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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 5th 2013

We all woke feeling a bit tired but with places to go and things to go there was no time to tarry. Woolly says – With everything packed we loaded the case into the luggage storage, checked out the queues for breakfast and headed out into the sunshine. A quick stop at Starbucks for tea, juice and pancakes and there I was, again flying through the tunnels deep under London. On our journeys yesterday we had passed The Clink, one of the oldest prisons in England and with the chance to torture Jo and Zoe it seemed like the place to go. For £7.00 GBP (student discount again of £3.00 GBP) we entered the dark, rat infested goal. Established in 1144 the prison was owned and controlled by the Bishop of Winchester. As so many activities ... read more
In Shackles
The Accused
Head on the block!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 4th 2013

It seemed like only moments later and we were up and going again. We headed down to check out breakfast but with a queue nearly out of the door we voted to set off and find subsistence on the way. Woolly says – I was pretty hungry but had to trust to Jo and Zoe that food wouldn’t be long in arriving, a handy Starbucks provided us with fruit toast, tea and juice, sorted. Keeping my paws tucked in we were back to the underground, I lost track of the stations and the escalators until we found ourselves outside Tower Bridge and the other side of the Thames. A short stroll through the wonderful smells of Borough market and the remains of Winchester Palace was a trip in itself. We paused at the Golden Hind for ... read more
The Globe
A beautiful stage
Awesome artwork above the stage

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 3rd 2013

Woolly says - I was ready at the crack of dawn, bandanas for all occasions and my woolly hat incase of bad weather. We were off on an adventure to the Capital of England, London. Well not all of us were off, Ian and Ollie had elected to stay back at base which left me under the tender ministrations of Jo and Zoe. Two and a half hours and only a sixteen minute delay and there we had arrived, my first view of the city, cars everywhere, buses by the dozen and tourists as far as the eye could see. Pulling the case behind us we set off to find our accommodation. Like all big cities it is difficult to get a cheap bargain these days, I had found us a hostel, close to Russell Square ... read more
Abbey Road revisited
Loving the car
Captain Gold

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 2nd 2013

Today was a BIG day! We left our hotel at 8am and walked around the streets of London, eventually getting back by 7.15pm. So what did we do? LOTS!First we went to London Bridge. Only to find it was quite the disappointment with its flat architecture. The only good thing was that you could get a great view of Tower Bridge. It was so quiet in the city at that time of morning, and we were lucky to have the sun shi... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 1st 2013

Fresh from a good night's sleep and converting to London time, we woke up extra early (around 3.30am!) to get the day started... well, maybe it was more like 6.30am that we were restless enough to get out of bed... however, wasn't happy that the sunlight was streaming in through the windows at 5am. We booked tickets for Madame Tussauds early with a combo purchase of the London Eye, so we ventured out to Baker Street to check out the 'Madame.' The first surprise for the day was Baker Street... had no idea it was the first underground rail station in the world, dating back to 1863. Plus it's the home of Sherlock Holmes, so that was an added extra 'win' for my boys. Luckily we got up early enough to be the second in line ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City May 25th 2013

If you are 10 years old shopping at Oxford Street beats British Museum any day of the week Emma has two nieces, Jonna and Julia, that we sometimes spoil a bit. Five years ago, when Jonna turned five, our birthday gift to her was a trip to Paris and EuroDisney with her aunts, Anna and Emma, and uncle Ake. Last year, when Julia turned five, we went to France with her too. This year Jonna turned 10 and we thought it was time to take her on another trip with aunts and uncle. This time we decided to visit London and Brighton. We were actually in UK only a year ago. Then without Jonna and Anna. That’s when we realised that London really was ... read more
Brighton Pier
Helter Skelter
West Pier

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City May 24th 2013

Einen Tag vor dem besagtem Finale habe ich Großbritannien verlassen und bin mit dem Eurostar über Brüssel nach Deutschland zurückgekehrt.... read more
In St Pancras International.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City May 23rd 2013

An diesem Tag bin ich von Cambridge nach London gefahren. Dort hat man sich schon auf das Champions League Finale zwischen Bayern München und Borussia Dortmund zwei Tage später vorbereitet. Dieses wollte ich mir aber nicht im Stadium ansehen. In London war ich im Starbucks, in der British Library und anschließend noch in einem Pub.... read more
British Library.
Im Pub.
Im Starbucks.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City May 19th 2013

Hej hej, da se mal javim :) za mano sta dva tedna usposabljanja v Londonu, so far so good :) Jutri začenjamo 3 teden, kar pomeni, da lahko od tega tedna dalje pričakujemo podatke o odhodu na ladjo. Sicer pa, kar se usposabljanja tiče, zdaj večinoma gledamo tretmaje, se učimo, pa kar je najbolš, vmes tudi kakšna masaža pade :) Tako da nam res ni hudega! Prvi teden je bil ful naporen, zdaj je že malce bolje, smo se že navadili na vse skupaj, tako da se imamo super. Sicer imamo cel dan predavanja, potem nas pa čaka še učenje, tako da imamo dan popolnoma zapolnjen. Med drugim pa tudi ugibamo, na katero ladjo nas bodo dali. Ne vem, kaj naj pričakujem, ker slišimo ogromno informacij, tako dobrih kot slabih. Bomo videli, kaj bo... Upam da ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City May 15th 2013

Day 1 – London Well… after the longest flight of my life and over-stuffed with airplane food, my mum and I arrived at Heathrow. The luggage arrived too so immediately we were on to a winner. Our first official day didn’t really begin until the next morning. I walked out of the Leicester Square tube station into another world. LONDON! Immediately the amazing architecture hits you in the face. We went on an exploratory walk and soon realized a map is definitely a must. No street runs parallel with another street. Lane ways are at every turn and if you just keep walking you will find some famous landmark or another. I had a quick look around the British Museum and Trafalgar Square today just because we happened to pass them. Day ... read more

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