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September 22nd 2013
Published: September 22nd 2013
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Another late start, 9.30am and after a shower I went with Sam to Fulham to get some freebie house stuff from his course mates. We went to a good burger joint and had monkey nuts as an entree, they are almost as much fun as eating prawns. I did like Sam's homemade onion rings as well. Nice area Fulham.After returning on the bus we then took the furniture to pieces to speed up moving the next day. After this it was time to buy a few Friday afternoon pints. Before this I had to buy myself a new pair of trainers. The employees face was a picture when I tried a pair on and as a result threw the old pair I was wearing in the bin, all or nothing when it comes to shopping.

I enjoy a beer with Sam as he is a fellow fan of the ale, none of this shandy drinking lager stuff (sorry miggly if you are reading). I would happily wear a cardigan and drink the proper stuff. Why do I think I am going to end up wearing a cardigan as a result of that comment. The local ale, Wandsworth I recollect is worth a dabble.

A peaceful evening, followed by a delicious supper cooked by Sam, roasted duck legs, garlic carrots, new potatoes and peas. After supper I then gave the hosts some chocolate to show my gratitude for having me. Of course I ate some of it too. As the TV was packed up we played cards which was fun, due to censorship I can only tell you it was ----head. Sam ended up being crowned the ---head (sorry buddy).

Always a pleasure to wake up to the smell of a full English breakfast. Michelin star Cockwell was once again at it preparing a perfect start to the day. Streaky bacon, sausages, fried egg, beans and toast, washed down with a coffee. Today is moving house day for Sam and Anna, fitting that it is therefore the 'last breakfast'.

Today was also my last day in the big city for the time being.After a shower and a couple of games of candy crush saga (great way of keeping the unemployed occupied - maybe I could go into business completing those frustrating levels for people) Sam returned with the transit van and we filled her up. The new flat is very nice, I love the varnished floors and garden! Remembering some of mark and I's journeys with mother driving around the UK years ago, the TomTom has to be up there technology wise with 24 hour power and space travel! Sam then dropped me off at the train station.

All week I have had no issues with transport, today was the exception. I was already late meeting Rebecca and her friend Sarah at Kew for the guided tour. All I had to do was make the 4 stop journey (15 minutes at most), it took me an hour and 15 minutes. Firstly I went in the wrong direction, arriving back to where I started after half an hour. Then I got delayed for 10-15 minutes as there was a breakdown in front of us. Next was unusual, the police and railway staff boarded the train and arrested the chap next to me. I don't know why, but he didn't go quietly or quickly!. Eventually I arrived and met Rebecca at Victoria gate.

Kew Gardens is a must for anyone in London. It is so beautifully looked after, saying this I only looked at a small section, but will be back! Tour guide Upson was more than up to scratch and showed me the veggie plots, the fungi artistic display, the grasses section (yes scientists love their specialised subjects), the alpine greenhouse ran by Kit (has been to FI), tropical house, cacti area (hard not to feel like it should be located inAmsterdam!) and carnivorous plants. I was thinking of feeding them a vegetarian but couldn't find one. I got to see our own endemic Moore's Plantain, theoretically it is highlighted and information can be obtained from the Kew Gardens phone app.

I then raced back to get showered and head to Heathrow. Aside from losing my boarding card it all went smoothly and I am writing this blog 2 hours from Nairobi over Khartoum wherever that is. Losing the boarding card may have merit, as the lady called me through and fast tracked me through business class, no upgrade though, but must still be grateful. I also had sushi at last before boarding.

I am sat next to a young doctor who is out doing charity work for 2 weeks in Uganda. On the other side a local who has been on holiday for 6 days in Scotland. I want her to wake her up as I forgot to ask if she bumped into Marv and Carla. She did to Inverness!

Next chapter - Tanzania (Africa) - will probably be put of contact on safari


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