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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas October 25th 2009

Havıng decıded thıs town ıs for me I spent day two explorıng some of the Lycıan lanscape above Kaş. A short 2TYL lıra dolmuş rıde or long 10km walk up the hıghway D400 brıngs you to Çukurbağ where ancıent Antı-phellos ruıns lıe as part of Kaş old cıty....but the sıgnage was left wantıng and apart from a donkeys rear, a women heardıng goats across the hıghway ın severe mıdday heat and frıendly local who told me about hıs pensıon ın Kaş and 32 years here....the ruıns were sorrıngly absent. But there are some great stone walls and old shacks ıt was worth the adventure! The return trıp was ınterestıngas the scheduled dolmuş faıled to arrıve at the scheduled tı a 20 mın hıke to the maın hıghway saw me quıckyl swept up by frıendly Dolmuş Turkısh ... read more
Hıgh above Kaş onthe D400
ancıent ruıns? shacks perhaps...

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas October 24th 2009

The best part of Turkey was to come by leavıng Fethıye sooner by 2 days than planned. I was a squeaky wheel to alkabout Travel agency and fınally got transferred to Otogar at 2pm for the 2,30pm bus to Kas. It travelled vıa a small vıllage or three complete wıth locals ınheadscarves wıth bags of shoppıng or harvest. One valley was a mass of glasshouses ıt was as though they were multıplyıng themselves!! Scenıcally thıs area ıs lovely wıth rocky outcrops and turquoıse water shınıng as the sun sets over nearby Greece. The accommodatıon at Ates Pensıon ın Kas ıs good, clean, close to town and swımmıng beach, and after askıng for ıt I got a vıew over the small town. So thıs wıll be my base for 3 nıghts and hope to walk the Lycıan ... read more
from V Gos ın Fethıye....... Xanthos ruıns near Kas......
Kas amphıtheatre ruıns

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas August 10th 2009

Brad and Sally, on their adventure in Hebron (while I had my adventure of finding my passport), met probably the coolest guy I've ever even heard of in my travels. He was Italian, and his name was Phillipo. Brad asked him: "So, what do you do for a living?" His answer: "I walk." Dude apparently is a pilgrim. A Pilgrim. And that's what he does for a living- he just chills, and walks from place to place. With next to nothing. And yet looks more put together after 2 years of just Walking than we do after a day backpacking. In any case, in honour of Phillipo, Bub and I have made probably our best spontaneous decision ever: *On a day hike near the Meditarranean* "I kind of don't want to go back to Fethiye (village ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas August 5th 2009

We've had our first day sailing on our own from Fethiye to a tiny bay on an island called Tersane (one of the southwestern islands in the gulf of Fethiye). You won't find it on a map, but may on google earth. The breeze was 15 to gusting 25 knots and we made really good progress. We had earlier stocked up on as many supplies as we could carry back to the boat, after farewelling Stu. We filled up the water containers, pulled up the anchor and motored into the marina to fuel up. Then it was sails up all the way to our anchorage spot, followed by a swim, a beer and dinner. It's a gorgeous evening, the sun has just gone down and we are totally relaxing. We anchored in this bay 2 years ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas March 20th 2009

Oh Kas (Kash) I loved you so much! A beautiful Mediterranean Coastal town with Greece in the backdrop. Had a room here overlooking bay with incredible views. Walked through town and found a theatre just sitting there in the hill. Came down the other side and found a big market. So once again bought more olives and cheese and veggies to go with the excellent red wine! Should have stayed here longer!... read more
Loving Life

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 25th 2008

Camping again….but it has finally started to warm up. Kas is a tiny little seaside resort off the Western Mediterranean Coast of Turkey. This was going to be our midway stop between the town of Selcuk and Olympos. We arrived there sometime in the late afternoon, leaving us with some sun to enjoy the pebble beach by our campsite. I haven’t mentioned this previously - but the weather in Turkey hasn’t been entirely favourable to us - ranging from very cold, rainy & wet to smatterings of sunshine since the start of the tour. It doesn’t help that I had only packed for extremely hot weather and have spent most of my time thus far wearing the only long sleeve cardigan every day for the last week & a half (Yes - I have made some ... read more
Lunch is served...
The Thisle Bush
Camping again

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas September 18th 2008

After a couple of relaxing days in Fethiye we were on the road again - for a while at least. We had only just left Fethiye when the driver decided that the bus needed a quick service (it seemed to be running fine) so we pulled into a garage, the mechanic did his thing and the bus broke and would not start. 5 days on the Fez Bus now 2 breakdowns and 2 days with no aircon - we were starting to feel that we were the jinxes. After about half an hour of mechanics looking panicked it started up again although we were all a bit concerned about how far we would actually get before it broke down again. It held on though and we made it to Kaputas Beach a stunning little beach on ... read more
Kaputas Beach.. Best in Turkey! 2
Kaputas Beach.. Best in Turkey! 4
Kayaking in Kas

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas August 31st 2008

As much as I'd loved travelling through Eastern Turkey, I was ready for a sea change, and looking forward to a few weeks of rest, relaxation and fun in the sun. But it meant having to say goodbye to Sandra and Xavi as they were heading back to Istanbul for a couple of more nights before having to return to Barcelona. No doubt my experiences would not have been as much fun if I had not met them, and I probably would have gotten myself into trouble somewhere along the line. My longest bus trip so far took me from Antep along the Mediterranean coast to Olympos . The 16hr trip was an overnighter along some hairpin roads, which meant that I didn't get much sleep. Not to mention that the overly friendly young, male, bus ... read more
sun setting in Kas
almonds on ice?
view of Kastellorizo (a Greek Island)

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas August 9th 2008

So then we got on the gulet, which is apparently the name of the type of boat in the picture. It has two masts, but nowadays it is pretty much exclusively sailed under diesel power. We slept on the gulet for three nights. On the first night we slept on the highest deck and had a really good view of the Milky Way. The next night the captain said we'd be going over open sea from 5 to 9 in the morning, and it would be reasonably calm. Luckily we intuited that the crew's idea of reasonably calm and ours might differ, and we chose to sleep on one of the lowest open deck (its way to hot to sleep in the actual cabins). Reasonably calm did in fact involve a great deal of pitching, but ... read more
Sil and Muge
Sil and Pinar
The pancake boat

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