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Hey Peeps..I've gotten some emails as to where the pics are..they are around...past journals..or under galleries..I still haven't mastered how to do this..if you find them, look around, please email to let me know that they came through! thanks dudes! ciao for now... read more

WOw...the heat today was quite brutal...about 46..but with the humidity...way more! I found out that there really isn't much to do in Dubai except eat and shop! ...and shop! The amount of money in this place kills me...all made from oil...gas is like 60 cents a litre..from what we figured out....a/c is everywhere..the energy consumption here is enough for for all of Canada! They idle their cars, don't recycle, and waste like there is no tmrw! The amount of Gold is alos ludicrous! Muslim law reigns...but not for foreingers...things hands are chopped off...heads are chopped off..there is really no crime here...sheiks are a dime a dozen and that's because there are so many little kings marrying so many women. Malls here are the place to be..spending is a national passtime...women dress to the ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah June 17th 2007

Yes it has! And boy was that a comfortable day. Coupled with the humidity which is currently about 70% it makes it the hottest and muggiest place to be at the moment. Apparently it is suppose to get worse as well with August the worst time to be alive. I haven't really done or achieved much since you were last on here reading my about my life. I am now back in Dubai at work, waiting, as Bailey and myself are in the process of getting residence visas here. Other than getting a drivers licence I don't exactly know what other benefits there are in getting one, but I guess we'll just have to find out. The last two weeks in the office has been some of the best this year as we have a ... read more
The dark horse
Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
Four Seasons Golf Club

Our first big trip out of Dubai!! It was very exciting for us, although we had to take the yaris as we hadn't bought a car yet. The yaris was a little scary on the open road, especially with Jeremy hoofing it at speeds of around 130km. Even at that speed we still had other cars barrelling past us at great speed. Our trip for the day was to another emirate to go canoeing in Khor Kalba. We met the guide at about 10:30am and then went canoeing for 2 hours through the mangrove lagoons. It was really lovely. The most astounding thing were the numbers of sea turtles that we saw. There we literally hundreds of them. We could see a turtle head pop up for air every minute of so. They were just gorgeous. ... read more
King Jezabel
David and Adel

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah March 8th 2007

Well, where do I start. . . If you have read my last blog I mentioned that I was on a vessel literally stuck in port waiting to go and do the job. I think I also mentioned that the job will be finished relatively soon. How wrong I was! This really was the sequence of events that shaped my last 6 weeks offshore: The vessel some how managed to drag itself out of port and arrive at on dive location about 1 week late. No real surprise there. Once we were over location it was then that so many things went so terribly wrong. It first started with the weather, when it wouldn´t settle down and when it did the equipment started to fail, first with the diving bell (the device the divers get lowered ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah January 5th 2007

Why hello! Well my last update was a little while ago now and I am struggling to remember the things I have done since then. That or I actually haven't done much. The latter sounds a little more accurate. The job in Iran went well with everything going according to plan. Ship was placed where it should have been and the divers were easy enough to track underwater when they were fixing the leak. Being on an Iranian vessel was something to remember. The cook catered for the heavily populated Indian crew so the food was something new. Initially I didn't eat that much of it as it made Bailey sick from having one lunch on the vessel (when we were mobilizing). The cook noticed this and by the end of it was cooking some separate ... read more
The Dirty Leak
Pyrotechnic Display
It's moving time

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah December 15th 2006

Well much has gone on since I last put something up. It's getting harder to get access to the internet as they are starting to place me/us on jobs now which gives me little time onshore in the office. But before all that the offshore survival training was awesome. We had to do an underwater helicopter escape in a controlled environment which involved the helicopter turning upside down starpped in then getting out of there. We found it so much fun, the instructors took us through how the pilots do it as well. The fire fighting was wicked as there were three hoses/teams fighting a wall of fire about 3 feet from the face of it. I just got back from my first job yesterday morning. It was retrieving and then deploying current meters off about ... read more
The Ferris Wheel
Part of the Op
Deployment of the Current Meters

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah December 2nd 2006

When I accepted this job I took note of the fact that it is currently winter here at the moment and temperatures usually reach into the mid 20's. Talking to a few of the locals, it has rained here 4 times in the last 2 years. I've been here about 7 days now and believe it or not it has rained for three of those days! The funny thing is, is that because it just doesn't rain here the city engineers didn't construct any form of drainage so lakes have been formed on roads that come up above the bottom of doors. Bailey and myself took off to the sevens yesterday to try in get in to a sold out tournament. We didn't manage to but some how we ended up having these two girls looking ... read more
One of Many

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah November 29th 2006

I flew into Dubai 3 days ago with Bailey on an Emirates flight which I must say was impressive. After the 17hrs on the plane, we arrived at 0530 with the plan to go straight to work to start a course we were already late for as I HAD to stay in NZ on the Friday night for an incredible performance from U2 in Auckland. Thankyou U2! Anyway, Sharjah was the new base and first impressions were mixed. The luxury most certainly exists but so does the poverty. Whether or not the locals think it is poverty or not I don't know, but there are places here that rival that of South Auckland. Work has been good at Horizon Survey with a training course on some software. I must say I have learnt more here in ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Sharjah April 23rd 2006

This has been a long time in coming I know, and yes I am alive and well. Sharjah is the third largest of the Emirates after Dubai and Abu Dhabi and doesnt have the huge oil wealth of these but there are 4 others that are quite poor in comparison, more about them later. I arrived in Sharjah around 7am and alighted from the bus in the middle of town at Rolla Square. I then grabbed a taxi it took a while because I couldnt get the first few drivers to understand me. Finally however I was on my way and searching for the Sharjah Youth Hostel, an hour later I was still searching and beginning to run out of patience so I headed for a cheap central hotel which turned out to be more expensive ... read more
Islamic Architecture
The Grand Mosque
Pearl Monument

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