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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye October 24th 2019

Now that we made it to our destination for this season we decided to stay a few weeks to get familiar with the area as we get Tsamaya ready to leave for the winter season. After checking with the marina office one of the first things we needed to do was to find a place to buy a step ladder. This is not something that is usually on our list of things to get, but here we are finding that the dock is definitely a little farther down from our bow than other places we have been. We typically have a heavy plastic bucket (an old cat litter container which always makes us think about Sailor) that we fill with water, put the top on and use that as a step. We tried it, but still ... read more
A Choice of Pools Are Available for Our Use!
And Of Course There is a Hotel Bar
Yes, Here We Need a Ladder to Get On & Off the Boat

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye September 14th 2019

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think Turkey? Does sailing on blue clear Mediterranean waters, walking bare feet on hard white calcium deposits, sitting in a centuries old Roman amphitheatre and visiting temples carved in to cliff faces come to your mind? The problem with Turkey is that it is a big country and sometimes there is not enough time to visit everywhere but if you have a few weeks then the South West coastal route might just be what your'e looking for! Our plan was to fly in to Antalya and out of Bodrum. We had a rough idea of what we wanted to do but once we arrived, our plans changed almost on a daily basis. We stayed in Antalya for the first sweltering two nights, a temperature ... read more
View Overlooking Oludinez Beach
Sail Cruise
Antayla Harbour

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye April 1st 2018

Today we are travelling through the mountains to the Mediterranean to an area that was home for the Lycian people around 1400BC onwards. Originally from Crete the Lycians brought a different language and a unique political system. They would send a delegate from each region to be the representative at the capital. Washington copied this democratic system in America. The Lycians also proved themselves the most troublesome for Alexander the Great to conquer. They were so passionate about not being ruled over that when defeat was finally imminent they rounded up the women and children into a church and set fire to it killing all those inside. The men fought on to their deaths. No-one would rule over the Lycians. They preferred extinction. The Lycia area is a bump of land on the south west corner ... read more
Funtimes with driver Ali and the gang
Blue Lagoon, Olu Deniz
Watching the paragliders landing

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye May 15th 2015

The meal last night was lovely & we sat by the river. We both had trout, not caught in the river as it's too full of silt, but from a trout farm around the valley somewhere. Fresh not frozen. Trout, mixed salad & fresh chips - £4. A bottle of wine – I didn't ask... In most places in Greece & Turkey, you are sometimes woken by barking dogs, but not here. It wasn't a dawn chorus – more of an eclectic mix of : peacocks, guinea fowl, partridge, cockerels, hens, ducks, cows & donkeys, all but the last two wandering around the site. We were going to move on to Kas (Kaaash) today but Cathy has an upset stomach so we stayed put. I got up, had my shower & decided to have my breakfast ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye May 14th 2015

One moment – an apology. I was looking at previous posts & have realised that I said that Peter from Holland was a prison warden; my mistake, in fact he was a prison GOVERNOR – Peter, I am very sorry; (everything else was correct – great cook, great artist & lover so Janette tells me; now we'll see if they're reading this!) A bit like when I asked the Marketing Director which territory he covered back in '77... Righto, off we go, but first to the shop for supplies to Kipa, part of Tesco (or as their FD was, 'stitched up like a Kipa') Met a German couple in a converted Merc van – raised, converted to 4x4 with a large living 'box' & painted in an earth & sky camo design. I told him that ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye May 12th 2015

Hands up all those who said Ebay! Wrong, it's Bayen. Only Ken will have got that one right I'm sure. Having driven past Lesbos (oh stop it), we can now see Kos & another day, will pass Symi & Rhodes. Is anyone following us on a map I wonder? Decided to leave today as a place in a car park is not our scene despite the beautiful surroundings; it could have been idyllic.... but again the showers were cold, just ones to use post sea swim minus any heads & really, REALLY cold water water off the mountain. We used the shower in Billy so now down to reserve in the tank. Something disturbing – at about 0830 I went to clean my teeth & saw a young boy in a dog cage, up the way ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye October 16th 2014

Leaving Iran on 15th was easy, a 20km jolly to border, somehow managed to mislay my guide again! and they ushered me into border region quickly. But so many 'fixers' and money changers, all a bit of a shame compared to the easy pace in Iran. Mr Yazd came to Iran side of border with me, to help clear the carnet document, requires 3 different signatures, then quick Xray of bike on Turkish side, all done by 10:30. While Mount Ararat was looking down from just 20km, hazy from Iran side, quite clear while was doing border paperwork, but then clouded over when ready to take photo. So run across Turkey was abit rushed, with ISIS & refruggees crossing up from south, violence in some of the western cities (UK foreign office advice none too possitive), ... read more
Leaving Iran
Mount Ararat
Download pic of Ararat

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye October 12th 2014

We traveled south today stopping in Sultankoy at a government-sponsored rug factory. An al fresco lunch was served on the complex with a wonderful local wine--Solon. En route to Göcek we stopped in Aydin as one of our group needed medical attention. We were late arriving at the harbor to board the gulet, a replica of a traditional Turkish fishing boat with a crew of 3 named Viagio nella speranza. Late--but delicious--dinner on the boat!... read more
Day 9 Sultankoy
Day 9 Sultankoy (3)
Day 9 Sultankoy (2)

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye May 16th 2014

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye May 16th 2014

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