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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth July 19th 2016

Where else will the buses from Dartmouth take us? Plymouth was another destination we could easily reach, but we can also get there easily by boat. Should we take the time to explore Plymouth by bus when we can sail there? Our reports on Plymouth from others left us with mixed reviews – some said it was worth a stop and others said you could easily bypass it. We had some extra time in Dartmouth so we figured we could take the bus, see a new area and then decide for ourselves if we would take the time to sail there later as we move west along the coast. We could either get to Plymouth by taking the bus #3 which took us to Kingsbridge previously OR we could take a different route to Plymouth. Naturally ... read more
For Those of You in the US That Think Gas is Expensive
A Variety of Houses Seen on Our Travels
Looked Like An Interesting Structure When Arriving

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth June 26th 2015

Today was the first day that we've had rain. It was short lived but we got soaked! Once the cloud passed and the sun came out, the day was beautiful. We spent the day in Plymouth. Plymouth was destroyed (bombed) during the Battle of Britain. Children were abruptly tagged and evacuated. Those children who did not have family to go to were essentially given to strangers in a bidding war. More about this at a later time. Today Plymouth is a large city. It holds the Mayflower memorial (where the Pilgrims sailed from) and an extensive WWII memorial that lists thousands upon thousands of names. We did a great deal of walking around the city and had a nice lunch in yet another pub. It's a running joke that John has wholeheartedly embraced the culture. He ... read more
Sutton Harbor
Mayflower Memorial
Sutton Harbor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth January 26th 2015

Monday 26th January, 2015. Welcome Aboard the Azores! Plymouth, England, UK We were collected from our home in Bristol as arranged at 12.15 pm. This arrangement had changed from the original plans as we had received a telephone call from the cruise company on Friday informing us that the departure port had changed. This was a bit of a blow as one of the reasons we had chosen this cruise was that it departed from Avonmouth which is the Port of Bristol. The upside of this change meant that we now had to be delivered to Avonmouth 4 hours later than originally planned and we would be transported by coach down to Plymouth. Al least it meant that our lift was not too inconvenienced. On arrival at Avonmouth Cruise Terminal we had to hang around for ... read more
Our Cabin

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth May 21st 2013

Good morning from Plymouth; just a little tidbit before we move on from here. There are not a lot of older buildings in Plymouth because of the blitz during the war. This church although it has major bomb damage it's been left as a reminder of the loss suffered at that time. On a lighter note, it's also in the center of a traffic circle. I know there are some of you who wouldn't appreciate the number or the sizes of the traffic circles here. Have a great day, later........ read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth May 19th 2013

Well folks, it was another jam packed day. We went to Stonehenge & Bath. Definitely two places I could see again. Stonehenge really left me with an unexplained feeling; awe is the only word I can think of to even capture my experience. Bath has got to be the most beautiful place I've visited so far on this trip. The Roman Baths were pretty awesome but the city was unbelievable. Our tour director and bus driver have been quite accommodating, they took us through the small villages and countryside on our way to Plymouth. The roads were quite narrow, I'm not sure how Sid our driver maneuvered the coach through them. There were many fields of rape seed, canola in bloom. The bright yellow blooms seemed even brighter against the rich green background. Tonight we had ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth August 19th 2012

EXCITED !! Hell yes Friday afternoon & it is nearly time, have had a really busy week, (feeling sorry for Hubby, really busy in work & being dragged out, see next paragraph lol) so no surprise the time has flown by, and I still haven't finished the packing, alright I don't actually do the packing, as Mr Perfect won't let me !! But all this preperation & still not enough hours in the day, haven't had time to visit family yet, but friends are coming tonight, (better not involve any drinking after visitors last weekend, but I won't go in to that !!) Had surprise visitors turn up for their anniversary in the week, so it was only polite to show them the joys of 'The Barbican' a beautiful part of Plymouth with some wonderful history ... read more
'The Barbie'
mmmm Sausage & Mash
Barbican Boats

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth August 19th 2012

Friday 10thAugust the agony has started, LISTS, I write them, lose them, then I write another one, then I add to it, and then still keep adding & writing even more – Just how many lists does one person need? I am not sure why this happens every time we decide to go away, but it does. Why can’t I just put everything in to the suitcase, turn off the lights & walk out the front door? It should be so simple, but it isn’t, think I should get tested for OCD! (or should that be CDO, everything in its correct order !) I have even resorted to looking up other people’s ideas & lists online, just in case they are more thorough than mine, but they’re not, perhaps I should put mine on the internet ... read more
SF Giants

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth August 19th 2012

How does he do it? Casually sat eating breakfast this morning (Sunday 5th Aug), feeling remarkably good considering the amount of alcohol we managed to consume last night, whilst watching Team GB win lots of gold medals :-) ... sorry I digress, Hubby asked "Where are the driving licences? " Easy answer to that I say, 'in the holiday pack' with passports, tickets & every other piece of paperwork we will need in 13 days time, feeling quite smug, off I go to look aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - His is there, but no sight of mine !! No worries I know where it will be, so off I go to look in the folder where everything paper like is kept in our house, (or should be) nope not there, got to be with car paperwork then, nope! ok ... read more
Do we really want to leave this green & pleasant land?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth August 19th 2012

Where we are going, if they will have us !! Flying from Heathrow, but stopping at my lovely Mums, who is putting up with us again, the night before we fly & then the lovely relations near London, who have very kindly offered to 'babysit' our car for the duration of our trip!!Then off we go to......... Los Angeles (to be known as LA from now on) Hollywood district in a quirky B&B - first 3 nights Solvang - a little Dutch town (only in America) - one night Travelling up Highway 1 aka Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) aka Big Sur, how can one road have so many names? Monterey (apparently Monterey Jack cheese started here!)- one night San Francisco - Sunset District (some nice person has built an extension on her house, and is letting ... read more
Our lovely Moor, let's hope we similar or better

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth August 19th 2012

Three week road trip through California, Nevada & Arizona, no worries!!! Yeah right, knowing how much 'hubby' likes to research, plan & schedule things, this was never going to be an easy task, so thought that 2 years should have been enough time, but no, with only 16 days to go, he is happily informing me that he has found a nice little 'off licence' less than quarter of a mile from our B&B in Los Angeles - "Can never be too prepared" he says - really!! So I thought I would start a blog today, Thursday 2nd August 2012, to help 'vent my frustrations' otherwise he will get it both barrels & we may not get to see our 11th anniversary :-)... read more

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