Brett & Julie - our little adventure


Brett & Julie - our little adventure

Couple from Melbourne who like the occasional splurge but can get back to basics when required.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne June 4th 2010

The Stats * Total distance travelled: 42,190 km (+/- 250 km) * Days away: 33 * Total flying time: 57 hours * Total travel time on the water: (Ferries) 16 hours * Total flights: 10 * Total Ferries: 3 * Total airline meals: 12 Total travel time (including customs / airport layovers): 98 hours (4.08 days!) * Countries visited: 5 * Cities/Places visited: 14 * Hotels/Villas: 9 ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 2nd 2010

Istanbul - Day 2 Our Second full day and last night in Istanbul with an agenda of the Hagia Sofia, the Basilica Cistern and the Hippodrome. Hagia Sofia sits almost opposite the Blue Mosque, in-between, another impressive building! Though, whilst it is not as majestic from the outside as the Mosque, the inside is amazing. Firstly, this place dates back to the 400's though has had to be re-built after a fire and has seen many alterations. The most notable being a change from a Christian Church to a Mosque. Inside this place is huge and of course as mentioned very beautiful. The floors are all marble, even the second level, the gallery. There is evidence of the Christian church as it once was, which you can imagine makes it very unusual. For example the remains ... read more
Basilica Cistern
Hagia Sophia...cont'd
Photo 23

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 1st 2010

Istanbul - arrival Istanbul...was Constantinople and perhaps they should have kept it that way?...Why Constantinople got the works is nobodies business but the Turks! (who knows the song? sing it with me?) Our introduction to Istanbul was far from 'ideal'. I believe I could have lapped the airport (walking) before our bags appeared - harsh you say - Wait...! I understand Turkey is a part of the "Middle East" and protects it's borders appropriately but what the... (3 checks for a domestic flight!?) It continues...transfer bloke is not there.... (not paid yet - so be it!) so we acquire a 'transfer' via several hotels to our destination...Sultanahmet. The dude got lost on the odd occasion dropping our 'European' friends off and finally us! We enter Sultanahmet, the cobbled streets and scent of "Istanbul" beckons, regardless of ... read more
Istanbul Spice Market
The Blue Mosque
Going into the Mosque

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 29th 2010

30 Degrees and some (!!) for our last few days in Kas so clearly the best place to be is by the pool relaxing and enjoying Villa Deniz! What a hard life... On day one I set up a chair on the corner of the balcony where every day started with a cup of coffee and breakfast. From here there was then likely to be a move to one of the deck chairs on the upper level to read for a while. Perhaps a dip before lunch then a move to one of the deck chairs on the lower level by the pool for direct access. The sunset from the Villa was lovely to watch though, we also enjoyed trips into the town centre for some dinner and drinks at either one of the restaurants in ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 5
Photo 3

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 27th 2010

Kas days 2-3 So Kas is full of cats and dogs (not dissimilar to Santorini - as mentioned) if If could feed them all I would! They are not aggressive or in bad condition, some are pets and some are strays all living a combined existence in the town square, restaurants and bars. They are playful and affectionate and lets be honest in some cases hungry...The Schmackos are a hit for all creatures 'great and small'so much so that we have bought some more! We have been enjoying our Villa and pool with visits into town for supplies and some social interaction. Kas is a small town and we find ourselves now waving hello and talking to the people in bars, restaurants and shops... The Turkish customs and hospitality are lovely. It is not unusual ... read more
The sign says it all
One of our locals enjoying the pool

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 26th 2010

Tried Greek, but this site doesn't understand! - (not a smart ploy in Turkey) "Πόρτες της Σαντορίνης" is here to follow as the Dveře of Staré Město Praha was such a 'door stopper!' I didn't go as crazy as I did in Prague, simply because the effort required to get to some of these doors is a lot more difficult than wandering down a laneway or back alley They are merely doors, but their beauty is individual! Each to their own...I'm sure we would like a few as our own entrances - who knows..? as there a few 'vacant' properties still available on Santorini (post 1956 earthquake) 'iyi geceler' for now..."goodnight friends"... read more
Photo 31
My front gate...

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas May 26th 2010

Kaş - Day 1 (proper) Well, finally the day has come - we get to check into the villa which our whole trip has been worked around - it did not disappoint! A very nice place to just sit back and relax...We have done some serious walking around our previous destinations and this was to be a bit of 'nothing' for once. We have noticed we are able to scale and even climb up some pretty steep ascents, being stairs or otherwise without 'too' much hassle now - regardless, the gut remains (I blame the beer and the food but we are on holidays!) but the legs are certainly 'better' off for the adventure. We did a bit of shopping to stock up before we dropped off 'The Beast' as this would be our last opportunity ... read more
Local Kas traffic
Bedroom vistas

Middle East May 25th 2010

Kas Day 1 - 2 After the Adventures with Silverman (he's fantastic) we find ourselves in our chosen destination of Kas, Turkey a day early, though not regretted..... What a charming and beautiful place! Being a day early we find ourselves in a pokey beachside hotel for the night and venture into the centre to check it all out, stumbling on a concert (band and choir) in the square was interesting though not a highlight though entertaining non the less! Kas is a fishing village though does have an element of tourism about it. no doubt. Having said that we have been told that Kas very much retains the same charms it had 10 years ago. Our trusty hire car (aka The Beast) took us on a road trip to the port that you travel to ... read more
Photo 7
Photo 2
Photo 10

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye May 22nd 2010

Türkiye Farewell Greece, hello Turkey! Again, we find ourselves on a boat, this time from Rhodes to Fethiye, Turkey... However this time the ride was not so smooth, as a result the trip was much longer than it should have been and quite rough, there were quite a few people not looking too good! Fethiye is a pretty seaside town which is very seasoned to tourists, it even has it's own Gran Bazaar. Unfortunately we saw a little more of Fethiye than was planned due to our first holiday hiccup, the boat we were booked on the next day was not going until the following day so we found ourselves doing the journey on road in a tiny little hire car, nicknamed 'the beast', following 'Silverman' on his vespa! (see photos...) We now find ourselves in ... read more
Entering Fethiye harbour
Photo 7
I was only 19!

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes May 21st 2010

Rodos Leaving the lovely Santorini behind, we made our way to Rhodes via overnight ferry. The ferry ride itself was easy... a cabin with quite comfy beds, we checked in at about 12.30am and woke up in Rhodes around 8.30am. Rhodes was always a means of getting where we needed due to the ferry connection to Turkey so there were no great expectations and we had managed to book an extraordinarily cheap hotel at approx $A54! My take on Rhodes at first glance was that it is the 'Gold Coast' of Greece. Tons of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops... Upon second and third glance this impression remained. Nevertheless the wonderful and typical Greek hospitality remained. We spent our time checking out the town and catching up on some needed washing! Old town Rhodes is actually quite ... read more
"Colossus" beer in a boot
Photo 4
The site of The Colossus (as legend goes)

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