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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas August 6th 2008

After more driving, we stopped at a National Park with a waterfall. Jershon climbed a few trees, and Silmarien did some more playing in the sand. We attempted to follow directions as given by the signs, but we're not really sure if we strinked to the border or not... The water there is a fairly bright green from some sort of mineral. I snapped several pictures of the fish because I was struck by the juxtaposition of fish and the reflected leaves. As you can see, Silmarien was excited about her climbing prowess (and in fact got totally soaked in the waterfall). Then more driving. Finally we got to our destination, the gulet (a sort of yacht-like boat which you can stay on for several days while sailing up the coast). We said goodbye to our ... read more
Silmarien plays in the dirt

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 11th 2008

I am on a mission from God. Well not really, God is out playing golf. So I guess I am on a mission from me. Busy scouting locations for the "Prophet" movie to be shot in Turkey, Syria, and Iran. ... read more
My Motorcycle
Clean Shave

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 11th 2008

26 april Na een vlucht van 3,5 uur kwamen Martine en ik aan in Antalya. Daar met de taxi naar Sabah Pension, wat we al gereserveerd hadden. De rest van onze medepasagiers ging verder met een touringcar om te genieten van hun all-inclusive vakantie. Wij belandden in een supergezellig pension! Een rondje Antalya historisch centrum gelopen en gegeten aan de baai bij 'Robbie Williams' met uitzicht op de bergen. 27 april Na een heerlijk Turks ontbijt (broodjes, kaas, olijven, tomaat, komkommer, ei en turkse thee) hebben we gezocht naar een bus naar de Otogar (busstation) Het ging nog niet zo goed met ons orientatiegevoel, maar uiteindelijk zaten we dan toch in een dolmus (klein busje) naar de Otogar. Daar vandaan hebben we de bus naar Fethiye genomen, een ritje van vier uur door de bergen. Vanaf ... read more
boven Olu Deniz
mooiste kampeerplek
bergen voor Kirme

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas April 25th 2008

Finalement, le bus pour Istanbul n'aura pris que 15 heures pour se rendre à destination! C'est donc tout pimpant que nous sommes arrivés dans la ville mythique. Anciennement connue sous les noms de Byzance et Constantinople, la mégapole de 15 millions d'habitants nous a laissé une impression étrange. Il faut dire qu'elle est divisée en deux partie, d'un coté l'Europe et de l'autre coté du Bosphore, l'Asie. Egalement, le fait que la ville soit un mélange de plus d'une culture, plus d'un style architecturale et plus d'un mode de vie, avec les jeunes qui s'occidentalisent de plus en plus et leurs parents et grands-parents toujours ancrés dans les traditions, fait qu'Istanbul semble un peu perdue entre deux mondes. Tiraillée entre le conservatisme et le modernisme, on dirait qu'elle ne sait pas ou elle s'en va! Enfin, ... read more
Intérieur du Grand bazar
Istanbul et la tour de Gallata
Quartier de taksim

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas April 23rd 2008

Well as you know we made it through Turkish customs (just!) and we are in our last country before heading home to Australia with our 1500 photographs. Dont worry, we will be having a slide night when we get back so you can see all of them and nobody will have to miss out! We crossed the border from Syria to Turkey near Antakya so this was our first stop in Turkey. We have really noticed the difference between the Middle East (much dustier, drier and not very much green) and Turkey (mountainous, green and much cooler). As an aside we have been marvelling at the pine forrests. It is a bit disconcerting to see pine trees growing ´in the wild´and not in perfectly straight lines as they are in Australia! We had decided that our ... read more
Gorgeous Big Stone Beach
Kekova Sunken City
View from the Lycian Way

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas April 11th 2008

April 9 - 10, 2008 Cirali to Kas, Turkey Today we were picked up by our guide / driver for the day trip to Kas on the coast. On our way to Kas we visited the small city of Demre and visited some interesting rock tombs and another ancient city complete with temple, amphitheater and the usual other facilities. The tombs are carved into caves on the side of a small mountain and have very beautiful “facades” on the face of the rocks to cover the front of the tombs. Our next stop was the Church of St Nicholas. YUP!!! The same St. Nicholas we know as Santa Claus. He was the bishop, of the Orthodox Church in the byzantine times, in this town about 1500 hundred years ago. Obviously the locals are taking advantage of ... read more
The birth place of St Nick.  Really !!!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas November 11th 2007

Our latest exciting installment begins in the walled city of Dubrovnic. The city is spectacular, with beautiful marbled streets, stone buildings and truly enormous walls surrounding the entire city. Just as mind boggling was the huge cruise ships turning up 2 or 3 at a time and gorging out thousands of tourists to flood the city. Those walls are designed to keep people out but I tell you they are darned effective at keeping them in too, worse luck. We decided to pop down to the newest country in the world, Montenegro. Shiny it wasn't, but Kotor on the coast was oozing charm. The little (yes, walled) town had a gritty charm that Dubrovnic had lost with the tourists. We hiked up the cliff face to the crazy castle ruins crumbling over the precipice. The train ... read more
Dubrovnik Cable Car
Castle Climbing Above Kotor
Balmy Belgrade

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 3rd 2007

Westward we went into the famous lands of Lycia. The road wound its way through the thick forests of the coastal range. From time to time we got stunning glimpses of the rugged Mediterranean coastline from high up on a mountainside or down in the coastal plain. At other times we got sweeping views of wide valleys filled with agricultural complexes. We stopped in several of the towns along the way to exchange passengers or stretch our legs. One of those towns, Kale (modern day Myra), had a very interesting claim to fame - It was known as the birthplace of Saint Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus. A large red and white statue of Santa seemed oddly out of place on the warm Mediterranean shore, especially in a Muslim country. I had no idea that ... read more
A Lycian Sarcophagus
In the Ancient Amphitheater
One Particular Harbor

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas August 7th 2007

Merhaba! It is now one week that we have left Montreal and it already seems far away! First, as some of you noticed, our blog crashed but it seems to be all back in order now, except that our first entry has disappeared. We try to recover it, but we don't know if it will work. At first, we want to thank the Auberge Croque Mouton, in Montreal, as well as Yannis in London, for the nice and comfortable reception. After one day spent in London, we flew to Dalaman in the south-west of Turkey. From there, we reached the small town of Dalyan, on the border of the Daylan river. In this little town a bit touristic but not too much, we had some rest, took it easy at the magnificent beach of Iztuzu (protected ... read more
Popular mud bath in Dalyan
Rock tombs in Fethiye
Kabak beach

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas March 19th 2006

We all reluctantly decided to leave Olympos to move two hours down the coast to a small town called Kas. We got on a minibus which turned out to be something which could rival Joburg taxis. The driver overtook on blind corners, drove in the oncomming traffic lane and went round corners so fast everyone had to hold on to the seats! After about three hours of insane driving and a thousand stops we finally got to Kas. The village is really pretty and sits on steep cliffs above a harbour. The owner of the hostel met us at the bus station. It turned out he had lived in Joburg for a few months and had travelled all over South Africa. No-one else was in the hostel and he gave us free use of the bar ... read more
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