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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas June 22nd 2012

HE SAID... We woke at 6am, organised our packs and headed over for breakfast. We mirrored our choice from the previous morning (fruit, yoghurt and honey and a mushroom omelette) and it was fantastic. We checked out of the hotel at 8am, took a minibus from Kayakoy to Fethiye and then transferred to a larger public bus to Kas. It was a very scenic trip along the Mediterranean coastline. We arrived in Kas at 11.30am. We walked down to the seafront, dropped our packs at the boat and headed into the small coastal village for lunch. We shared a mixed meze plate with fresh bread, which was incredibly good. We then browsed the local craft shops. Ren picked up a beautiful necklace and pendant (to replace the one that had broken earlier in the trip) and ... read more
mixed meze plate
our boat

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas November 10th 2011

We left Cappadocia behind and travelled to Konya, a very religious town. Konya was known as Iconium in roman times. It was also the capital of the Seljuk Turks from the 12th to 13th centuries and home of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, who founded a mystic Sufi order popularly known as “Whirling Dervishes”. We visited Mevlana’s Mausoleum and the museum housing manuscripts of his works, as well as various artifacts relating to the mystic sect that he founded. We then stopped at the Lycian city of Phaselis, which was founded in the 7th century BC and flourished as a commercial trading centre where anything could be bought and sold, including citizenships for 100 drachmas. The Phaselians were more concerned about preserving the affluence of their commerce than staking any political independence, so they accepted any conquerors that ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas October 12th 2011

I didn’t sleep very well last night; too much excitement with the horse-back riding and I could feel a cold coming on (due to all that sitting in wet clothes in the car for hours). When I woke up it felt like I had hardly slept at all. On top of everything it was raining outside, although all the forecasts on all the sites reported sun from Kas. I went for breakfast, then went back to the room to read my new “EU law research methodology” book and then fell to sleep again (yes, it was that good!). When I woke up it was noon, with greyish skies outside but at least no rain. I put on my training clothes and decided to take a walk out on the Kas Peninsula – big new development where ... read more
Clever kitties
The outdoor gym
The black eyed dog

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas October 11th 2011

When I woke up this morning I felt a cold coming on, but then I went out on my balcony and; Voilà! The sun was out and in a jiffy all my symptoms were gone. All night Kas had been as under siege with constant power cuts, flooded houses, thunder claps and a very angry sea. So in the morning there was a feeling of culmination for the Kas-villagers trying to tidy up the place. I had no appointments to keep so I took my time over breakfast; reading my legal philosophy book and sipping numerous coffees. I have a new - quite large -feline friend; it is a male cat of some kind of oriental pedigree and most likely with an owner somewhere. I started feeding him under the table (as you do not to ... read more
Cute Kas cat
Kas ducks fluffing feathers after the storm
Sarcophagus in Kas harbour

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas October 10th 2011

Out on the town and the hot spot The Bar-celona last night, the bartenders tried to scare me…”Oh, tomorrow there will be a terrible storm. The roads and the schools will be closed. You will never be able to go out on a boat!” Since I had just booked a boat for a day trip to the Greek island of Kastellorizon (Meis in Turkish) I found the news a bit depressing. Thus, this morning when I woke up I rushed to the window and saw a compact grey sky but no rain and definitely not a storm. Yihaa! I was going to be able to do the Kastellorizon mountain hike after all…After having played a bit with the restaurant stray kittens and had some breakfast I took off for the harbour. Among the other passengers where ... read more
Boat for Greek island of Meis leaving Kas and Turkey behind
Ferry to Meis
Kas and its omnious rain clouds

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas October 9th 2011

In June this year I came to Kas as part of an 15 day adventure journey of Turkey. It felt like paradise; a mix of Nice or San Tropez on the Côte d'Azur where I used to live and the bohemian chic town of Nelson in New Zeeland with the layout and blend of a Swedish costal resort called Fjällbacka. Our round-trip of Turkey only stayed here for 2 days and I swore to come back a s a p. So, here I am on an off-season excursion, supposedly mixing business with pleasure (it's mostly been my fav "Pleasure" so far.) It is not obvious how to get here. Kas is many hours away from any airport and the roads are Monacanly winding and any fall will be your last....I decided to come via Dalaman airport ... read more
Pool view
Kemal Atatürk - founder of Turkish republic
Kas views

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 28th 2011

Another yummy breakfast at Olympus with an Omelete and then we said bye to our tree house and caught the mini bus back up to the main road. Within 10 minutes a long distance bus pulled in and we were on our way to Kas about one and a half hours away, bus fare 15 TL (NZ $9.50) The trip followed the coast for some of the time and then high up in the mountains We had phoned our accommodation through on Skype and the owner of Melhem Pansion was there to meet us at the bus stop. Kas is a nice quiet fishing village sort of town but geared up for the tourists that want to visit the Sunken City by boat After we settled in we decided to go for a swim and be ... read more
Safari 2 Gulet
Murray at the Helm
An elderley lady came alonside to sell goods

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 25th 2011

Kas to Fethiye Sadly it was our last morning in beautiful Kas. Had another lovely breakfast on the terrace then packed up all our gear again, paid our bills, popped down the street to the Eczane (pron ejzarn-e, means chemist) for a packet of anti-diarrhea and some anti-emetic medicine, all of which cost us about $3 or 4. Also withdrew some more cash  from the ATM. When we returned to the hotel, Ahmet kindly offered to drive us to the bus station, which was certainly better than walking in the hot sun. As usual there was a bus there waiting, so our gear was loaded in and so were we, and soon we were away. These local buses seat about 25 people and they use every one of the seats with the usual picking up along ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 24th 2011

Today Susan and the rest of our group enjoyed a day on a small boat, cruising through a series of picturesque islands. After breakfast they drove to Kekova, where they boarded the local boat. The boat was owned by a family, who run these cruises. The husband and wife, along with their two children, accompanied the group, and cooked them a wonderful lunch on board. Along with barbecued chicken, there were lots of vegetarian dishes, and our friends in the group remarked how much I would have enjoyed it. I tried not to be too jealous when I heard about it later! Really it was fortunate that I could spend the day in bed in the hotel, because I don't know how I would have managed if it had been a travel day. The cruise took ... read more
On the day cruise - the boat was similar to these
Susan swimming in the Mediterranean!
Susan and fellow group members swimming off the boat

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 23rd 2011

Kas - walking and beach time at Liman Agzi.  Funny things happen when you're travelling. We went up for breakfast and a woman came up to me and said "Are you Kim?". It was Kim White, a colleague from NSW Health, who just happened to be also travelling, having spent a couple of weeks on Jordan and now a couple of weeks in Turkey, and just happened to end up in the same hotel in the same town on the same night. We bad a bit of a chat then she headed off on her sea kayaking trip, which we are thinking of doing tomorrow. After brekky we asked Ahmet for advice about what to do that was not too strenuous and he suggested we might like to do a small walk to an isolated beach. ... read more

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