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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester September 16th 2018

The approaches to Leicester city centre were all quiet on a very mild Sunday morning. I ignored the directional signs that take you round by London and carried on down Belgrave Road. Belgrave Road is often referred to as the Golden Mile. The area is the centre of the Asian community and has a high density of jewellery shops, We skirted the railway station, headed up London Road and parked in De Montfort Square. The parking meters were conveniently not required and only requiring to be fed between Monday to Saturday. This part of the city centre is characterised by the residences built by the rich in the Georgian and early Victorian era. A statue of a Robert Hall stands at the south end of De Montfort Square. He was a 19th-century Baptist minister, who campaigned ... read more
Leicester Town Hall Square
King Richard III Pub
New Walk Art Gallery & Museum

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester July 22nd 2017

One of our many reasons for visiting the Midlands was to visit the city of Leicester and catch up with Richard III. It is a sunny Saturday morning and it all looks good for our visit. It is a relatively short drive but it often takes longer than we think. We have a plan but like all flexible plans it might change. Once we have visited Leicester we hope to drive north to Nottingham, back through Derby, and “home”. The drive into Leicester is straight forward until we need to find a car park. Jane is no good with deviations and other peculiarities of inner city streets. Fortunately the car parks are well sign posted and we find a very good park in a large modern shopping centre. Shopping can come later. Richard is waiting. We ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester February 6th 2017

February has arrived and with it the first signs of Spring are in the air. The nights are gradually drawing out and it is now light when I leave work. The trees are dripping with the catkins which look like lambs tails swinging in the wind. The weather is still miserable with a mixture of mist, frost and rain but at least there are the first signs of snowdrops pushing their leaves through and their first flowers are prettily white. How these little delicate beauties push through the heavy clay soil beggars belief . Crocus bright yellow and pale mauve are beginning to show their faces. The first signs of daffodils are showing through. In the garden of the cathedral in Leicester were swathes of pure white Christmas Roses. Undeniably we are moving slowly from Winter ... read more
Leicester the Jewry wall
Through the wall
Peacock mosaic

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester July 17th 2016

As fans of "Great Railways Journeys of the World", shown on SBS television we were delighted to be catching the train from St Pancras to Leicester. The glorious St Pancras station, built in the Victoria era, was very nearly demolished which would have been a tragedy had it happened. Thank goodness for public pressure! Deciding not to hire a car this visit I'd booked all our trips online through 'Trainline' before we left home which was both easy and saved us money. Train travel in the UK can be very expensive so, following advice from a Scottish acquanance, I registered with Trainline who email you when the cheaper train tickets go on sale. So, should you be contemplating using train travel here in the UK I would strongly advice you to do likewise; the savings are ... read more
St Pancras Station sculpture
Michelle & the East Midlands train
Leicester Railway Station

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester August 9th 2015

Day 89 out of 120. We are getting weary of sitting around waiting for our next great adventure. OUr feet are becoming itchy as we pound the floor in anticipation like two prize fighting bulls waiting to gore an unsuspecting matador. Quite apt given our next trip will take us to the Iberian Peninsular. Suzy has been partly washed and polished . This always proves a job of great enormity, Unlike a car it takes forever . ARmed with a bucket full of soap suds and a cloth it is a fairly quick job to wash the dirt and cobwebs off a car. It takes a little longer to polish it but compare that with a motorhome and you are talking a job that takes at least four days. One to wash the front and one ... read more
From the inside of the castle
A romantic moated tower
Water lilies in bloom

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester June 8th 2014

Over my lifetime I have been privileged enough to visit many places all around the world. This summer I am planning on visiting many other countries and I want to inspire many people to travel. I have been meaning to create a blog to share my experiences and photos with anyone who is interested. Travelling has helped me become who I am and I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to travel to do so You only live once so make the most of it!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester May 9th 2012

Well I am home. I have been for a week now actually. I have just been reluctant to write the final chapter of this little adventure because then it would truely all be over :-( My last couple of days were in Delhi. They were great, I saw the bits I missed previously and did some shopping. I met up with Aijan and we went on a tour of some of the poorer parts of the city together (not a slum tour as advertised by the lonely planet but interesting nonetheless). And we ate in nice places and I spent hours walking around all the little streets of the Pahar Ganj and just generally had a really good time. I could definately spend some more time in Delhi! I had to leave eventually however. :-( My ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester May 5th 2012

Not long now!! So, I have a week to go before my holiday, and things are starting to come together. This is the first post on the new forum, and mostly just a test to see how it looks, with pictures etc. I have now laid out everything, ready to go be packed into the cubes, that will eventually go into the rucksack. Travelling Travel Shoes - These will be the only pair of shoes I am taking, so let's hope they are as comfortable after a months constant bashing, as they are at the moment. Merrell Moab Ventilators, only thing to note is that they are very small sized, so you need to buy a pair 1 size bigger than normal (costly mistake). Travelling Tops - T-Shirt and Lightweight hoody for travelling in. AC on ... read more
Travel Tops
Travel Bottoms

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester April 5th 2012

Geo: 52.6333, -1.1333I am not sure that this blog will quite live up to 'The Hobbit' standard of writing. However, I intend to give it a damn good shot; especially after recently being told (jokingly, of course.... I hope!!!) that I could not write and my 'England' was not up to scratch either ... (you know who you are!!) Over the last month I have been around the majority of the country, visiting who I could, whilst attempting to pack my life away into cardboard boxes and trying to decide what very important possessions I may need in my life in the next 6-24mnths. And you think packing for a weeks holiday is stressful! Surprisingly, the packing of the rucksack did not go as disastrously as I had anticipated and it actually all fitted in. All ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Leicester March 28th 2011

Geo: 52.6346, -1.12944Finally after weeks of preparation we're ready to take off, there's still so many things to think about but whatever we've forgotten we'll sort out when we get there. My thumbs still playing up after I slipped with an electrician's screwdriver at the weekend and managed to stick it right in to the end of my thumb; which must have nicked the nerve as although it soon stopped bleeding the whole of my thumb from tip to my wrist is pretty much dead, oh well it could be worse.The trip down to our overnight stopover in Dover took an agonising 4.5 hrs due to roadwork's and accidents, anyway we've now settled down with an early glass of wine to be followed by a short walk through the adjacent woods and the dinner before settling ... read more

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