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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 23rd 2011

I didn't write in my travel journal for a few days, as unfortunately I was sick, but I went back and filled in what I could. Today we left the Safari "Otel" (most hotels here spell their names "Otel" rather than "Hotel") after breakfast and drove to the Lycian city of Phaselis. It was a beautiful drive along the Mediterranean (which was so exciting to see for the first time!). Phaselis is an amazing site in a beautiful area. The city was founded in the 7th C BCE, and flourished as a commercial trading centre until around the 11th C when other nearby ports superseded it. It is really a picture-postcard setting, built around three bays. There are many Roman ruins to see including the theatre and aqueduct. We enjoyed our time here very much. We ... read more
Our group at Phaselis, Lycian city founded in the 7th C. BCE
Lori at Phaselis
Lori and Susan at Phaselis - it's a beautiful setting built around three bays

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 2nd 2011

In Turkey they call Ramadan “Ramazan” which I think is kind of fun. It’s like a snazzy, spiced up version of Ramadan. The last day of the month is the end of the fast, and therefore something to really celebrate. In Arabic it’s called Eide, but here they say Bairam. There are two Bairams, one for the end of Ramazan and one for Eide el Adha, when Muslims sacrifice a ram in remembrance of Abraham’s sacrifice. I got a whole week off for Bairam, so I decided to visit a bit of Turkey outside the city. As amazing as Istanbul is, and as many sights as there are I haven’t visited yet, I can do that any weekend. If I have a whole week off I should try somewhere a bit farther afield. I have never ... read more
Sunken City
New Neighbors
Lunch Break

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas August 24th 2011

We had a late start this morning because some of our group chose to go paragliding in the morning. So the rest of us had a late breakfast and waited at the hotel for the morning. When the others arrived back we left for Olympus. On the way we stopped at a beach for a swim - it was the most amazing blue water, possibly the bluest I've seen so far. We spent awhile there, then continued on to Kas which is where we stopped for lunch. We had a wander around the shops after lunch and I bought a couple of souvenirs and some delicious dried apricots. The town of Kas is right on a peninsula, and there is a Greek island only 300m across the ocean. After we'd looked around the town we headed ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas June 24th 2011

There’s a festival going on outside so it’s a bit noisy just at present with lots of people milling around in the square. As we walked home from dinner we were looking at some photographic displays and Deb was intrigued by the juxtaposition of sounds. We could hear Electronika-style music (perhaps with some didgeridoo mixed in) coming from the festival stage and the sound of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. Yesterday we did one of the main tourist activities in Kaş - a boat tour. We were the only non-Turkish speakers on the boat. This was quite good as we had a number of people talking with us to explain what we were seeing and to also practice their English. A young high-school geometry teacher spent quite a bit of time talking with us. ... read more
Sunken City ruins
View from Simena Castle
Pilgrims walking to the waterfall

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas June 22nd 2011

Bloody hell, it’s hot. The weather geek in me says that because we are now at the coast it should be cooler than inland locations. Wrong. The little thermometer attached to my day pack (I did mention weather geek) told me that it was 38°C in the shade earlier today. After 4 wonderful days in Urgup, we left the town 2 days ago and travelled to the southern Mediterranean coastline by bus. This was a 10 hour bus trip but thankfully relatively interesting. After the interesting terrain around Urgup the terrain flattened out to very flat countryside. They appeared to be growing wheat and other crops but these were growing in very rocky, unappealing looking countryside. The largest city that we travelled through was Konya, which is the centre of the “Whirling Dervishes” – these are ... read more
Antalya bread seller
Old theatre - Kas

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 9th 2011

Bn to many dıfferent hıstorıc locatıons - all very ınterestıng and the age of them ıs mınd-blowıng. Had fırst paddle ın the Med on Saturday then on Sunday had several swıms off the boat we were on for the dayç Lunch was provıded as we cruısed thru the turquoıse waterç We have been so very lucky wıth the weather - the tour group one day behınd us have been the opposıte poor thıngs. Have loved the towns and vıllages on the Med too - and the oranges tomatoes cucumbers etc Interestıng that some of the Greek ıslands are less than a stones throw from Turkey - stıll squabblıng about the 12 km ınternatıonal sea boundarıes and I ımagıne they wıll be for ever and ever Drove over the mountaıns to get to the boat boardıng place ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas April 4th 2011

Por la mañana pasaron por nosotros al hotel para nuestra excursión del día: Un paseo en kayak sobre las ruinas de la ciudad hundida de Kekova. Antes de la llegada de los romanos toda la zona suroeste de Turquía fue territorio del pueblo Licio, al cual perteneció dicha ciudad. Hubo un terrible terremoto hace como dos mil años, y la ciudad se hundio parcialmente en el mar, de tal forma que hoy en día se pueden ver algunas ruinas en la orilla y algunas ruinas bajo el agua. No está permitido nadar sobre las ruinas, asi que la única forma de visitarlas es en un barquito (que no se acerca a la orilla, asi que ves todo desde lejos), o en kayak. Nosotros nunca antes habíamos kayakeado, pero la idea de hacerlo sobre las ruinas de ... read more
Explorando las ruinas de la isla
Sandra en el kayak

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas November 27th 2010

Getting sick when you are traveling is a terrible feeling, especially when you are alone. I started with a cold and fought the shit out of it. It caught up with me and I got worse before I got better. Once I finally went out and about, I get my ‘transition tummy troubles’. I honestly believe my stomach simply goes into nasty ass transition mode every time I land in a new country! The change in foods, spices and even the type of bottled water makes me nuts, well my stomach anyway. It has been exactly one week in each country where my body is off. The worst was Morocco to Spain. Now comparable is Italy to Turkey. I thought this would be an easy one as there isn’t much dairy (except for a little feta), ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas November 27th 2010

So last night was unfortunate. My stomach slapped me for some reason or another. I drank a couple of liters of water… I decided to stay close to the hotel in the morning so I literally drank some more water, slathered on some sun block and cozied up poolside. After a few hours, I actually felt hungry, so I decided it was time to find a playmate. I tried speaking to one woman by the pool – she didn’t speak English. Well, there was only 1 other person there so I said hi. Apparently she is part of the tour group and was completely hung over so she skipped her day of planned activities. I asked if she was up for lunch and a walk around town, and she said certainly. Turns out this girl is ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas October 13th 2010

Saturday 9th October, the Day of the Dummies. For some reason today we encountered a lot of statues/dummies. First of all we went to the Kaleici Museum in the Old City which is in a beautifully restored family house and features several recreations of the preparations for a marriage. The mannequins are dressed in traditional costumes which are very colourful and elegant. Afterwards we headed down to the harbour for lunch where I spotted the coolest surfboard ever, equipped with an armchair and pannier; which I would like to think also doubled as an ice box. Then we went for a walk along the clifftop park to the east of the Old City, passing further statues of musicians which lined one of the main roads. More statues were found outside one of the cultural centres: this ... read more
Surfing for dummies
Dummies seranading Jane
Jenks with his new drinking buddies

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