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October 16th 2014
Published: October 26th 2014
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Maku overhang in IranMaku overhang in IranMaku overhang in Iran

3 houses in shade, not a good place to sleep walk.
Leaving Iran on 15th was easy, a 20km jolly to border, somehow managed to mislay my guide again! and they ushered me into border region quickly. But so many 'fixers' and money changers, all a bit of a shame compared to the easy pace in Iran.

Mr Yazd came to Iran side of border with me, to help clear the carnet document, requires 3 different signatures, then quick Xray of bike on Turkish side, all done by 10:30. While Mount Ararat was looking down from just 20km, hazy from Iran side, quite clear while was doing border paperwork, but then clouded over when ready to take photo.

So run across Turkey was abit rushed, with ISIS & refruggees crossing up from south, violence in some of the western cities (UK foreign office advice none too possitive), and Heather soon too arrive into Fethiye on Agean coast, best advice don't stop till U reach Ankara. So I did 1900km in two days, not bad on bike with stuffed rear shock.

But Turkey has so much to see, mount Ararat certainly worth a return visit. Then central mountains have good roads and
Leaving IranLeaving IranLeaving Iran

Images to remember, many mountains, and towns in deserts.
interesting sites like Cappadocia - a hotel in underground caves. Arriving on Mediterranean coast is down though mountains is good, mind speed traps!. Finally the 300km along south coast with more bends, reminds me of North coast of Ireland except I did that in daylight.

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Mount AraratMount Ararat
Mount Ararat

My view from Iran, 5700m lump rises out plain. Need to wait arround for a better photo.
Download pic of AraratDownload pic of Ararat
Download pic of Ararat

What it should look like!
more mountainsmore mountains
more mountains

Near Erzurum, but advice was don't stop!
Crossing TurkeyCrossing Turkey
Crossing Turkey

Chasing another horizon.
Mountains on Mediterranean coastMountains on Mediterranean coast
Mountains on Mediterranean coast

Lots to see here, such a shame to rush.
Oludeniz beachOludeniz beach
Oludeniz beach

Time for a change of scene.

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