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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 6th 2014

Today we head off to the old part of Dubai to see the Gold Souk via the metro and then cab to the souk itself. This is a great old area of Dubai with tiny winding streets filled with shops places of work. This area is a huge contrast to the tourist areas of Dubai and is filled with real soul, sweat shops where dozens of workers sit at sewing machines and boats are unloaded by hand. There are dozens of guys rushing out from little dinghy shops to offer you watches and hand bags, all knock offs of course, you just have to be firm and say no and keep on walking. The river where the Dhows tie up are a bustle of work, sounds and people with the boast loaded high with all types ... read more
Shoes Clothes ... Whatever You Want If You Can Find It
Waiting For Travellers
Transportation Along The Dubai Creek

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 5th 2014

Back to the monorail this morning we caught the monorail out to the palms and well it is just spectacular seeing how the other half lives, the most expensive room in the hotel is around 100k per night, I have no idea what the cheapest night is but is well out of our price range. We stooges around for a while, had a coffee in the café adjacent to the hotel, you just can’t get in there if you are not a guest. The next on the list is the sail shaped Burj Al Arab situated on Jumeria Beach and only slightly less expensive than the palms, it is none the less a startling building and well worth the visit. As we are due to go on our desert safari tonight we headed back to the ... read more
Atlantis The Palm
Burj Al Arab
Desert Safari

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 5th 2014

Well here we are again just about to start another long journey and feeling really excited about setting off again. We so enjoy departing for new countries and meeting ‘new’ friends along the way. Even after four years of ‘living out of suitcases’ we still love travelling but miss our family and ‘old’ friends but it is always good to catch up with them again when we can. PROBLEM LEAVING SOUTH AFRICA In our last blog we were just about to leave Cape Town, South Africa having enjoyed travelling around nine countries in three months but we unfortunately left the country on a very sour note! We were stopped at Passport Control as we had overstayed our Visa and we were told that we had to pay a fine. We had unintentionally overstayed the 90 day ... read more
Old Town Dubai
Dubai Mall
With friends in UK

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 4th 2014

A bright early start saw us at the airport well in time for kick off and leaving the bright sunny shores of New Zealand for the eastern city of Dubai. As is usual with us, leaving home is never without its dramas be they small or large. This time we scored some very cheap duty free booze at DFS, one bottle of scotch I took with us for those little night caps so important on any trip, leaving the other three bottles (not all scotch by the way) to collect on our way home. Arriving for our short stopover in Melbourne the anal retentive Aussie customs would not let me take through my bottle as they said it was not in a sealed bag, duh, how daft are they, we were not even going in to ... read more
The Souk Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall Aquarium
Dubai Mall

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 23rd 2014

Howdy how. This blog should make interesting reading as I am currently 10 hours into a 14 hour flight, and I have also consumed two gin and tonics, a Budweiser and two jack daniels and cokes. But hey I thought it would be a great way to kill ¾ of an hour. So after a teary goodbye to my mother and father and bros I made my way towards the departure lounge when I receive a firm tap on my back to be met by two gentleman wearing shades saying ‘step this way sir’. It took me a second or two to realise it was none other then my two pals Ollie and Tom who had come to see me off. After breathing a sigh of relief that no cavity searches were to be undertaken by ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 21st 2014

Thursday and we arrived on time mid afternoon in Dubai, tired but after another good trip with Emirates. Having said that I do not want to watch any more movies in a while! We took the short hop by taxi to the Atlantis Palm which has to be seen to be believed!! (again take a look on the web to see the full extent of the hotel!) After a quick check in we headed straight out to the waterpark which adjoins the hotel for a little taster of the rides which were to follow. Although Michele came out looking slightly drowned after the “lazy” river which we later found out was tame compared to the other rides. Determined to stay awake, we went to see the dolphins (also part of the hotel) and then headed back ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 21st 2014

18/19thApril Dubai, UAE We had planned to do a city tour in the afternoon but it was the World Voyage Gala Dinner that evening (early). The dinner was at the Madinet Jumeirah in Dubai (next to the Burj Al Arab) and was for all world travellers about 500 of us. Dubai, another fastest growing city (so the blurb says), a real city of contrasts. Its evolution from a collection of Bedouin settlements around Dubai creek to a city of skyscrapers, Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world. Dubai is the second largest of the Emirates, but unlike the others is not over dependent on oil revenue. After the pearl industry collapsed, gold became a dominant influence (legal & illegal) with some countries. It has a huge re-export trade, a flourishing trade particularly with ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 9th 2014

Due to the long flight I had planned and my much needed real vacation time, I looked into flying Business Class... just on a whim. Lo and behold! I saw great deals on Emirates! Not only that, the deals were on the A380 - the largest passenger jet in the world! The price was just a little more than twice the price of Economy, so I went for it - 16 hour flight on Emirates in business? Yep - made total sense! (I've been unable to find the same deal for any time recently - I'd love to fly my parents in, but I can only splurge so much!) Can I just say - wow! Wow. Wow. WOW! Was it totally worth it! From beginning to end. I was able to check in pretty quickly and ... read more
Plenty of legroom
My own drink storage and charging area

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 31st 2014

As seen in the Fast and Furious series of movies, you ride fast cars and you attract the attention of pretty much everyone. With a huge range of fairly standard cars consisting of the taccy brands of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari the star of the show has to be the pick up truck that mistakenly entered Top Gear's idea of heaven. With the pick up trucks shear slickness and elegance everyone's attention was drawn to this car. You think I'm joking? The eyes of 30 souls turned to see this truck slot into a position next to the red ferrari. It was shear mis-match. As seen in the array of photos on this page was a pretty standard set of cars simply with chauffers waiting to pick up their kings and queens from the ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 31st 2014

A beautiful day in Dubai with 30 C temps and the warmest wind you will come across. The day was planned as a chill out ready for the next phase of the trip. After a leisurely breakfast we headed to the pool / beach for a relaxing few hours interspersed with the usual jogs, frisbee and swims. Another recent development is the kids announcing that they are off to the gym for a workout!!! As usual we were last out of the pool in the evening and then it was a rapid turnaround before heading into town for supper. We were picked up by Tim Bingham an old Air BP colleague of mine to go downtown to the Burj Khalifa area. There we met with his wife Norma for an amazing meal. This was Michele, Alex ... read more

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