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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 13th 2015

The Murphy family are off on another month long journey to far away places, this time Dubai, Spain and Italy! We kick start the trip with 3 nights in Dubai visiting Kylie's sister Annie, her husband Mark and baby Henley. From there it's onto Spain for 2 weeks and then Italy. Currently at the airport in Brisbane, very excited about the trip and ready to go! Stay tuned for the adventure that awaits.... K... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 2nd 2015

Day Two and we decided to split up as the boys wanted to go to the Dubai museum, which happened to be placed very handily across the road from our Hotel. The girls hit the streets for a bit of browsing the local shops and to make sure we hadn't been ripped off at the Gold Souk the day before. The heat was so intense that at times we pretended to go into a shop to browse, just for a bit of light relief. After a lunch in our rooms of camel burgers (just to see what they tasted like) we prepared ourselves for our Desert Safari. Our guide picked us up in a Four Wheel drive and after about an hours drive North of Dubai we drove off road to begin our 'dune bashing'. Never ... read more
Beginning of our Arabian Adventure
Arab Ginna and Karen
Henna Hands

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 30th 2015

I am currently moving out of my apartment and still suffering from jet lag, but I had to go see Addi one last time before he returns to Iceland. So, Friday morning, I took a flight to Dubai for just the day. I met him and some other friends for brunch at Prime 68 - a restaurant on the 68th floor of one of my favorite buildings in Dubai - JW Marriott Marquis. It is currently the tallest hotel in the world (as a building designated solely as a hotel) but will soon be surpassed by a hotel in Mecca. Anyway, I always loved the architecture of this building - you can probably remember back to one of my very early blogs when I discuss it, well before it was open. "It" being two towers, one ... read more
JW Marriott Marquis Hotel
Prime 68 - great views from 68th floor
The Vault

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 30th 2015

So we rocked in this morning at 5.50am UAE time (1.50am NZ time) after flying for 18 hours. Thankfully Dubai is a stopover so their hotels pretty much all run on a 24hr basis, which meant we could check right in without having to wait. We decided to have breakfast first and then napped for a couple of hours before we headed out to the Gold Souk. The heat was so freaken intense and it hit us like a ton of bricks. We had to cross the 'creek' on a run down old boat for $50c NZ each. The river was surprisingly clean. We quickly found out that if a local tells you that your destination is 'just around the corner', or '50m down the road' they lie through their teeth! Karen and I lost 2kg ... read more
Consturction at Dubai Mall
Construction at Dubai Mall
Creek Crossing

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 25th 2015

DUBAI AND THE UAE While living and working in Kuwait I have had the opportunity to travel to Dubai and the rest of the UAE on several occasions. I usually rent a Harley and ride thru the emirates. In fact if you go to YouTube and search (henry rides a Harley in Dubai.) you will see a very well made video of me riding that a friend of mine who owns a touring company made. I do have several videos that I did but not near as good as his. This blog will include stuff that I did while on all the trips to the UAE. The first trip to Dubai was specifically for a 2-day motorcycle ride. I got into Dubai late in the afternoon; I went straight to my hotel. I had asked several ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 7th 2015

After several months in Australia, I landed back in the UAE to a hazy and misty morning sky, the air a mixture of fog & sand... the sand pit that we call home stretching out beyond and all around us. Arriving in Abu Dhabi in the early morning, the sun was attempting to break through the haze providing a surreal sunrise. The drive to Dubai was all too familiar, yet so surreal after the lush greenery, gum trees, rugged coast and fresh air of Aus. My head was spinning, even though I had only been a away for a few months, what lay before me was so vastly different to what I had become used to again in Warrnambool, a coastal town in Victoria. Two very different worlds that I am now living between as I ... read more
The Address Downtown from the Boulevard
Souk Al Bahr
Burj Khalifa

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 25th 2015

Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 April A good start for the big trip: we got to the airport in plenty of time and breezed through check-in in 5 minutes. A bit of playtime for Zachary, Noah, and Jade until it was time to do the farewells and off we went. Very friendly lady at Customs and Immigration (she was very familiar too, I’m sure it will come to me) and we watched the planes and other airport goings-on for half an hour or so before heading to the gate. Onto the half-full plane and away on time. Sadly, Emirates’ service wasn’t what it should be. We waited nearly an hour before we saw anyone to offer drinks, and then when meal-time came we were told we had to pre-order a child’s meal for Zachary, and this ... read more
Waterfall in Dubai Mall
Heather and Ed in front of the Dubai Mall Waterfall, taken by Zachary
The Dubai Dino

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 25th 2015

Saturday 25 April Sadly the whole 100th anniversary of Gallipoli has passed us by. We had originally planned to be in Sydney for this but then that didn’t work out so we opted for London. However we couldn’t get the accommodation we wanted that night (due in large part to the London Marathon being on the 26th) so we ended up in Dubai, where there isn’t a strong ex-pat contingent. Not to worry though as we will go to Gallipoli in July. Our last day in Dubai. A good solid sleep and Zachary actually slept until 7:30ish. This did rather hinder our plans to make an early trip to the beach though so instead we headed out to the old Al Fahidi fort which houses the Dubai Museum. All the exhibits are underground and it details ... read more
Fountain Dance as seen from 124 storeys up.
View from the Top
Another View from the Top.

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 9th 2015

So i’m a week into my round the world trip. I’m currently sitting on the plane flying to Colombo, Sri Lanka. I’m lucky to be sat here as I stupidly set my alarm an hour late! Thanks to my friend KT, a Michael Schumacher inspired taxi driver and over 50 ‘excuse me’s’ whilst racing through the airport, I manage to just make my flight - phew! So Dubai was great and bad strange all at the same time. Not a place I would ordinarily visit as it’s very bling and in constant construction and i'd say the overall sense I got was it is one of money, power and partying. But what I did like about this place is the real mix of nationality. You notice sitting on a metro that not one person looks alike. ... read more
Burj Khalifa
Burj Al Arab
Emirates palace hotel

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 15th 2015

On the 26th February I packed up my Osprey 75L backpack and said my cheerios to the family at Glasgow airport. Writing this now it seems like forever ago Mum and I were greeting our wee hearts out. I jumped on my flight to Dubai and met up with Nicky (boyfriend/future ex-husband) who had arranged for some Haribos and Dairy Milk to be waiting for me on arrival to his spacious apartment (Lol it's a audio). The first week was great- dinners out coupled with lovely walks either down to JBR or the Marina - both wonderfully visual modern of Dubai. We parked up at a Shisha Bar called Smokey's, where enjoyed the most delicious Moroccan tea. The second week was class! We visited to the Dubai Mall - these malls are experiences in themselves - ... read more

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