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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 8th 2018

Up early walking around the decks and we could see the skyline of Dubai in the distance covered in low cloud. The huge skyscapers were seen peaking through the clouds. We got off @10.45am and we were nearly the last, obviously customs were speedy as compared to India. We cleared customs quickly and entered the pier building, there was free wi-fi so we sat and caught up on the things we needed to download/update etc. We eventually ventured outside and found the Hop On Hop Off bus that was to take us to the Dubai Shopping Mall, in order to take another route (green or blue). Many photos later and marvelling at this city we arrived at the huge Dubai Shopping Mall. We then boarded another bus and travelled the red route around the souks and ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 15th 2018

I'm celebrating my 50th birthday with 50 new experiences. My husband and I love to travel and have visited many places. So when choosing new experiences, I chose the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - an Arabian Peninsula nation settled mainly along the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. The country is a federation of 7 emirates. Jose Gomez, from the dept. of tourism was our guide. He is very passionate and has a pluthera of information that makes touring the city enjoyable and fun. Look him up on Facebook! With Dubai, size matters. Dubai is the site of ultramodern Burj Khalifa tower - the tallest building in the world. Very impressive - at over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories. A must see! On the 123rd floor is a restaurant and lounge. Very pricey. At.mosphere lounge ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 22nd 2018

Travelling is one of the inseparable parts of our life. Each day millions of people make journey to various destinations around the world. UAE is also one of the hot destinations for the millions of visitors from all over the world and this country itself has many key holiday and business destinations which may be visited by you many times. Now the question in the focus is that whether you are acting smart when you book the travel services such as flights, hotels, attractions and many other travel services for your travel plans in UAE or to any different country connected to this country. These days booking the travel services online is very common and people have shown great interested in brand new way to get the best travel services from all major service providers active ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 4th 2018

Today we head to Dubai. Dubai is an interesting place. Basically it’s Chatswood Chase with a bunch of blokes wandering around in dresses. Over the next day we don’t get any further than about 50 metres from our hotel, we are treated to a slap up Arabic meal by the O’Connors, Becs and Constance put the final nail in the finances and even Gus has a go and my wife gives me a cold that nearly kills me. So what may be last the fully funded family holiday has drawn to a close. I am now on the 13thflight (Austrian Airlines getting out of the picture saved two flights). Gus and Constance are on the long route home via Bangkok while I’m in Business finishing the blog. I will share my strategy for getting decent wine ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 4th 2017

Its been a while since I visited Dubai and I must say, I miss.......: 1. The Food (especially the best and authentic shawarma I've tasted. Hint: Its located in Al Karama) 2. The warmth of the diverse people 3. The very hot and dry weather :) 4. The desert, the camel and the sand 5. The gigantic malls with indoor features (aquarium and ski) 6. The futuristic buildings 7. The fast exotic cars 8. The pristine tourist spots (i.e. Jumeirah beach) In other words, I miss all of it......looking forward to coming back soon.... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 1st 2017

The man from the apartment rental company comes to the apartment to check us out. He organised a taxi for us but when he rings the taxi driver he finds out that he is in bed sick. We walk down to one of the squares on the waterfront to try to find another taxi. We arrive at the airport and queue up to check in. We always carry a spare battery for my camera. We had it in our carry on baggage when we checked in in Melbourne at the start of the trip, and we were told that this was dangerous and could make the plane crash, so we had to take it out and put it in our checked in baggage. As we stand in the queue at the airport here in Lisbon we ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 1st 2017

I arrived in Dubai and returned to work after just a few hours sleep, I delivered a few gifts to work friends and settled back into the team. Friday arrived quickly, I took a train to The Mall of the Emirates station where I boarded a taxi out to Sports city, I was heading to Dubai cricket stadium with some of my Sri Lankan work mates for the ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. We decided to buy the more expensive tickets as that allowed us access to the stand with the bar, it is still damn hot so Anthony and I began consuming beers at a cracking rate while we waited for Dileepa and the others to arrive, soon I was surrounded by Sri Lankan lads who are always happy and smiling between pints of ... read more
The pitch
Sri Lankan fans party
Pakistanis add to the colour

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 27th 2017

We did it! After many months of planning, worry and excitement, we finally left Paris on Sunday 24th of September even if. I shed a few tears when I said goodbye to my parents (or maybe more than a few tears but we were all very emotional!). We then had about 6 hours to sleep on the plane before landing in Muscat, our stop on the way to Dubai. We did not sleep for even one minute in spite of the earplugs, blanket and pillow provided by the airline. The man behind us was the loudest snorer I've heard (and god knows my nan and dad are very loud... And an aircraft is pretty loud too!). So we watched a couple of films instead. The transfer in Muscat went well and we arrived in Dubai at ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 25th 2017

We boarded our plane in Los Angeles at about 4pm PST. We landed in Dubai at 7 something pm local time... the next day... ugh! 15 hours sitting. Spotty sleep at best. Airplane air. The type of tired we were experiencing at that point was somewhat normal jet lag. We had an 8 hour lay over and had no plans to sleep. We flew Emirates which was AMAZING. Talk about the best long haul airline. And so many bonuses... like the seat between us was empty so we could spread out a bit. Also Emirates offers Dubai connect for long lay overs in the city of gold. Dubai connect gets you a free hotel room and meal. Not a 5 star joint by any means but a room, with a shower and bed!! And a free ... read more
Fancy faux wood around windows.
Love having the extra space
Comfort pack

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 12th 2017

Currently sitting at the airport in Dubai. We are really tired. The goodbyes were really hard but now that we realised that there is no way back it seems easier. In Frankfurt Tessy was positively controlled for explosive substances and the police had to come. Fortunatly it was just an error but they hold her back for about half an hour. Now 18 hours of flight are waiting for us. We can't wait to finally be in Christchurch. Greetings from Dubai, Adela ... read more

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