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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City September 20th 2013

I am impressed that i blogged 4 days in a row, now i have to blog for the least 2 days and try to remember the highlights from each day. Wednesday - On route to the centre i decided to jump off the underground at Knightsbridge and take a look at Harrods. The place is huge! loved the lower floor especially with all the foods, particularly the fish counter and cheeses. I have to admit i got lost on the other floors, in fact to the extent that i considered downloading the Harrods app for the iphone to find my way out! my jaw dropped why i found myself on the floor that contained designer pet clothing, a facility to groom your pets and unbelievably a pet spa. My 2 cats Fern and Fachine do get ... read more
Burrough market
Kimchi and spicy beef noodle soup

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City September 20th 2013

Hi travellers, London right? Who doesn't wanted to visit this beautiful city called "London". I think a lot a people. Back from my summer holidays, I couldn't start the Autumn by booking another trip. And yes, thanks to my Eurostar points I had a discount of € 40, happy me :D So I booked a one day trip on September 18th 2013. Luckily, it was not my first time. I didn't need to visit all these "typical monuments". I started my trip, by charging my old friend "Oyster card", once done, I only can scream "Let the little journey begin!" First stop: The Emirates Stadium of Arsenal. By this I can tell you that I'm a huge football freak, and yes I'm a girl. Football, soccer, football, soccer,.... when I travel, and there is a stadium ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City September 18th 2013

After a slow start to the morning Sam and I ventured into the centre of the city to go and visit FIGO. We departed the train at Victoria station, which is one of the main stations in London. As you walk out of the station one of the first buildings that you see is the theatre that performs Billy Elliot. FIGO is located very close to New Scotland Yard. FIGO was fairly quiet as it is the party conference season here at the moment. It was good though to catch up with Colin and James. Whilst anything is an option at the moment, i am hoping to change my flight back to the FI from the 18th to the 22nd December, the result being i am not weight listed. It was also very good to see ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City September 16th 2013

There is not a lot to report from this morning, largely as i was blogging until 2am and then I didn't wake up until 10.30am. I did have to crawl out of my sack though when Cockers new 42" inch smart TV arrived. It is always a pleasure to see a fully grown man as excited as a 5 year old at Xmas. Actually once he had connected it to the internet i was also rather intrigued. We had lunch at home and then left the house to head into town. After a bit of 'googling' i managed to find a camera shop near Covent Garden. I am taking photos with the iphone at the moment as the DSLR needs needs an MOT to clean the sensor. Good news is that I should be back on ... read more
Sam Cockers
ZHL strings

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City September 15th 2013

After waking up early and blogging day 1 I was far too excited to go back to sleep and daylight was sneaking through. Strangely at this early hour I reflected upon rural development, in that I was in London, a global technology hub and boiling a kettle on the gas stove. Last time his happened to me I melted an electric one staying with friends in New Zealand. Of course Sam and Anna are aware of electric kettles, they are just in the process of moving house! I often get excited about the tiniest of things, today's first excitement was utilising ITV player over the Internet (unlimited broadband I may add). What a great app along with BBC iplayer. X factor and a cup of tea it was, does it get more British than that! ( ... read more
Fashion Week
Salvation Army

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City September 13th 2013

I get off the train after traveling from Paris via the English Channel. I have never been to London before, and I had to get familiar with the transit system, as well as using the British Pound as currency. Neither of these should be too difficult. I make my way to my hostel. It is near the train station which is very good for me. I have three separate tours for my stay here which is scheduled for four days. I arrive in the evening time, so after I find my hostel, check in, and take my things to my room, I set out on foot. There is a landmark that I saw a few years back on the reality show "The Amazing Race" that I really wanted to see and do. It was the London ... read more
Europe - 2013 054
Europe - 2013 068
Europe - 2013 082

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City September 8th 2013

After speaking to both Kev, then Grace and finally Katherine on Skype I was all set to go walking in some of Dickensian London. Taking the Tube to Monument my first port of call was the Monument, built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666. The tallest isolated stone column in the world, it's where Tom Pinch, in "Martin Chuzzlewit" gets lost in London. One of the other Dickensian places I visited was The George Inn which is London's only surviving galleried coaching inns which is mentioned in "Little Dorrit". I really didn't have time to look at all the Dickensian places along my walk, finishing at the only part of the Marshalsea Prison which remains; part of the wall. It was the Marshalsea in which Dickens' father was imprisoned ... read more
St Magnus the Martyr's Church clock
The mighty River Thames again!
The George Hotel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City August 13th 2013

Miss Kika (the black cat missing in action so far) suddenly appeared for breakfast today! She gave Chris a hiss, ate some grub, then took off again. At least we know she's okay but she doesn't stick around long enough for me to even grab a photo of her! After our own breakfast we headed out for a day of sightseeing. We began at the off-sale/corner store to buy an Oyster card. This is like a cash card for the busses and subways. A 5 GBP deposit gets you a card (refundable when you're done with it) and we each put 20 GBP onto our cards. Your subway entrance and exit is quick and easy by tapping the card and the cost taken from it averages about half price so it is well worth getting this. ... read more
"The Original" Hop-on Hop off bus tours
Big Ben
Westminster Abbey

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 14th 2013

Ich bin wieder zurück in Edinburgh nach einem sehr heißen, sehr aufregenden Wochenende in London. Der gestrige Tag war wirklich noch ein richtiger Höhepunkt unserer Reise. Gegen Mittag, bei 30°C im Schatten und strahlendem Sonnenschein, hatten wir mal wieder eine Verabredung (es scheint wirklich, als würde sich alle Welt in London treffen). Diesmal war es Pablo, ein Typ den ich mit Steffi letztes Jahr in der Chapada Diamantina kennen gelernt hatte. Er war der in England lebende Australier mit spanischer Mutter und persischem Vater. Er hatte damals gesagt, wenn wir mal nach London kommen sollen wir Bescheid sagen und da ich da ja nicht so bin, habe ich ihn direkt beim Wort genommen. Im Gegensatz zu Jan hatte ich vor dem Treffen doch ein paar Bedenken, immerhin haben wir nur mal einen Tag zusammen verbracht und ... read more
Barrio Bar in Shoreditch
ein echter Banksy

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 12th 2013

Ich kann es nicht glauben, ich bin in London!! Endlich! Ich habe es mir schon so lange gewünscht, aber es nie geschafft. Aber ich bin auch soooo kaputt. Eigentlich will ich nur noch schlafen. Unser Bus ist Mittwochabend erst mit einer Stunde Verspätung losgefahren, weshalb wie gestern Morgen auch mit einer Stunde Verspätung angekommen sind. Ist nicht ganz so tragisch, war trotzdem erst halb 9. Geschlafen habe ich kaum, denn – man mag es kaum sagen – im Gegensatz zu den brasilianischen Fernbussen war der hier scheiße unbequem und eng. Nach Ankunft haben wir uns direkt unseren Weg zum Hostel gesucht um unsere Taschen abzustellen. Einchecken konnten wir natürlich noch nicht, aber immerhin konnten wir uns auf der Toilette etwas frisch machen und umziehen. Dann sind wir auch sofort los in die Stadt um unsere Touristentour ... read more
Tower Bridge
Udderbelly Festival

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