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8th September 2012

I've Followed your whole trip just to see an outsider's view of us...
so thanks for thinking that not all Americans fit the stereotype, and that you will return.
From Blog: Homeward Bound !
28th August 2012

Nice photos.
Dear Hali & Roger, some lovely pictures, I expect you have many more to show when you get back. Can't wait to see them. Love Mum xxxxxxxx
27th August 2012

amazing amazing amazing
have a fun last day in SF,next stop groveland, wonder if vegas knows whats coming
25th August 2012

No no no.
No arguments on holidays, wait until you get home. Have a wonderful time at your next destination. Take care drive carefully, love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
26th August 2012

We don't argue, he just does as I tell him lol We are having a lovely time, hope you are well xx
22nd August 2012

Sun cream!
I hope P-Doggy is having plenty of sun cream, also yourselves. Enjoy. Love Mum xx
22nd August 2012

truly amazing
Oh it looks all so amazing you did not find the 2 wheeler bikes on Santa Monica Pier then or the Roller Blades that would have been fun ..lol, to see you both doing them, but hey give yourselves an Olympic Medal for doing the walking think of the exercise and you burnt off some calories just like those Burly Blokes.. keep it up.
21st August 2012

Wonderful holiday.
Dear Hali & Roger, what a fantastic holiday, lovely to see the pictures and comments, take ltsa of love Mum.xx
From Blog: We've arrived !
21st August 2012

Hi Mum having a lovely time, hope you are well xx
From Blog: We've arrived !
21st August 2012
Breakfast at Tiffany's !

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Yes please!!!
From Blog: We've arrived !
21st August 2012
Breakfast at Tiffany's !

Thought you might like that one Mrs C x
From Blog: We've arrived !
21st August 2012
Small section of  Beers

Small selection of beers
Hopefully when Neil sees this "small" selection of beers he will insist on a holiday to LA. Enjoying your blogs - look fantastic. xxxxx
From Blog: We've arrived !
19th August 2012

Happy Landings
Hello Mr & Mrs G. Have a wonderful magic time, we are all thinking of you, back here in the 51st state. By this time you should have landed and the start of your adventure has begun. And of course, you will have a new day to start all over again. Early afternoon, where you are. We are 8 hours ahead. So by 4 in the afternoon in LA. You'll be ready for bed. Time travel is bonkers!!! One little "geeky" request!! Any beer / wine, the more unusual, the better, can you add a photo and a rating to your blog............. Love you both. Neil & Lesley x
21st August 2012

Will do
You were right, time differences have killed us, but onwards & upwards !! Looking out already for beers, will keep you informed xx
18th August 2012

Looks like Bangers and Mash to me...
we have enjoyed visiting Plymouth too!
14th August 2012

Dog Toy
Best information. Keep sharing the same :) Dog Toy , Dog Shampoo
14th August 2012

Love P-Doggy!! Hope all 3 of you have a great hol... xxx
11th August 2012

blog fun
Hey you need to take the challenge write a book about it.lol

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