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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City January 12th 2013

Living in Kenton didn’t, and still doesn't, really count as living or being in “London”. For us insiders, Kenton is in Harrow and Harrow is in Middlesex aka Middx (one of the "Home Counties"). Kenton has an HA postal code rather than a NW, N, SW, E and so on. Our super precise English postal code was HA3 9PS. Because of this, one went “up to London” from Harrow. Just as the English “go to Europe this year” for their holidays. For a few post grad summer months I commuted into and out of London on The Tube to work in County Hall. I was at the Greater London Council when it was holding onto its existence by its fingernails against a vicious Conservative Government. My communal office was perched above the South Bank and it ... read more
View from a GLC Office Window
County Hall
Tower Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City December 19th 2012

After 43 years, I finally returned home to London where I spent a month. Here's my shots.... read more
Albert Hall
Monument Outside Buckingham Palace
The Shard, behind the Tower of London

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City November 13th 2012

Time flies when you are having fun or so they say. Time has flown for us and it is the last day of our visit to London. What a time we have had. Our colds still seem to be well and truly with us. We are still sneezing, coughing and spluttering and they are lingering on for some reason. We need some sun to get rid of them. And we are truly exhausted. We thought Rome exhausted us with all that walking between the sights but London is something else. So many landmarks to see - and what a sky line. What a city. The problem is that there is so much distance between one attraction and the next one. Even using the underground everything seems so spread out. A friend told me that she wished ... read more
British Museum
Briitsh Museum
British Museum

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City November 11th 2012

Day 3 - and the plan was to breakfast, catch the train into London again and to wander around the Tower Bridge area of the city. On the list of must do places were the Tower of London and St Pauls both of which were free with our London Pass. The weather was again chilly and the sky grey and the leaves fell from the trees on our site like snow falling from the heavens. It was a thankless task for the wardens who had to brush the leaves into ever growing piles in readiness for collection by the council. There are three shower blocks on site and one closed today for the winter season. Money has to be saved somewhere and heating three shower blocks seemed an extravagance. The site was surprisingly empty. Most of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City November 2nd 2012

Now that we were engaged and we made the decision to get married in the UK, it was time to head over there to start looking for suitable venues. We had also been invited to one of Hannah’s good friend’s wedding in Grantham and while over there planned to visit as many people as possible, so it was going to be a busy trip. Hannah’s family met us at the airport and we headed into London where we would spend the first few days doing some sightseeing. Considering England was now heading into winter we were extremely lucky to have some fantastic weather while in London, it was freezing cold and a shock coming from Melbourne where is was boiling hot, but it was almost a completely cloudless sky, perfect to roam around London. On the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City October 23rd 2012

Back in 2010, I headed over to the UK to spend a few days working in Liverpool. It was a bit last minute and required a move that I’ve done all too often: the suitcase swap. When I have two adjacent trips, I’ll pack two suitcases and leave one in the car at the airport. Then upon arrival, run out, switch bags, and head back in catch the next flight. This time I was going to drop off the work gear, meet up Jenn, and catch a flight down to Costa Rica for my buddy Paul’s wedding. I had a few hours cushion, so it was tight but very possible. Unless of course, some freak accident occurred. When I went to check out of my Liverpool hotel, the clerk asked if I was going to the ... read more
Denied on Day 2
Walking about
Picnic-ing it

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City October 11th 2012

Heeft u een leuk hotel in Londen gevonden, en wilt u van hieruit eens een steakhouse in de omgeving bezoeken? Dat is natuurlijk geen probleem. In de directe omgeving van vrijwel alle hotels in Londen is een uitstekend steakhouse te vinden. Hier vindt u een overzicht van de beste steakhouses welke u vanuit uw hotel in Londen Centrum, of buiten het centrum, kunt bezoeken. Angus Steak House Er zijn heel wat vestigingen van deze beruchte steak house. Er zijn in heel de stad maar liefst zes adressen te vinden waar u kunt genieten van de specialiteiten van Angus Steak House. Niet alleen kunt u hier in een sfeervolle ambiance genieten van uw steak, maar u kunt ook echt genieten van... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City October 8th 2012

Ik kreeg vorige week donderdag plots opdracht van mijn baas om een zakenreis te plannen naar Londen... voor de week daarna. Was me dat even paniek! Om te voorkomen dat jullie dezelfde stress moeten doorstaan als ik toen om alles op tijd in orde te krijgen, hier een handige checklist met zaken die je zeker niet uit het oog mag verliezen. Het maakt het in ieder geval gemakkelijker om de business trip zo efficiënt en zorgenloos mogelijk te plannen. First things first: regel de locatie van de meeting! Bel of mail het buitenlandse bedrijf even snel en laat de locatie van de meeting bevestigen. Al te vaak loopt het hier al mis - met alle gevolgen van dien. Zoek een hotel in de buurt van het bedrijf of van de meeting. Nemen we even ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City October 8th 2012

Ik hoor je al denken: “Nog een artikel over wat ik zeker moet zien als ik Londen bezoek. Ik weet het ondertussen al hoor!”. Wel, dat is net wat ik ook dacht toen ik Londen bezocht met mijn map vol informatie en bezienswaardigheden in de wereldstad. Ik had het echter grandioos mis. Ben je net als mij iemand die niet altijd de meest publieke en gekende musea of bezienswaardigheden opzoekt (genre Big Ben, Buckingham Palace of Harrods)? Overnacht je dan wel in een standaard hotel in Londen centrum om de prijs te drukken maar wil je toch de typisch Londense stadssfeer opsnuiven? Volg dan even mee met deze kleine en minder bekende bezienswaardigheden of ervaringen die je wat mij betreft absoluut moet meegemaakt hebben. Prachtig, dat is deze stad zeker maar heb je Londen ook al ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City October 7th 2012

swWe arrived into Stansted, UK airport from Ibiza. Pickup our rental car without a hitch. Got great directions to our B&B and proceeded to drive the exact opposite direction. So it is dark, we are again on the opposite side of the road and we are lost with no GPS. Ended up driving a good 20 miles in the wrong direction before we clued in. We turned around and drove right back past Stansted airport and within 10 minutes we were at our B&B. We arrived starving and on the edge of yelling at each other. As we checked in, we said we needed food and lots of drink. The kitchen was closing so they stayed open for a few minutes while we went to our room, washed our hands etc. When we got back downstairs ... read more
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