My last 2 days and the journey home

Published: May 9th 2012
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Well I am home. I have been for a week now actually. I have just been reluctant to write the final chapter of this little adventure because then it would truely all be over :-(

My last couple of days were in Delhi. They were great, I saw the bits I missed previously and did some shopping. I met up with Aijan and we went on a tour of some of the poorer parts of the city together (not a slum tour as advertised by the lonely planet but interesting nonetheless). And we ate in nice places and I spent hours walking around all the little streets of the Pahar Ganj and just generally had a really good time. I could definately spend some more time in Delhi!

I had to leave eventually however. :-( My plane didn't feel the same way and had an engine leak. So I was in Delhi 5 hours longer than scheduled, and missed my connecting flight in Abu Dhabi...Then the flight crew had worked over the legal number of hours so the plane had to come down in Muscat, Oman. And I had to get another flight to Abu Dhabi...then get a different flight to the UK. It was all a bit of a palava. And all the changes of flights meant I got air-sick, which is unheard of for me. Nightmare. 8 hour flight and I couldn't keep down water :-( I got really dehydrated...then faint...

By the time I arrived in London I was exhausted and faint from all the vomiting. The crew wouldn't let me I was rolled out to meet James in a wheelchair!! Luckily he saw the funny side as all the other couples were romantically embracing and he had to take my arm as I held a sick bag to my face...

Good bye until the next adventure!


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