rink and the world's largest indoor aquarium in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower. The Burj Khalifa sure is impressive. Standing at 828m in height, it dwarfs the CN Tower. To me the Burj Khalifa makes ... read more
Indoor ski resort.  Really.
Burj al Arab

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah December 2nd 2009

One of the old favourites for photo shoot and coffee. Weather is turning out to be real nice now! Still no news of Sharjah Aquarium location. Seems like they don't want us to find it.... read more
Kid at creek
Colorful Buoys
IMGP0010 (9)0003

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah September 18th 2009

Hey everyone, So I've moved! Here are pictures of my apartment. I have a huge one with oodles of space. Did I already mention I had room for visitors? I am more than happy to put anyone up (I am referring to my friends who receive notices about my blog). As you can see from my pictures, a bunch of us from work went to Sharjah which is a Emirate past Dubai. The wife of one of the teachers knows a lot of the shop owners and can get us really good deals. For instance, if anyone wants a necklace with their name in Arabic-for silver it is 250 dirhams and for gold it is about 600 dirhams so just divide that amount by 3.3 and you get canadian prices. I think the pictures posted show ... read more
party palace
living room
My kitchen

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah June 16th 2009

Al Majaz Park is awesome especially during the night... i have taken photos of it from our flat @ 11th floor, Al Marwa Tower Sharjah. Sharjah is one of the Seven Emirates in the UAE and it's a great place to live! The House rent & Cost of living is way lower compared to Dubai & Abu Dhabi. ... read more
Al Marwa Tower
Car Park
inside Al Majaz Park

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah February 14th 2009

Gestern sind wir ins Nachbar-Emirat Sharjah gefahren, um dort mit Freunden ein bißchen Angeln zu gehen! Startpunkt war der Hafen "Al Khan". Wir waren insgesamt 12 Mann/Frau und abgesehen vom Fischer, einem Freund und Micha hatte keiner nennenswerte Erfahrungen mit Fischen. Es konnte also nur gut werden... Zu allererst mussten wir aus der Lagune raus auf´s offene Meer und um dort rauszukommen, mussten wir unsere Pässe beim "Hafenmeister/Küstenwache" (was auch immer) vorlegen... Damit Sie wissen, wer weg ist, falls wir untergehen. Und nun ratet mal wer keinen Pass dabei hatte... Richtig! Die, die es ja eigentlich wissen müssten, weil Micha schon einmal mit raus gefahren ist. WIR! Aber wie an der Schweizer oder früher an der Polnischen Grenze kann man schon mal Glück haben und durchrutschen. Und wir hatten Glück... Einmal auf dem offenen Meer sind ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah August 19th 2008

Ok so I am about to leave for my trip overseas to teach kindergarten in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirites. I feel incredibly excited one minute and then calm myself down the next minute because I need to make sure that I am packing everything and organising everything properly! I really don't know what to expect but today I received my induction program via email for the first week there and after the first 2 days-sorting out a home phone/internet and bank account, buying some food, and a tour of the city of Sharjah we are meeting with the HOD (head of dept) and the HOB (head of buildings!) and have about 3 days of meetings about something... and then we begin teaching! I think my working hours are from 9 until 2pm. This sounds ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah June 15th 2008

It's getting hot in the UAE, so time for us to take a holiday in Singapore and Bali/Lombok. We certainly don't want Nathalie living in the cooler all summer. Granted, SE Asia isn't exactly a cool climate, but 32 and humid is much better than 42 and humid! As you can see, Nathalie is busy getting ready to go. We have no idea how she knew that they wear sarongs in Indonesia, but yesterday she fashioned her own out of her blanket and posed for pictures. Stay tuned for updates from the road!... read more
Nat ready

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah March 17th 2008

So, nach dem nächtlichen Intermezzo mit 2 kleinen Rakiflaschen am Flughafen, ging es dann tatsächlich irgendwann Richtung Sharjah los. Die Airline meiner Wahl sollte bis Colombo Air Arabia sein (die sich übrigens lobt, mit 32 Zoll Sitzabstand die Billigairline mit dem größten Sitzabstand zu sein), umso erstaunter war ich, als auf dem Vorfeld dann ein A320 der Freebird Airlines (türkischer Charterbomber wäre wohl eine richtige Bezeichnung) vorfuhr. Ich ahnte schlimmes. Mein Sitz sollte am Fenster sein, war er auch, und bis auf das eine Armlehne kaputt war, schien alles okay zu sein. Ich machte es mir also bequem und schlief kurz nach dem Start ein, neben mir saßen 2 Inder (die übrigens überhaupt die Stammkundschaft der Air Arabia zu scheinen sein, da von Sharjah quasi jede Milchkanne in Indien angeflogen wird). Nach ungefähr einer Stunde wachte ... read more
Hinter der Mall
Drive-In Moschee

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah October 13th 2007

Dropped by at Corniche for a night photo shoot with a buddy, Vinay. Got some shots off pretty well but had to bracket them like mad coz of all the light noise from street lights. Damn tiring that was to review each pic and adjust metering! Stopped at Qanat Al Qasba for a moment too. ... read more
Buheira Mosque
Sherbat Vendor

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah September 15th 2007

Sharjah or Kingdom of Prohibition? Anyway very nice place.... read more
Burj Emotions
Safari Tour
Our trip to Dubai

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