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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela July 18th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Les Rias Baixas sont les endroits où la mer pénètre dans les terres, type golfe, sur la côte ouest de la Galice. La journée un peu longue, m'a offert beaucoup de beaux paysages. Comme celle d'hier, bien tracée. J'avais un peu sous estimé le kilométrage. Un tout petit mot, sur le repas d'hier au soir. Recommandé par la patronne de l'hôtel, un restaurant, local et de locaux, auquel je me rends, vers 20h15, le garçon me dit " on ne commence pas le service avant 21h 21h15". J'ai patienté 1heure, je n'avais pas envie de retourner, à Combarro, me plonger dans la foule des touristes. Sur le menu bien fourni, j'ai eu du mal à choisir, je n'arrivais pas à le comprendre en espagnol, que des mots qui m'étaient inconnus. Personne ne parlait ... read more
La chapelle de Toxa
panorama du golf de Arousa
mer et montagne

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela November 2nd 2018

Never buy an extra bag allowance from Vueling Airlines unless you are intending to import a small car as hand luggage. My €20 extra was because I am carrying a backpack that does not comply with the size or weight limits. What a joke! People were boarding with backpacks with sleeping rolls attached that were way out of the tiny requirements of Vueling. They are larger than mine. I’ve been duped. I have a personal theory on flight luggage allowances. I think each seat should have a weight allowance, comprised of the combined passenger and luggage weight. If you are tiny, bring all your stuff, but if you are solid, or tall , this is taken into account and excess weight may apply. Planes fly on weight, fuel costs are higher, user pays. If this seems ... read more
Quiet Atmosphere Very Near The Main District.
Entry To Bar Costa Vella
Bar Costa Vella

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 31st 2018

Watching our clothes go around and around. I’m currently in the lavandaría, doing the laundry. Tim is Museum hopping. Only €8 and all our clothes are clean and dry; no ironing though. This morning I thought we’d be removing vomit from our clothes after the long erratic bus ride around the Costa Del Morte. Aptly named the Coast of Death, I now realise it’s all about the bus. I’d been advised to sit up the front but it was pointless. The driver swung into the endless corners, and stopped and started so savagely, that I thought he was on a time incentive. Reading was a bad start, as the lurches and jerks hit you without notice. Then I tried to lean into the bends, but that only works on a motorcycle. Just burp constantly, Steve, and ... read more
Dawn At Finisterre
Dawn At Finisterre
Sunrise Over The Atlantic

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 26th 2018

Everyone has gone home. I woke this morning with no plan for the day. I’m really just waiting to meet Tim and start walking tomorrow. I had breakfast with Maryanne and Margaret Caffyn, the author of a book on the Camino. She spoke of the different routes she has walked, and has been in Santiago for a month. She bought a luxury tour group over. Agnes met us later and we visited the local fresh produce market so she could stock up on cheese and meat to take back to Germany. The markets run off a central square and the enclosed stone corridors are divided into meat, fish, vegetables, and cheeses. It’s an older version of the Victoria Market in Melbourne but more symmetrically arranged. The flower stalls fought a losing battle with smell of the ... read more
Maryanne, Steve, Lisa, and Agnes
A Wider Look At The Cathedral
Late Night Santiago

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 25th 2018

All is not lost. Last night, after an excited band of travellers at the end, or start, of their journey, had the big picture taken, we retired to a bar just off the Plaza, to share stories, say goodbyes, and meet a couple of people I had seen but never met. There were three generations gathered , with one purpose in mind. To celebrate having walked 779kms across Spain. Some will go home, others will pursue the last 117kms to Finisterre and Muxia. Jesper and Anton are the youngest at 19, a few are in their 40’s, and a few of us follow at the rear in our ‘twilight years’. I met an ex New York firefighter who had to retire after suffering a broken neck. Personal relationships dissolved and, at 42, he is walking to ... read more
Breakfast Room, San Martin Pinario
Bar, TV, and Leisure Room, San Martin Pinario
San Martin Cloister

