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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt May 22nd 2015

We arrived at the Crown Jewel of our adventures in Switzerland. Zermatt is everything you've ever believed Switzerland is. Alpine architecture, gondolas, cobblestone streets, flower boxes in every window, and of course stunning mountain tops! Zermatt lies at the foot of the Matterhorn and is a very popular destination for summer tourists and winter skiers alike. In 2012 Barb and I visited here and were excited to come back with Larry & Lisa in tow. The weather, through most of our Swiss trip, was essentially crappy, and our biggest fear was the clouds would obscure all the breathtaking mountain views. True to our expectations, upon our arrival we were met with clouds and rain :( We spent the first day wandering around the town and taking in as much of the local lore as we could, ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt September 21st 2014

Hello all, been a few days but I'm back. Jeff and Jenna Hinkely arrived on Thursday in Geneva. We took the train over and came back with them so not any pics that day. Friday we went to Berne but no images. Sat. We went up to the middle of Switzerland to the Lauterbrunnen Valley. And today Sunday we went to Zermatt. Weather has been OK. Some sun some clouds and a little rain. But it's not stopping us. Tomorrow we hope to do a boat ride on one of the large mountain lakes. Hope you like the pics Lowell... read more
Leaning on the Rock of Ages
Jenna and Jeff.   What's in there?
Lauterbrunnen Valley.  My favorite

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt July 8th 2014

Switzerland - Zermatt, July 5-8, 2014 Our train travel from Lutry to Zermatt was not uneventful, because, first, we thought it was unnecessary to reserve seats, but the first leg of the journey was very crowded, so we were kicked out of the seats we chose, and with the enormous suitcases, it was not easy to relocate, and every seat was taken. Also, we had been told to change in Visp, and when the conductor finally came through to see our tickets, he told us that this train did not in fact stop in Visp, and that we should get off in Sion and take the next train that came along to Visp. Fortunately he told us this just before Sion! So it might be wise to reserve seats when traveling second class on popular routes, ... read more
First view of the Matterhorn
In search of marmots
Cable car from Sunegga to Blauherd

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt August 1st 2013

Monday 1 July was a lovely day for Brians birthday. We tried to go to a restaurant for lunch but it was not actually a restaurant, just a school group having a lovely picnic in the yard, we did think about asking to join them but decided a more intimate lunch was called for. After driving down a long, narrow, windy road to a parking spot near a hydro power station we climbed the Eschelles de Mort (Ladders of Death) for a great view over the gorge then took a 10km hike along the river at the bottom before settling down for a quiet birthday night in the gorge. The next day was very pleasant starting with a walk around the old town of Maiche, then on to Roche de Petre for the view over the ... read more
Poesse Raissa
Gorges de la A'reuse

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt May 1st 2013

Out of all the countries in Europe that I have visited, Switzerland was the one that I was really looking forward for. Not only because it always look so picturesque in books & online, but also because my road going there is not smooth at all. It took 4 years, literally, but I’m here now. And that’s all that matters. The question now though – where should I go exactly in Switzerland? I’ve always dreamed about staying in mountain village with killer panorama drenched in sunshine and blue sky. But again, which mountain? I can’t decide between Zermatt vs Berner Oberland – so I decided to do both; even though I only have 4 days in Switzerland. It will be fast paced, but based on my calculation & experience – I believe it’s still doable. I ... read more
Me in a Blizzard!!

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt December 30th 2012

So after a very pleasant buffet breakfast at our hotel, we were delivered to the train station and took off around 8.00 for our journey back to Zermatt on a regular train – no Glacier Express today! Our train ironically ended up taking us through Zurich on the way, so we waved at our apartment briefly, knowing our bed tonight was far from there! Arrived in Zermatt around 3.00 and promptly bought tickets for another train, this one ascending the mountain pass towards the Matterhorn. Seeing as we were so close, we wanted to see it, and we did! The train took us up to an elevation of approximately 10,000 feet. Spent a few minutes admiring the mountain, and then took another train back down to town. It was dark by the time we returned, so ... read more
The famous Matterhorn
Skiers near Matterhorn
The famous Matterhorn

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt October 1st 2012

According to history books The Haute Route was first completed in 1861 when some English members of the Alpine Club trodded their way from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland. Since then The Haute Route has become an institution and is now regarded as one of the classic long distance treks in Europe. The Walkers Haute Route is slightly different than the Winter Haute Route and avoids any technical or glacial terrain. It does not really require any mountaineering skillls or experience other than a good stamina and legs which can cope with some long ascents and descents. The 30 metre vertical iron ladder taking you up the final rock face to Pas de Chevres can be a bit scary though . . . From the foot of Mont Blanc to the foot of Matterhorn ... read more
Mont Blanc 4810 m. seen from Chamonix
Argentiere 1251 m.
Le Tour 1462 m.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt August 20th 2012

Nach einem leckeren Frühstück sind wir heute morgen ins Auto gesprungen und haben uns auf den Weg nach Zermatt gemacht. Dort gab es das Matterhorn zu bestaunen. Ein großer Berg von ca. 4400m Höhe. Nachdem wir uns noch ein wenig das Dörfchen Zermatt angeguckt hatten, ging es über den Genfer See in Richtung Gruyère. Auf den Spuren der Käseherstellung haben wir uns gleich mit einer Famielienpackung Käsefondue versorgt, was es dann zum Abend als leckeres Essen gab.... read more dem Autozug
Man glaubt es kaum...das Matterhorn

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt April 5th 2012

HELLO, Helllo, helllo... from the Western Alps. More specifically, the Matterhorn peak. Today has been the highlight of this far. After traveling hours and hours my train to get here, it has been soo worth it. The town of Zermatt is absolutely beautiful and the people are all friendly. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains, clear blue skies and big fluffy clouds. We sat down a lovely hotel restaurant for lunch, and trying to stick with the local foods I ordered Pasta Apline which turned out to be mac n cheese with ham and onions... delicious. Teresa ordered barley soup which was also very good, but it came in a cream sauce which was different. I am very thankful she decided not to go with the oxtail soup, which is a delicacy but ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt February 21st 2012

First thing, for those who have not realized this yet... When I post pictures from my phone, they show up in the previous entry. So always check a previous entry if I have not written anything, there are probably pictures. This will not be a long entry because the keyboard is different and it is driving me crazy. The Y and Zs are in different places. You do not know how much you use those letters until they are not where they are supposed to be. Anzwho, I am off to Paris tomorrow morning to be with Alexa!!!!! xo Will write more on a normal keyboard at some point. When there hasnt been jameson throughout the evening.... read more

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