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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt August 25th 2008

It's a Small World After all. It's a world of laughter, a world or tears; It’s a world of hopes, it’s a world of fear. There’s so much that we share; that its time we're aware, it’s a small world after all Since I was a small child and visited Disneyland for the first time, the Matterhorn has always fascinated me. For some reason, my first real glimpse of the Matterhorn had me singing “It’s a small world” to myself. It’s amazing how things will zip you right back to your childhood. In fact, I now have that song stuck in my head, so feel free to sing along if you desire. We arrive via train in Zermatt on Thursday, the 21st of August. Our Eurail pass provided transportation to Visp, Switzerland. From Visp to Zermatt, ... read more
Marco tries his hand at rock climbing
Reflections of beauty
Zermatt Train Station

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt August 24th 2008

Greetings to all--We wanted to take a quick opportunity to send out some birthday greetings to some very special people. Happy Birthday shout outs go to: Anna--Lynne's wonderful sister in Tennessee Chaz--John's brilliant nephew in Florida Laura--Our special friend in Alaska As everyone can tell, we are a little behind on our blog updates. Please be patient. We have received an overwhelming amount of e-mails and messages asking us if we are being safe, where we are and how tings are going. We have been keeping up with e-mail responses fairly well, so feel free to send us messages. We really enjoy hearing from each of you. Ma, yes I am washing my hands. Stay tuned for a bulk post update. We are heading into Italy and will hole up for a few days to update ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt July 31st 2008

Today was the day to see the Matterhorn, you've seen the pictures and ridin' the ride at Disneyland. It is as you would imagine a small tourist town in Switzerland. Snow on the mountains, skiing all year long and 90% hotels and electric taxis and buses. The day was filled with a mountain ride to the 3100 metre point of a mountain then a 6 hour walk down back to the village. Surprisingly, our necks are a little more red than they ever got in Rome, must be the thinner air. One of the coolest things is that the only public transport into the village is by train (electric) and with the absent of Petro stations the only passenger transport are electric cars and trains. Tomorrow to the top of Europe, just a short trip to ... read more
5 stars
Swiss watches

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt April 3rd 2008

We are in Zermatt, a ski resort at the base of The Matterhorn. We took a train up here through steep mountains and tunnels, to arrive in the snow. It is like being in a Christmas card scene. When the sun came out the next day we were able to see the Matterhorn, a mighty site. Mark had a perfect first day snowboarding, fresh snow and plenty of sunshine. Later he took me in the cable car to the base of the Matterhorn. It was terrifying but spectacular. The little kids make skiing look so easy. Judging by the state Mark comes home in, it is pretty challenging. The hotel is gorgeous. The breakfasts are possibly the best thing here. Every afternoon, after Mark drags himself off the slopes, we sit in the lounge to try ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt November 25th 2007

Italy was a cool place, but we were excited to see our friend Pia and check out some cool mountain towns. We ended up in Lucerne which is a chilled out Swiss town and were utterly shocked when we walked out of the train station and saw snow on the THE ALPS? Huh, who´d have thought? We were told that snow was expected everyday we were there so we were thinking of heading to the local mountains to catch a bit of boarding. We found out that since it was still considered between seasons, Engelberg was basically closed for maintenance. The majority of the time was spent walking around in the freezing weather, it was -12 C. We met a group of cool Aussies that had been working on a luxurious super yacht in the ... read more
Summit Series
The Three Amigos

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt October 25th 2007

It seems like ages ago that we were in Switzerland now and of course once again I am very much behind with the update. We are now in France and I'm using a French keyboard and that is not the easiest thing to do so wont be wiriting to much. Our first port of call was Zurich and the largest city in Swizerland and is on the banks of a massive lake. The city centre was mainly the old style which was great for us, really like that old look in the cities. We just cruised around the city then went and hired out a couple of bikes (for free) and went out of the city a little along the lake. Another great day it was with not a cloud in the sky and was very ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt October 4th 2007

Hello all, sorry no pictures this time, just an update. Ross and I are in Zermatt right now which is the Whistler town here in Switzerland. The famous mountain in the area that you may have heard of is the Matterhorn! We hiked yesterday and it was spectacular, the pictures will follow the next time we are in a place that allows us to upload them. The weather has turned and the forcast is for rain for the next couple of days so I think we are going to hop on a train to Venice today or tomorrow morning. We have found a cheap hostel there so hopefully it wont be too expensive. Since it is becoming winter here we are looking into some hiking further south in Corsica. I have heard great things about that ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt October 4th 2007

Here are some photos. We had a bit of a scare at the photo shop as one of the memory cards no longer works.....don't know who is to blame but any ways....the pictures were not lost, only a memory chip fatality. Enjoy the photos, we haven't left for Venice yet, decided tomorrow is better. Talk to you all soon, Hope all is well at home Alicia and Ross... read more
A bit of a steep slope
The only people wearing shorts
What a couple

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt September 16th 2007

So I am in Switzerland, nestled at the base of the Alps. We can see the Matterhorn just outside of our hostel. So yeah, it's pretty freaking awesome! We've done some hiking, nothing too extreme because I have been a little under the weather and the high altitude isn't being nice to my lungs. But the views have been spectacular! There are mountains everywhere. And I must say that I like the weather here a lot more than Rome, it is like fall here but flowers are still in bloom! Today I did something I never thought I would do: I went paragliding! It was possibly the most amazing thing ever! Our jump point was about 1000 feet above the town. I could see for miles and miles, there wasn't a way I could look that ... read more
Post Paragliding Grins :)
The Matterhorn

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt September 15th 2007

One day I'm working in an office with no windows in London, the next I'm working in Switzerland taking a group of guests around the best bits of Switzerland with beautiful scenery in every direction. Starting in Lucerne and followed by Davos, Zermatt and Grindelwald...the scenery just got better and better. I had forgotten how tiring repping actually is but also forgot how wonderful it is to be able to make the most of any free time you do get. Big mountains, blue skies, fresh air, cow bells, grassy meadows, mountain huts with yummy roseti, gushing rivers and impressive galciers...all on my doorstep. After waving my last guests off I had a few days in Wengen, my favourite place in the world, gazing at my mountains followed by a few days in Zermatt climbing as high ... read more

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