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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester December 2nd 2022

After the long walk back from the Museum it was time to have a well-deserved coffee. We arrived at the Cathedral. A low squat building surrounded in parts with scaffolding. It was so cold and there was so little to see we did not bother to take photographs . Perhaps next time. The cathedral began its life as a Benedictine monastery dedicated to Saint Werburgh. The is the name I know it by rather than the mouthful of Christ and the Blessed Virgin. Mind you perhaps St Werburgh is a mouthful too. That Mercian saint with a massive name . We struggled to find the entrance which was tucked in at the front of the building. Normally we would stand outside and admire the doorway into the cathedral in the same way as we have done ... read more
The pulpit in the refectory
Christmas trees in the cloisters
The water of life

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester December 1st 2022

There is something about a trip that sometimes brings back memories. Memories both good and bad. Memories that have been long forgotten. Perhaps it is a place. Or a smell. Something just brings those memories flooding back. Today was one of those days. We never went to Chester much when I was a child. It was one of those day out trips. Not far away but involved what must have felt like a long and expensive ride out on a bus. A trip to a city. Much bigger than Wrexham. With much more history and infrastructure. Interesting shops. A medieval heart that Wrexham lacked. A cathedral. We only had a large church. A Victorian Gothic Town Hall, markets and the Walls. We drove from home to the nearby Park and Ride which took us for the ... read more
Along the walls
Welcome to Chester
Outside the Town Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Tattenhall July 6th 2022

We had a plan to day but it was thwarted by the weather . For July it is dreadful . It threatens rain every day . The skies are overcast . That complete covering of grey with little to relieve it . The plan had been to do something most days . Hodnet Hall - only opens in the summer months on a Wednesday . Each week something else got in the way . Looked it the same would happen today . Cholmondeley Castle Gardens - again summer opening only . This time Thursdays only. By the time mid morning had come around we just had to go out somewhere . In the end we got in the car and just drove . Across the border into England . To a small hamlet called Bruera . ... read more
Many of the gravestones were in wonderful condition
This is as close as I got to inside - the porch message
The sundial

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Knutsford June 20th 2022

"Shall we take Gabby? " " She could do with a drive out just to turn her tyres round and give us the opportunity for an easy comfort break and a coffee without having to do into a shop or motorway services " It all sounded a good idea as she had not been out for the past two weeks and a run would do her good and keep her running in good order . However , she was running on empty after our last trip to Clay Cross . If we were to take her out we would have to head for town to fill up. Extra miles and a bill for fuel that would top out at around £200 if our last fill was anything to go by. A few weeks ago her tank ... read more
The new library arch
Over Cat and Fiddle
The art deco library windows

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire April 27th 2022

"They are building a church over there " I could imagine the conversations going on in Farndon and Holt just across the river in the 14th century. The villagers would have looked across the River Dee and perhaps envy crept in . The two villages are just a stones throw from each other separated by the river Dee and the medieval bridge that crossed between two worlds . England on one side and Wales on the other. Two different cultures . Two different languages and just a few hundreds yards between them . There was a church in Saxon England at Farndon and a church was mentioned in the Domesday Book . Holts church was built around the 1200's. I imagined the conversations " If they can afford a church then we need to build one ... read more
Detail from the window
One of the memorials on the walls
The last supper

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester January 1st 2022

The first minister of Wales had pronounced a whole raft of instructions and guidance on how to spend Christmas and New Year safely. In the company of a few people . Not allowed to watch football. Not going out to celebrate New Year . Nightclubs closed . . But across the border just a stones throw away Boris had allowed everyone a free rein to enjoy themselves . We could have listened to the first minister and stayed locked up . But this time we had had enough. We were fed up of being forced to stay in. It was time to spread our wings and rebel. So what did we decide to do? On the buses - that is the clue to how we spent the day. Did you watch Reg Varney all those years ... read more
London bus waiting for passengers
The big yellow bus on its way to Wrexham
IH going to Wrexham

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Malpas August 9th 2021

Just for once we were trying to forget Covid . We were out for the morning . We found ourselves sitting outside a pavement cafe in the tiny village of Malpas in Cheshire . The cafe seemed almost continental and reminded us of many holidays abroad . We had sat under umberellas like this one in Madrid, in St Jean de Luz , many an Italian village , in Geneva - the list went on and on. The sun was shining and we could almost be abroad . I thought about all the blogs I had written about sunny squares in Florence, in Siena , in the Tuscan countryside . Wine drunk in gites in Annecy and Dinan . It seemed odd to be thinking about those blogs from years ago sitting on the High Street ... read more
Whitewell from the distance
a decorated doorway
The french style market halle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Malpas January 26th 2021

I have been rather naughty today . I have broken Covid guidelines . I have travelled further than 5 miles from home . I have driven from Wales into England . I had a parcel to pick up at the nearest Post Office . The nearest had proved inaccessible due to flooding so the next nearest was about 8 miles down the road in the next county of Cheshire and the next country of England. I needed to get out and I was going to enjoy myself . Malpas is a picturesque place deep in the heart of the south Cheshire countryside . It once had a motte and bailey castle situated somewhere near St Oswalds church but in all the years I lived there I never once discovered it . Malpas like many small towns ... read more
There are dates everywhere
The Malpas Cross
Malpas Church Street

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester August 31st 2019

I’ve been saying that Chester Zoo is a great day out for the last twenty years without, actually… you know… going. So, a couple of weeks ago we woke up and said; ‘What a nice day. Let’s go to Chester Zoo!’. I went as a schoolboy and had a marvellous time, although all I can remember is laughing at a monkey masturbating. As a thirteen-year-old it was a profound moment that impacted on so many levels. It certainly confirmed Darwin’s theory of evolution, as I and my classmates felt an instant connection to our simian relative. We also figured that the caged onanist was rebelling against his captors, if in a peculiar way. Twenty-five years later, I visited with an extended family group and a tiny primate urinated gleefully on my niece. Well… ‘it could have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Tarporley May 11th 2019

it's hard to believe it is already the middle of may. sadly i have booked my flight back to vancouver for the 31st of may. my cruising adventure has been an amazing and memorable experience but i think i am ready to go home. it gets very tiring living out of a suitcase. since my last blog i have been to stay with my turkish father and his family in southgate, and spent a week with my arcadia friend tony at his home in cheshire. tony and i were on a tuk-tuk in colombo, sri lanka only a few weeks before the terrorist attacks. i remember passing the hotels that were targeted. southgate is very near to wanstead where my godmother lives. it was nice to see my father and my half sister and brother again. ... read more
china town with rose

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