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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge July 29th 2019

On 19th July we visited Cambridge. As we travel to Bury St Edmunds to see parents-in-law, we used King’s Cross station and took the train for King’s Lynn. The weather wasn’t quite promising on 19th July; we both umbrellas and I wore a raincoat. As it was raining when we arrived at Cambridge station, we decided to catch the bus for the town centre. We saw the bus going was going through high streets, town centre, but realized that the bus didn’t seem to stop at the bus terminal and seemed to be going to outskirts of Cambridge. We got off at one of the Commons near the edge of the town centre. Having followed the maps and signs, we reached Fitzwilliam Museum on Trumpington Street. Like London’s British Museum, the building of Fitzwilliam Museum was ... read more
Incide of Fitzwilliams Museum
Henry Moore's sculpture

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge January 29th 2018

Forgive me Google for I have sinned, it has been 3 years since my last blog post. I have much to confess... I have been using a VPN to mask my sins so that you shall not see, but I know now you have an all-seeing eye and seek your guidance to set me back on the path to well-groomed, targeted advertising. I have set up false idols and usernames on other less invasive mail clients only for me to see now that they are nothing when compared with your majestic 128-bit encryption, through which you are still able to see my wildest fantasy novel selection on kindle and my greatest flaws and underlay choices. And you lay before me your omnipotent offerings of that only you, in your unerring knowledge, could possibly divine what I ... read more
I, solemly
Angel in Budapest
A Thai Phallacy

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge January 18th 2018

Our group met up early this morning at 7:45 to head to Cambridge. A few of the undergrads were tired from a restless night. Gusts of wind knocked their shutters around last night, and I guess they didn't sleep well. We went by train and got to see some beautiful parts of England on the way. When we arrived, we walked a little over a mile to the Eagle Pub. We got there right at 11am when they were supposed to open. A few workers stood outside, questioning the window above us that was closed. We wanted to go in and sit down, but, unfortunately, they had a late delivery (Possibly due to an angry ghost! Cue creepy music.). They had to postpone opening until noon. So, we wandered around the area. A few of us ... read more
Commemorating Watson & Crick
The Eagle Pub
Lunch at the Eagle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge September 14th 2017

Today we planned to go for a guided walk around the town of Cambridge so that we could see wheee the major colleges wee and get an insight into the history of the university. The weather was again variable, but thankfully here did not seem to be rain coming in the morning, when we would walk. The walk left from the fudge kitchen at 11am, so we were there in plenty of time. There were lots of tours walking around, with guides giving information in a great variety of langauges. our guide, Catherine, was a recent graduate of Catherine College. Although there was a slight bias in her information, with a history degree, she was certainly able to explain the different rebellions and changes in the long history of the university. As we began our walk ... read more
The back of Kings College
A punt on the River Cam
Inside Kings College chapel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge September 13th 2017

This morning we packed and set off for Heathrow again to pick up our car. We had to wait a while for the car to be located and washed, but eventu we were on our way. With enough data on the phone, we used it as our gps, and were soon on our way to the motorway. Our first objective was Duxford, and the Imperial war museum. Duxford is a flying base, now 100 years old. It has a variety of displays- planes on static display, planes being reconditioned, the history of the airfield, and an American museum recognising that the Americans took over the base and used it in WW2. The weather was very average today, rain, sun, wind. We got it all. The base is quite big, and at one point as we were ... read more
Planes, old and new
Memphis Belle
A spitfire

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge September 29th 2016

Vil du med ud og hente min nye bil? Jeg tog mod Cambridge hen på eftermiddagen. Jeg skulle endnu engang Couchsurfe, så det glædede jeg mig til. Min telefon løb tør for strøm, så jeg endte med at finde en restaurant, hvor jeg kunne lade min telefon, så jeg kunne komme i kontakt med min vært. En af tjenerne på restauranten var meget chokeret over, at jeg skulle bo hos en jeg slet ikke kendte. Jeg forklarede ham, at han havde gode referencer, så det burde være meget sikkert. Min vært Joe kom og hentede mig. Vi gik over til hans Audi TT. Jeg tabte kæben, det indrømmer jeg gerne. På vej til hans lejlighed fortæller han mig, at han skal hente sin nye Audi TT i morgen og jeg var meget velkommen til at tage ... read more
Kanalen og en smuk bygning
En låst låge... Burde man kravle over?
Interessant skulptur

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge September 29th 2016

Geo: 52.2, 0.11667 First a story. After 9 years, it might be time to retire old Tom. Tom is our Tomtom GPS. I got it as a retirement gift from the guys that I worked with. When I tried to update Tom before we left, it would get to 90% and then would say it failed. We took Tom anyway, knowing that his maps were 8 years old. But as Tom has gotten older, he has gotten slower too. We were pulling up to an intersection yesterday and he told us to go left. As we sat waiting for the light to change, he suddenly told us to go right. Since we were in the left lane I went left. We waited for him to tell us to make a U-turn, but instead he was happy ... read more
The sign
The King's College Chapel
The quad at King's College.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge July 31st 2016

Cambridge was teaming with people, a great majority of whom were in groups being led by someone with a flag. And there were people from all over the world, including many who appeared to be Chinese. Cambridge was a real smorgasbord of people. Our taxi - AKA Ann & Chris' motor home - turned up at 8.30am on Sunday morning to take us to our Cambridge hotel, a gesture which we greatly appreciated. Bags stashed in the hotel, we set off to explore some of Cambridge. With just one day to explore some of what Cambridge has to offer there were bound to be disappointments. In retrospect I'm sorry that I didn't go on a punt which entailed being told something of the history of each of the colleges you were passing as you were taken ... read more
The honeymooners inside St John's College
Cambridge markets
Lots to choose from.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge August 17th 2015

We drop Barbie off at the station. She's a civil celebrant, and she needs to go back to London for the day to officiate at the funeral of one of her daughter's friends. We visit Auntie Beth again, but unfortunately today she's unresponsive. She looks like she's trying to open her eyes, but just can't quite manage it. We tell her we'll come back again tomorrow, but we're not sure that she understands. Sally says that this is unfortunately far more typical than the brightness of yesterday. We drive to the small town of Ely, which is the home of a large and apparently famous cathedral. The signs in the car park say that parking here is free, and that anyone who parks here should tell their friends about it. It seems to be working; the ... read more
Tower, Ely Cathedral
Chimneys, Cambridge
Street scene, Cambridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Cambridge March 14th 2015

What a fun day! I'm still a little jetlagged, but I probably got 8-9 hours of sleep last night anyhow. Getting up at 6:30AM GMT was no easy task for me, though knowing where we were going certainly made it easier. Trains are such a wonderful deal throughout most of Europe, and England is no different - provided that you order online and early enough. This was my first trip to Cambridge, and I recommend visiting it, if you get a chance. The trip up to Cambridge took an hour from London. It turns out that the train station at Cambridge is actually nowhere near the university. It was over a mile to walk there, so we were grateful for the exercise and ate accordingly more food than we would have otherwise. We found this wonderful ... read more
Stained glass from Peterhouse Chapel
Boats for punting
With Eno in our boat

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