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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas October 13th 2010

Tuesday 12th October: archaelogical daze. The idea for the day was to visit several archaelogical sites all within easy driving distance of Kas. We still had the hire car, from Ali Baba Rentals, and headed off for Xanthos a World Heritage site about 30 miles from Kas. This place had been a large and important city well before the Romans arrived and contained remnants of Lycian (pre-Roman), Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures. It's a big place and it took us a few hours to get around it. The guide book made repeated mention of Sir Charles Fellows, a British explorer who visited the abandoned site in the 1840s and carted off a number of the best preserved architecture; which are now star exhibits in the British Museum. It seems that Sir Charles is remembered with the ... read more
Harpy Monument
Xanthos Byzantine Cathedral
Xanthos Main Street

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 24th 2010

Fethiye, Turkey Monk said goodbye to Mani and the other staff at the hotel in Haraki Bay and some of the other guests he'd met during his stay. It really had been a good choice and, if Monk ever fetches up in Rhodes again between boats, he'll certainly head immediately for Haraki rather than staying in Rhodes town. After dumping the car near the port, Monk wandered around town until it was time to catch the ferry. He originally thought the ferry might not run through lack of passengers, however, it was full when it left at 16:30, mostly filled with day-trippers who'd come over from Turkey in the morning for a day out in Rhodes. By the time Monk got through customs at 18:30, Pam and her sister, Jude, were waiting at the quayside and ... read more
Olu Deniz Beach
View over Fethiye

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 19th 2010

Well the girls are here for shopping and that’s what they did Wednesday. There are so many little shops and vendors tucked in all the alleyways of this small town. Actually I suppose Kalkan is more a big village than a small town, but lots of shops and tomorrow is Kalkan ‘market’ day. The girls have been talking of ‘market days’ since we got here and I suppose the excitement of it all, like little kids waiting for Christmas, is why the bus trip to the Kas market. Just can’t wait ! So while the girls shop, Al and I tag along. Who knows, we may be needed to pack and carry stuff. Of course if we do it will be all uphill ! Obviously there wasn’t expected to be too much shopping as we all ... read more
Pool Terrace
Need we say morel ?

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 15th 2010

Well, after five days we have finally gained some internet access and will now be able to continue with hopefully some more regular postings. Trying to find free internet access has been really challenging. Even though lots of sites are located these Turkish folks seem to be very security-conscious as just about all the sites are security enabled. Those that aren’t are generally too weak to offer any sort of reliability,. The problem has been resolved however. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do what you have to do so we bought an ‘internet stick’ from Turk Cell. Good for two months or 3 gigabytes, and probably whichever comes first so we might as well make it in gigabytes since we are only here for a month. I am sure that 3 gigabytes ... read more
Artefes Hotel
Sunrise Restaurant and Pub
Istanbul Harbor

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas June 7th 2010

Saying goodbye to Salona we rented a car on Saturday mornıng and headed east. Our first stop along the Mediterranean coast was Kaya Koy a Lycian town originally named Levissi. İn the fırst millenium the Greek speaking Christians fled from Gemiler İsland to escape from raiding pirates and settled 2 miles inland at Levissi. The town prospered and grew for centuries until the end of WWİ when civil war between the Greeks and Turks in Western Anatolia brought about a peace treaty brokered by the British. 400,000 Turkish-speaking Muslims were resettled in Turkey and 1,200,000 Greek-speaking Christians were to be sent to Greece. The Muslim Turks did not want to settle in Levissi. They wanted farmland and were afraid the Greeks had poisoned the wells before they left. Levissi became a ghost town and, after an ... read more
Levissi Garden Resturant

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas June 1st 2010

I gathered up my stuff in Fethiye and made my way to the harbour with 12 other extremely fun travellers (5 Aussies, 4 other Canadians and 3 Singaporeans) to get on our home for the next 4 days: the Kucuk Mustafa. After getting insructions from the crew (a Turkish family consisting of: Dad/Captain Yousef, Mom/Chef Fatima and Son/Deckhand Mustafa; we set sail (well, motored anyway) out of the Fethiye bay. The next few days are a bit of a blur though, likely due to excessive amounts of Efes (Turkish beer), relaxing/playing cards in the sun on top of the boat and taking countless dips in the pale blue waters of multiple beautiful rocky coves. A few things I do remember though are: 1) Hiking through the "Butterfly Valley" and climbing up ropes through waterfalls to small ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 29th 2010

30 Degrees and some (!!) for our last few days in Kas so clearly the best place to be is by the pool relaxing and enjoying Villa Deniz! What a hard life... On day one I set up a chair on the corner of the balcony where every day started with a cup of coffee and breakfast. From here there was then likely to be a move to one of the deck chairs on the upper level to read for a while. Perhaps a dip before lunch then a move to one of the deck chairs on the lower level by the pool for direct access. The sunset from the Villa was lovely to watch though, we also enjoyed trips into the town centre for some dinner and drinks at either one of the restaurants in ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 5
Photo 3

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 27th 2010

Kas days 2-3 So Kas is full of cats and dogs (not dissimilar to Santorini - as mentioned) if If could feed them all I would! They are not aggressive or in bad condition, some are pets and some are strays all living a combined existence in the town square, restaurants and bars. They are playful and affectionate and lets be honest in some cases hungry...The Schmackos are a hit for all creatures 'great and small'so much so that we have bought some more! We have been enjoying our Villa and pool with visits into town for supplies and some social interaction. Kas is a small town and we find ourselves now waving hello and talking to the people in bars, restaurants and shops... The Turkish customs and hospitality are lovely. It is not unusual ... read more
The sign says it all
One of our locals enjoying the pool

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 26th 2010

Kaş - Day 1 (proper) Well, finally the day has come - we get to check into the villa which our whole trip has been worked around - it did not disappoint! A very nice place to just sit back and relax...We have done some serious walking around our previous destinations and this was to be a bit of 'nothing' for once. We have noticed we are able to scale and even climb up some pretty steep ascents, being stairs or otherwise without 'too' much hassle now - regardless, the gut remains (I blame the beer and the food but we are on holidays!) but the legs are certainly 'better' off for the adventure. We did a bit of shopping to stock up before we dropped off 'The Beast' as this would be our last opportunity ... read more
Local Kas traffic
Bedroom vistas

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 13th 2010

Se houvesse uma competição tipo Hall da Fama para personagens históricos, a Turquia seria uma das líderes. Ou ao menos teria pretensão para tanto. A nossa ignorância nos fez alugar um carro em busca apenas de alguns dias de sol e água fresca, tentando descobrir praias lindas e escondidas na Riviera Turquesa. Encontramos algumas. O que não sabíamos é que iríamos nos deparar com mais ruínas do que o imaginado, sem contar a casa que morou Maria e a cidade onde teria nascido um tal de Baba Noel, o velhinho que todos pensam vir do Pólo Norte e que os turcos dizem ter nascido aqui, mas que, para nós, em comum mesmo com a Turquia só tem as cores branco e vermelho. A casa de Maria é motivo de peregrinação já faz algumas décadas. Trata-se, na ... read more

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