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November 16th 2013
Published: November 16th 2013
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We went to London. The first thing that we did there was walk to Big Ben, and saw the London Eye. Then we continued on to Trafalgar Square once again, and went to Holiwood planet, a restaurant for lunch. I had a margherita pizza that was really good; I ate all of it. After that, we went to the London dungeons, which is really, really close to the London Eye. The London dungeons is a walk through of what the history of what London was in the 1880s. It's almost like you are in a story book. You are sent into the London dungeons to be executed, but one person in your group is given a letter. You are there to give it to the Pope, because you are attempting to kill the king by blowing up the underneath of the court room. But a guard foils your plans. You don't get the letter to the Pope, and the guard stops you and arrests you for attempting to kill the king. Behind the guard is the decapitated head of an ally. The ally's head comes back to life and says that it wouldn't have worked anyway because the wood was wet. The guard doesn't believe him, so the head says 'why don't you try it yourself?'. The guard tries it and it does work, it lights and it explodes. The head says, "I couldn't have done it better myself." Then you are sent into the judging room where you will be declared to live or not. After that, you are sent out and you hear the story of Jack the Ripper. As you continue on, you go into a bar and a lady tells you that nobody knows why Jack the Ripper disappeared, and if he will be back. That concludes the story and we left. We were late to get home because it was rush hour, but we made it home and had a great supper.

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