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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 14th 2012

Dear Mr. Weasley, I do not think Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were very fair to you. They gave you a lot of trouble for not being able to use British pounds--aka "muggle money". However, I am a certified muggle and have absolutely no idea how to work the British monetary system. The paper money is a little bit easier because there are numbers on them, but the coins are so confusing! Every piece of paper money and all of the coins have the queen on them. And there is nothing on the coins that let you know what the heck they are. So please, bring out the galleons, sickles, and knuts because I'm pretty sure that is a much easier British coin system!! On that note, I have to wonder in London whether the poorly ... read more
Market Place
St Paul's Cathedral
They Do Weird Things In London...

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 13th 2012

Nacheme zimli öde Morge ide Schuel hämmer den am Mittag döfe abzische und sind uf direktem wäg nach London City gfahre. Det hämmer den zerst no en abstächer in Hydepark gmacht will s Wätter am morge recht sunnig gsi isch und mir sänkt hend, lieber det chi go hökle bevors chunt go rägne. Dänn simmer in Primark und hend für e stund spöter en Treffpunt abgmacht. Mit em Wägeli bini den loosdüset und ha Usschau nach spezielle sache ghalte, woni natürli au gfunde ha. Es isch eifach alles uultra günstig und es hät doch paar zimli cooli spezielli sache gha. Au chli KrimsKrams het natürli ned döfä fähle und en chline Koffer (cabine size) hani den augad no kauft :) vorem Lade hämmer den alles id Koffere bigä und sind wiiter zoge richtig öpis zum Ässe. ... read more
Buckingham Palace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 10th 2012

Hüt hämmer usgschlafe und sind denn uf zimli direktem Wäg ad Underground Station in Pinner gloffe. Mit de Metropolitan Line simmer den bis Baker Street und vo det mit de Bakerloo nach Picadilly Circus. Zägg simmer zmitzt im Zentrum vo London gsi und hend mal grooossi Auge gmacht. Eine het Dudelsack gspillt, es hät nach Sprache us allne Länder tönt und d Hüüser sind de wahnsinn. Au e riisigi LED Wärbig het nöd dörfä fählä. Nach dem mer eus chli beruhigt hend vo eusere Überfroid simmer den los gstiflet richtig Trafalgar Square, eifach igend e Strass durab. Zimli bald simmer den vor de National Art Gallery gstande und händ über de Square ine glueget. Es isch wükli beidruckend, all die alte Gebäude wos in London hät, mer chunt sich vor wie im Museum. Nachdem mir de ... read more
London Telefonkabine
Trafalgar Square
Cavalary Museum

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 9th 2012

Hüt bini in London acho. Gnauer in Harrow, imene Vorort namens Pinner. Ich wohne da zäme mitem Mätti bi eusere Schuelleiterin und ihrem Maa i ihrem vorortypische Doppeleifamiliehuus mit Gartä. Mir händ en ganze Stock für eus sälber bezoge und ich han es super cools Zimmer mit eme art Ärker Fänster. Es isch e sehr sportverruckts Ehepaar (Rugby) und mir hend 4 TVs im Huus und natürli SkyTV mit öpe 10 Sportsänder. Mir händ scho euse ersti Spaziergang dur Pinner gmacht und es isch wükli en härzige Vorort mit villne Bachsteihüsli, Lädeli und Pärk. Mir hend e U-Bahn Linie in 10min Gehdistanz und jenes verschideni Büss, ja so cooli Doppelstöcker :) De Vercher isch rächt verwirrend und mi münd höllisch ufpasse damit mir nöd überfahre werded, d Autos chömed vode falsche siite und fü Fuässgänger aahalte ... read more
Police Station

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City May 24th 2012

Ending a beautiful night in Beer England with sitting on the beach and hiking up a large hill overlooking the ocean to the right and horses out at pasture to the left. The breath taking view hit all of us with ending the day planning an escape route from our bunks along with sharing life stories together. Waking up a short while after at about half past 7, our day started, heading to see the Dartmoor Ponies. Upon arrival, Tom, met the group and began a walk through the moor. Our first site included about five ponies waiting for our arrival. The ponies approached the group as if they wanted to play but for conservation purposes, it was best to leave Mother Nature alone. Seeing a tor and taking pictures of the amazing scenery we ended ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City April 27th 2012

I am sitting at the Tower of London overlooking London Bridge and I am amazed. Australia is so young, I never realised how young. The history here is incredible, around every corner is another massive and amazing building steeped in hundreds of years of history. I am blown away by it all. I am quite content to just sit here at the moment as I spent most of my morning trying to get from my friend Errika's house into my hostel in the city. This was no small feat considering I have massively overpacked and probably am now up to about 25kg that I am carrying. 10 minute walk to the station, another 15-20mins once I got to Kings Cross as I got lost in the rain and a random Londoners bad directions. I am sending ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City April 25th 2012

Day 3 Today i walked from Picadilly circus through to soho and checked out all the shops. Owing to the fact I really can't fit anything else in my backpack, shopping is not as exciting when you know you can't buy! Haha I did take a heap of photos in a cake store because each of thier cakes were works of art. I walked around various side streets, somehow ended up in the area with all the xxx shops so I found the nearest park to go and eat my lunch. To my delight, the Vogue building. I am so into fashion, as most of you well know so seeing the pot plants and posters at the window gave me such a thrill. I tried to imagine myself walking in there to work, but as I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City April 23rd 2012

I am staying with my friend Chloe and her partner Julie for my first couple of nights in London. I braved the tube and travelled into London to discover Traffalga square, the national gallery, and wander through St James gardens where on my way there was a film crew setting up, it seemed a bit sureal as it was so cliche. At the end of the gardens was Buckingham Palace and I entered through the 'Australia' gates which I thought was quite fitting! I then walked all the way around and wandered through Hyde park and discovered my first squirrels in London. I was so excited. They are quite inquisitive and will scamper right up to you and stand on their hind feet to discover if you have any food. Julie was nice enough to pack ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City April 20th 2012

We have left the European mainland. Sadly, our stay in Paris was all too short but this family holiday must come to a close now and that will be in London. We depart for home from Heathrow airport on Sunday evening. We boarded the Eurostar train to London from Gare du Nord around 11:00am after passing though border control and security checks. The Eurostar train seemed to be a bit older, noisier and nowhere near as smooth as the French TGV train. Still it moved quite fast and we were in London about 2.5 hours after we left Paris. Apart from that, things seemed the same as the ride into Paris - the weather was cool, dreary and damp, the countryside was flat, green and punctuated by fields of yellow daffodils. With a little less than ... read more
London Double Decker Bus
London Museum of Science

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City April 16th 2012

I have a fear of dying. I guess all people fear dying to some extent, but when I think about dying, my chest constricts and my breathing is strained; I feel nauseous and fight the reaction to cry. I don’t know why I have this fear. This could possibly extend from my fear of missing out, that if I die, I will miss out on my own life, completing my own goals, standing triumphant over my achievements, watching my children grow, spending my life laughing with my most loved. Being privy to my bosses email, I just read a blog one of her friends had posted, a 28 year old man who has just been diagnosed terminally ill. As much as the blogs broke my heart I could not stop reading them. 28 years, that will ... read more

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