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August 23rd 2012
Published: August 25th 2012
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Mountains in the backgroundMountains in the backgroundMountains in the background

We drove through them

Day 5 & Hubby had a meltdown in the car on the trip today; SatNav lady was guiding us from Solvang to the Big Sur, and Mr Angry happened to ask me where we were, " I don't know" I replied apparently that was not what he wanted to hear! There ensued rants, raves and swear words for at least 30 mins (might have been seconds but seemed longer) until he calmed down, read the map, knew where we were & not in the middle of America as he thought, & carried on driving, knew I should have driven, but at least he gets to see our anniversary. (mind you next time I will kick him out of the car & drive off ) !!

Anyway back to earlier - Strated the day quite well, managed to get half a decent nights sleep, perhaps we are slowly adjusting to time difference; went for breakfast, yummy pancakes - some with sausages & eggs, some with whipped cream & strawberries, strange experience for brekkie, but enjoyable.

Stopped at Morro Bay for coffee, unfortunately someone had stolen the sun, as it was bit foggy, nice little seaside town with a pretty bay & a big rock! Also a big chess board, which had us laughing when we heard a man say "how big are the guys who play this?" perhaps you had to be there?

Then we were off - on a journey of epic portions about 200 miles to drive which took us 5 hours, yes 5 hours, with no traffic jams & only one quick wee stop & a packet of M&M's & crisps. I have never been so scared in my life driving along a road, if anyone ever suggests driving along the Big Sur, take my advice DON'T !! There are hairpin bends, right angle turns, parts where there are no sides to the roads just canyons you can fall in to (no crash barriers either) parts of the road are single lane & you keep coming across vehicles that are as big as houses on wheels - but the scenery was beautiful, the mountains were stunning & we got to see elephant seals, well worth the stressful journey - hats off to Mr Incredible, he drove all the way, no mean feat, very proud of him.

Didn't get to see much of Monterey, were knackered when we got here, so decided to go for a meal, then an early night - yea right - found a couple of British pubs were we tried a few of the local ales - eventually went for dinner, had Korean, unusual but, very, very nice, then we found our beds!

Had trouble with internet connections lately, so bear with me, if I am a day or so late posting - catch up soon x

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"How big are the guys who play this?"
New tunnelNew tunnel
New tunnel

Because the road keeps disappearing in to the sea, they are building a new tunnel
P-Doggy on the Big SurP-Doggy on the Big Sur
P-Doggy on the Big Sur

Taking a break from the driving !
Big SurBig Sur
Big Sur

We have lost count of how many Mustangs we have seen

25th August 2012

No no no.
No arguments on holidays, wait until you get home. Have a wonderful time at your next destination. Take care drive carefully, love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
26th August 2012

We don't argue, he just does as I tell him lol We are having a lovely time, hope you are well xx

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