Hubby & Me


Hubby & Me

We thought we should celebrate 10 years of 'putting up with each other' otherwise known as our Wedding Anniversary, with something a little different, so following inspiration from a bottle or two of wine and the film Sideways, we are off on a 3 week road trip from LA to Vegas, with a couple of stops in between, and not just vineyards!!
Knowing that our friends & family want to see what we are up to (be nosy) we thought we would blog our journey ............. so as the song goes 'Let's go to San Francisco'

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas September 8th 2012

Well the view from our suite was fantastic, looking up the strip on to New York, New York, MGM could even see the Eiffel Tower - which we went up early evening where you can see all across Vegas & the Ballagio fountain show -beautiful. The tower took 2 years to build and was opened in 1999 and is half the size of the original. So what did we get up to, shopping mainly, much to Mr 'I don't like shopping' disgust, when all he did was complain about the walking, his feet aching & how he needed a beer & how much money I was spending! So how come he ended up buying more new clothes than me !!! Vegas was fun, the hotels were unbelievable, top of the range shops in all the top ... read more
New York, New York
Guess where?

We are off again on our last long drive of this amazing road trip we have been on, this time to The Grand Canyon. Not sure what to expect after all the amazing sites we have seen, can this stand up to the pressure or will it be a damp squib? Left Downtown Vegas, which I have an affectionate spot for, and headed off thought we should travel along some of the historic Route 66, as we could, and it would be nice not to be on interstates & highways all the time. It was once again a different side to America, lovely scenery & we passed some very quirky towns. It seems that since the interstate has been built people hardly ever visit now, which is a shame. Grand Canyon - we had booked in ... read more
Just a little slot machine
Seligman on Route 66

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas September 4th 2012

We stopped in the little town of Independence for the night under the shadows of Mount Whitney the highest mountain, 14,505 ft high, in the US after leaving the wondrous beauty of Yosemite, then we were off and once again this country shows me another side to it’s amazing countryside - Death Valley, barren, arid and all but lifeless, but still a wonder to behold. With temperatures reaching 112 deg, sand dunes and a drop in altitude that played havoc with our ears, worse than being on an aeroplane! We went from 10,000 ft above sea level to 190 ft below sea level, my ears do not know what they are doing!! Then we drove on straight roads, when I say staright I mean straight, we went for 20 miles and I only moved the steering ... read more
Viva Vegas
Sand dunes in Death Vally
mmm flights of beer

As we are leaving the wonderful city of San Francisco, hopefully it won't be forever, managed to catch the Golden Gate Bridge in all it's glory, with a little fog, having been over it three times in all, I think it looked even prettier than usual. (The bridge celebrated it's 75th birthday this year) I have now actually driven on a highway that was seven lanes wide, yes seven with traffic all going in the same direction - unbelievable. On our way to Groveland, where we are staying before journeying on to Yosemite, we called in at a little mining town called Jamestown, wanted to go panning for gold, but were too late & it was over 90deg, way too hot. As we were driving the 200 + miles the temperature reading on the car hit ... read more
Hotel Charlotte

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission August 29th 2012

Our last full day in this beautiful city, so even though we had a 'slight' hangover thought we should do all the photo shoots we hadn't accomplished yet, especially as we had just heard on the news that an area of California has had a cluster of earthquakes over the last 3 days, so a little worried SF might be next, so better photo it before it disappears !! So off we went - Lombard Street was our first visit, bit difficult to photograph the crookedest, windiest road in the world, even bloody harder to drive down, it was scary but not half as frightening as driving over a brow of a road and not being able to see the bottom !!! & asking 'Mr useless with a video' to record our effort was not the ... read more
San Francisco
As it says on the sign!
Painted Ladies

North America » United States » California » Sausalito August 29th 2012

Went for a little walk this morning in the stunning Muir Woods, well it was suposed to be a short jaunt of about a mile, which we thought would be a nice start to the day - how we end up getting lost and walking for about 3 1/2 miles I have no idea, but thats what happened Mr 'I am not to blame' says it's my fault because I said lets go that way, we will have to have words!! But it was worth it the trees were unbelievable - so tall it was hard to take it all in! The tallest tree in the woods is 258feet (79m) tall. Muir Woods was saved from destruction by loggers, after a couple purchased the land to save the Redwoods being destroyed in the early 1900's, it ... read more
Muir Woods
Giant Redwoods
View on the way to Muir Woods

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Alcatraz August 27th 2012

Yippee - Shopping Day ! Off to spend Hubbies money, need some jeans, top and/or a jacket, as we are off to Alcatraz tonight & everyone says it is freezing going across the bay & walking around the island, so going prepared! Ok have now decided as much as I love Bloomingdales, Macys, Nordstroms & many, many other lovely shops I need to win the lottery if I can ever afford to buy anything in any of them :-( Did get some new Levi 'skinny' fit jeans, that I have to peel on & off, but are lovely and comfy, which at my age is very important! And a new wool jacket & a scarf, right ready for anything this strange San Francisco weather can throw at me; but before we go had to have a ... read more
San Francisco
Alcatraz Island
Bay Bridge

Well all I can say is that we are staying in a bigger version of Plymouth....... Plymouth has Tamar Bridge & Laira Bridge V's SF has Golden Gate (which I still haven't actually seen yet!) & Bay Bridge - just theirs are bigger & prettier Plymouth has The Sound V's SF has The Bay - just bigger Plymouth has Home Park (Home to football team) V's SF has AT&T Park (home to Baseball team) - just bigger & a lot nicer Plymouth has Drakes Island V's SF has Alcatraz Island - just slightly bigger & a lot more interesting Both Plymouth & SF has held the Americas Cup Plymouth has hills V's SF has hills only a lot bigger & steeper Plymouth has The Barbican V's SF has Fishermans Wharf - Plymouth wins this as the ... read more
Tasty Salty Pig Parts !
Big Tomatoes
We found 'Pasties' ?

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Pacifica August 26th 2012

Yay we have arrived, after leaving Monterey we went towards a National park as I wanted to look at the 'Big trees' also called into Santa Cruz for breakfast, a town where nothing opens till 10am, even had to wake up the motel receptionist to check out this morning!! ( I didn't think 8am was that early!!) Was so excited to arrive in San Fran, that we opened our Lansons bubbly to celebrate our wedding anniversary, then caught the tube in to town. I cannot believe the hills here, steep they are unbelievable! Haven't seen the Golden Gate Bridge yet, but have spied Alcatraz from afar, visiting there on Sunday, also rode on a cable car then went to Chinatown for something to eat (only apt really considering 10 years ago we were actually in China) ... read more
View from our room
Santa Cruz

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 23rd 2012

OH DEAR!! Day 5 & Hubby had a meltdown in the car on the trip today; SatNav lady was guiding us from Solvang to the Big Sur, and Mr Angry happened to ask me where we were, " I don't know" I replied apparently that was not what he wanted to hear! There ensued rants, raves and swear words for at least 30 mins (might have been seconds but seemed longer) until he calmed down, read the map, knew where we were & not in the middle of America as he thought, & carried on driving, knew I should have driven, but at least he gets to see our anniversary. (mind you next time I will kick him out of the car & drive off ) !! Anyway back to earlier - Strated the day quite ... read more
Healthy Breakfast
Baby elephant seal
Fry up Danish style

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