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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 3rd 2021 March 3rd - Abra Crossing and Walk Through Alseef Heritage City - Dubai Abras were the oldest form of the public transport system in Dubai. They enabled the movement of men and materials between the two shores of the creek. The real history of the creek began just a few hundred years ago. Before the 1950s, the population of Dubai was around 50,000. But even then, it had become a trading hub where merchants from different parts of the world come and stayed near the souk for a few weeks and leave after doing their business. Moving things across the creek was important for the traders, and the city had not advanced enough to build a bridge. In fact, there wouldn’t be a roadway between Deira and Bur Dubai until the Maktoum Bridge opened in ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 14th 2021

In January and February 2021, Dubai became in a way our new home before being able to come back home. Not that I really wanted to flight out of South Africa...but let say after 90 days, no real other option for me. At the time of booking we were not speaking much of the South African variant...than came New Year! Well....we were in Dubai on the 6th of January...and less than 10 days later, people from SA would not be allowed anymore in the country...and since the 16th January....Emirates cancelled all their flights. It's only been lately that they have one flight per day to Joburg. But they take passengers only on the Dubai to Joburg leg....empty on the way back to Dubai! We left for 2 weeks...and came back home at the end of a ... read more
Around Jumeirah...
It's cooking time...
Riding the Creek...

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai November 8th 2020

What have I been doing during Covid? A lot!!! So, this may be a long one and I'll try to update more frequently in the future.... Work I have been working from home since March 22nd. Not much happened from March through July, at least, not much that would interest anyone outside my company. However, work was extremely busy. We are based in Dubai, but many of our projects require us to travel around the region. As such, when the borders and airports were shut down, I had geologists scattered across Mozambique, Maldives, and Saudi Arabia for work, while one was stuck just before he was planned to return from leave in Pakistan. Maldives project went on and despite only being able to get half our team into the country before lockdown, we were able to ... read more
Walking along Jumeirah Beach
Biking in Al Qudra
Hiking Wadi Shawka

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 10th 2020

This is a challenging time for everyone. But nothing is as challenging as being trapped in another country...literally. I was planning to fly home for a week at the end of March. I was so convinced I would be there that I extended by a week so I could run the 6X Dunkin' Donut Half Marathon which was finally scheduled for the beginning of April after being talked about for a number of years. As the month of March rolled on I was still convinced I was going. Jen didn't want me to go...she even canceled her own trip, but I was insistent. It took a text from my sister and mother saying they would prefer if I didn't come. So I gave in and canceled my trip. Seeing what was going on in the US, ... read more
Social Distancing on a delivery
Virtual coffee with fellow runners
Empty streets of Dubai

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 13th 2020

We were up early, excited for our arrival in to India. We had an organised city tour arranged for our visit to Mumbai but no plans for New Mangalore or Goa. We had arranged to meet, once more, with Beryl and Brian to share a cab in these ports. We were due in to New Mangalore at 8am. However, we could see nothing but sea. Something was happening. Guest services had gone AWOL and those officers milling around seemed in too much of a hurry to acknowledge you with their usual cheerful smiles. We ate breakfast outside the buffet on the open deck. Two tables across, we noticed an MSC officer in what seemed to be a heated discussion with the two officials from the Indian Immigration Authority. They looked like they meant business because they ... read more
To the rescue - the Ocean Breeze - tug boat
Indian Immigrtion officials on their way home
Progressive trivia winners

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 28th 2020

As stated in the previous post, we have been to the Emirates several time before so won’t be sharing some of the country’s most iconic feature such as the Jumeirah Palm, the Burj Khalifa or the Burj al Arab. They can be found along with photos in previous journals: Today we are off to visit the Miracle Gardens. This is somewhere that has been on our ‘to do’ list for a while. As we have woken up to a temperature that is not much more than that of a balmy English summer’s day, we decided to travel a little further afield. The Miracle Gardens is about 18 miles from ... read more
The famous Abra crossing Dubai creek
Here's Mickey...

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 27th 2020

I bet you didn’t expect this amid total global lockdown that has had to be enforced as a measure to deal with this modern day plague of biblical proportions – Covid-19. Currently it is difficult to travel to a neighbouring town never mind foreign travel. ‘Foreign travel’– soon to be deleted from the English Oxford Dictionary? For those of you born in 2020 and reading this in the year 2035, ask your parents about foreign travel. Travelling abroad for leisure and fun. Ask your parents about fun! It really was a part of most people’s life before the world changed forever. There are only so many boxsets I can watch or books I can read. My shoe leather had worn down from the amount of daily walks I have done. I can’t even go to the ... read more
A standard room at the Park Regis Hotel - Dubai
Part of the bathroom
All rooms in hotels in the UAE have a Qibla

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 4th 2020

After hearing so many people rave about their cruising adventures, we decided to pull up the anchor, set the main sail and steer a course for the Far East taking the plunge and booking our first cruise! 🌞🚢 We'd decided on one around the middle east as it wasn't a destination we were likely to go to independently. Royal Caribbean were recommended to us and it was booked - 7 nights UAE, Qatar & Bahrain. Fast forward to January this year and tensions arounds the middle east were once again heightened. This, of course made us very nervous of our impending trip and the insurance and cruise company were unhelpful as the UK Government hadn't declared it a no go area which meant in their eyes we were all good to go. 😰. The holiday had ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai December 2nd 2019

Dubai 11-28-2019 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai la largest va most populous city of United Arab Emirates. Vi tai xe la nguoi tot so voi voi cac tai xe o Egypt va Jordan nen toi de nghi anh ta sang nay den day don chung toi de dua chung toi tham vieng cac vung o Dubai. ANh tai xe lai 1hr30 de den day luc 8am. Chung toi 6 nguoi ra gap anh ta truoc cong. Anh ta bat dau dua chung toi den Dubai Frame. Noi day co frame cao de du khach mua ve vao xem. Khong co gi dac biet nen toi khong vao. Sau do tai xe dua den Atlantis Hotel nam tren dao nhan tao The Palm la ban tay vi cac dao nhan tao o day duoc lam nen giong ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 23rd 2019

I'm not 100% sure where Tuesday went. The water pressure in the hotel was amazing! The breakfast spread was even more so! A buffet probably twice as long as my kitchen. Cereal, several types of meet and breads, hummus, pancakes, potatoes, lots of pastries (including chocolate crescents!) There was also some sort of soup/stew and rice. And teeny, tiny glass jars of jelly and ketchup. We may have put them in our suitcase. We started our journey back to the metro. But we found the mall wasn’t open at 6am. (Sounds pretty reasonable to me.) So we had to walk around the mall to find the metro. Parking garage. There’s light over there! Nope. Still part of the mall, just with no roof. That looks like a street; let’s head that way. Still mall. We walked ... read more
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