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 24th 2018

I’m suffering sleep deprivation. The night before last, I received a message from booking .com, informing me that my credit card details were invalid, and they may cancel my booking. After informing them I had paid cash for my booking and was currently in bed at that booking, and after the property acknowledged the payment, they cancelled the booking at no cost to me. This all occurred at about 3.15am. Last night in Santiago de Compostela, I received an aborted phone call, that rang just long enough to startle me into lurching back and hitting my head on a stone wall, because I keep my phone under the pillow, at 1.18am. It was like waking up and knocking myself out again, all at once. Number ended in 2089. Please check the time difference before calling again. ... read more
Dave, Darcy, and Janet
Botafumeiro Control Centre

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 23rd 2018

Meet at the Rooster on the corner at 6.30. It’s not code. It’s a statue of a Rooster. The meeting point. Today was very different. First, I woke to an alarm, and second, the destination of Santiago was no longer a goal. We all arrived. O Pedrouzo was chilly at 6.30 am but I didn’t notice. I had a date with Santiago. Leaving in the dark was nothing new, but we were looking at, or I should say, not looking at, no daylight for the first 2 hours of our walk. A full moon providing the first light, we approached Arenal, and Janet and I waited at a breakfast bar for the others. Too long. We wandered back, and found a roughly assembled search party scouring the roadside for Lisa’s phone. Kids, what do you do ... read more
First Light At Lavacola
Putting In The Hard Yards
The Moon And Me

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 23rd 2018

The extra couple of days in Santiago De Compostela have been fantastic....took a day trip BY Finisterre and Muxia on the coast about an hour out. So nice to sit back and relax and take everything in....a fabulous day down on the Atlantic Ocean with lunch stop in Finisterre enjoying some lovely seafood. Visited the only waterfall in Europe that flows into the sea, the largest horreo in the world (the buildings set off the ground to dry out all their grains etc), beautiful to see some sea for a change. Have had some great meals here too, have the best breaky place within 50 metres, bar 10 metres and now know that Spain is the biggest comsumer of gin, tried a couple too and very nice, they ask you when you want them to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela May 19th 2018

Jakobus der Ältere war einer der zwölf Jünger Jesu, Sohn des Zebedäus und Bruder von Johannes. Der Legende nach ging er gleich nach Christi Himmelfahrt in die römische Provinz Hispania, das heutige Spanien, um dort zu missionieren – allerdings mit wenig Erfolg. Er kehrte dann nach Palästina zurück und wurde dort schließlich auf Befehl des Königs Herodes Agrippa I. von Judäa im Jahre 44 enthauptet. Nach einer in Spanien seit dem Mittelalter verbreiteten Legende wurde sein Leichnam in ein Boot gelegt, das dann an die Küste Spaniens getrieben wurde. Nach einer anderen Version brachten seine Jünger Athanasius und Theodorus den Leichnam auf dem Seeweg in sein Missionsgebiet Spanien und setzten ihn in einem Steingrab auf dem Gebiet der heutigen Stadt Santiago de Compostela bei. Nach einer anderen in Kirchenkreisen verbreiteten Legende schenkte Kaiser Justinian die Gebeine ... read more
der Sarg des Heiligen
Anstellen um die Statue zu umarmen

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela May 18th 2018

Durch unglaubliche Gegenden gefahren. Hier gibt es noch ein paar Esel, als Arbeitstiere, nicht als Dekoartikel. Eine Frau wäscht die Wäsche in einem der zahlreichen Brunnen. Was im Sommer und aus der Ferne romantisch aussieht, ist im Winter ein Albtraum. Alte Leute, die aus ihren uralten Häusern kommen, die im Sommer kalt und feucht sind, im Winter in Albtraum. Die Straße windet sich wie eine Schlange durch die Häuserzeilen. Die große Frage ist immer: geht's da weiter oder nur in eine Sackgasse? Mal so, mal so. Und dann darf ich Paul auf engem, steilen Raum wenden. Und ihn ja nicht umfallen lassen, denn da ist niemand, außer einigen uralten Leuten (halb so alt wie ich?), die wahrscheinlich nicht genug Kraft haben, eine Kaffetasse zu heben. Wir sind den ganzen Tag durch das Gebirge, das im Norden ... read more
nicht Spanien!

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