To Oz and Back Again. A Girl's Tale.

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April 5th 2012
Published: June 14th 2017
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I am not sure that this blog will quite live up to 'The Hobbit' standard of writing. However, I intend to give it a damn good shot; especially after recently being told (jokingly, of course.... I hope!!!) that I could not write and my 'England' was not up to scratch either ... (you know who you are!!)

Over the last month I have been around the majority of the country, visiting who I could, whilst attempting to pack my life away into cardboard boxes and trying to decide what very important possessions I may need in my life in the next 6-24mnths. And you think packing for a weeks holiday is stressful! Surprisingly, the packing of the rucksack did not go as disastrously as I had anticipated and it actually all fitted in. All organised into smaller dry bags of varying capacity and colour, with the intention of finding things easily and quickly. However, those of you that know me well and the usual state of my life, will no doubt have bets on how long this insane organisation will actually last! Maybe it should be my 'new trip resolution'!

The excitement for the trip, I think, has now finally overtaken the horrendous nerves I have had over the last week or so! Been feeling 'nervous sick' for days, with it all finally dawning on me that I am in fact leaving my entire old life behind me (apart from blogs and emails of course!) for quite a long time. So much can happen in a year or two, especially when you look back where you were in 2010. I didn't even know half of you existed then! I just need to jump aboard that sexy big orange bus and go now! Waiting for these big days in your life is never fun.

I am writing this from my bed, which has been my bed, in this room, for the last 25 years. It may not even exist when I return, which again is a little hard for the brain to comprehend! I shed a little tear as I sat and watched the sun go down over the garden where I spent so many hours when I was growing up, but I dare say they will not be the last waterworks before the week is out.

So I guess the first stop will be tomorrow when we leave for Hammersmith Novotel and then onto Europe - 7 countries in 2 weeks, here we come 😊 The first 2 nights, so I have been informed, are going to be wild camping. I guess to throw us in at the deep end, so to speak, so my little world in my Helium 200 will hopefully be warm and cosy. I need to name my tent I feel.... any thoughts??

PLEASE keep me updated on all the gossip from home, I really would love to hear from everyone. My travel email is And I meant what I said about no weddings or babies whilst I am away!

My friends are my world
Yours always

L xx


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