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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 19th 2019

It will be a tiny post today. The main focus was ensuring that our luggage was within the limits, and after moving stuff from case to pack to bag, and sometimes back to case, we balanced it out with a couple of hundred grams spare in each case. Carry on is heavy, but still nowhere near the limit. We enjoyed a lovely peaceful last morning, breakfast at the Monastery , morning tea at an obscure cafe set in the end of a dark little lane, and then moved to the park where we people watched, I read a book , and Sue smiled at children playing, no doubt thinking of the small boy we left behind in Australia. It’s not long before we get an Ezra fix again; be patient Sue. As I said, this will ... read more
Morning Tea Before The Airport Bus
Last Hour In Santiago
Sunset As We Drove Through The Forests In Germany

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 18th 2019

Hey, we leave Santiago tomorrow, but first we have to change accommodation. When our flights were booked to Frankfurt Hahn Airport, I couldn’t extend our booking at the Monastery, so I rebooked at a hotel a few steps from the airport bus. We will still eat breakfast at the Monastery tomorrow, 6€, cheap cheap, so it’s really a win win from our viewpoint. The usual breakfast at San Martin’s, said thanks and goodbye to the stocky waiter who I had a few chats with; he gave me a hug and sadly wandered into the kitchen - well, a slight exaggeration . We were earlier today and the crowd was yet to arrive. These waiters are full on. They are waiters, baristas, kitchen hands, table cleaners and setters, and they do a great PR job as well; ... read more
7am Sunrise.

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 17th 2019

Pretty tired today. I stayed up last night updating pictures for the 3 days they wouldn’t load up. They are now all there, and if people want to, when this post is opened, just select previous entry, and go back to Vigo and check out the pictures on each post. I was going to do it today but i started it , thought it was easy, but the time flew away on me. This morning I did a little googling and located a place where Sue could have a pedicure, so a walk across town was our first trip for the day. When i say first trip, it was 10.30 before we left the Monastery, after breakfast and a little clothes washing. Peluqueria Beymar is located up a dark tiny mall, just over the road from ... read more
Mercado De Abastos De Santiago
Abastos Market, Santiago
Market Halls

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 16th 2019

Why do Spanish men have pronounced black eyebrows? So they can talk. A flick of the head, a thrust of the hand, a twist of the eyebrows, and a spanish man has made what he just said very clear. Italians are similar, but I was watching spaniards today. And the women aren’t far behind. It’s very interesting to watch, and compared to the deadpan, expressionless way we talk in Australia at times, this is free live theatre. We went on a bus tour today: this rates closely to root canal treatment for pleasure to me. It was just for one day, and remember, it‘s not always all about me. The tour guide reminded me of Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian writer, so it was a good start. I told Sue we should try to sit on the ... read more
Finisterre Township
The Fleet

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 15th 2019

I hope people arriving in Santiago are not expecting the ‘premium’ pilgrim experience. Sue and I had decided to fill in the morning by going to the Santiago Market, sorting out a bus tour for tomorrow , and visiting the Cathedral before attending the midday mass, in order to see the Botafumeiro swing in a smoky arc across the alter of the church. The Botafumeiro is a larger version of the smoke filled chalice that people would be more used to seeing at mass, with the priest waiving it gently to spread the sweet smelling pine smoke throughout the church, ostensibly to ward off evil spirits and cleanse the church, with smoke. The Santiago model is propelled through the air, controlled by 5 men dressed in monks robes, who keep the momentum going by the rise ... read more
Santiago Town Street Sweeper
Every Arch Leads To A New Opportunity

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 14th 2019

Whenever I have to wake at a certain time, my body makes the alarm obsolete. Sleep last night was fractured and infrequent. We had to catch a train to Santiago de Compostela this morning, and still weren’t too sure of the surest way to get to the station. The options were walking, largely uphill with 2 suitcases, taxi, or my preferred bus trip. I went to the bus stop early to work out the likelihood that this was the way to go. I spoke to a lady, and then an elderly man who joined us, and without a word of English between them, I managed to walk away convinced, even with a Saturday timetable, that the bus was the best bet. I went back to get Sue and our gear, and we checked out, dropped the ... read more
Out Balcony Balustrade In Vigo
An Early Morning Shopper Returning Home.
San Martin Pinario, Santiago

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 10th 2019

Since I only had 13 kilometers or so to go today, I was in no hurry to get up and get going. I finally left the albergue around 8am, worried about the sore calf and bites that I’d had the day before. The bites are still there, and itch some, but the calf is holding up well. Also, I ran out of clean Injinji toe socks, so I was going with just the merino wool socks, with a couple of bandaids on the two quasi blisters that I had. Strangely enough, my feet felt better than they had since the beginning! Having a short day, I was in no hurry, but found myself clicking along pretty quickly anyways. At last, I spotted my first Camino marker with less than 10 kilometers to go to Santiago on ... read more
My first Camino marker, under 10kms!
My first rest stop, at O Camino Cafeteria-Taperia
Delicious pastry & coffee at O Camino

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 8th 2019

And so, after the dismal Ferrol, we came to Santiago de Compostela, the last stop on our Ruta de Paradores, the focus of religious pilgrimage since the early 9th century and the prime focus of our trip. Having got to Santiago fairly early and driven right into the main square we dropped our bags and the car...valet parking! Then set off to explore... Saturday morning and plenty going on... we found an excellent market, enjoyed a beer in the sunshine and then stumbled upon a festival of local culture. There were bands, drums, dancers, bears, wolves and many exotic costumes...great colourful noisy fun. We saw one lad who was drumming so hard that his knuckles were bloody..see the picture - and he was one of many suffering for their art. Santiago - St James the Apostle ... read more
Local festival
Bloody knuckles
Bears and other beasties

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela July 18th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Les Rias Baixas sont les endroits où la mer pénètre dans les terres, type golfe, sur la côte ouest de la Galice. La journée un peu longue, m'a offert beaucoup de beaux paysages. Comme celle d'hier, bien tracée. J'avais un peu sous estimé le kilométrage. Un tout petit mot, sur le repas d'hier au soir. Recommandé par la patronne de l'hôtel, un restaurant, local et de locaux, auquel je me rends, vers 20h15, le garçon me dit " on ne commence pas le service avant 21h 21h15". J'ai patienté 1heure, je n'avais pas envie de retourner, à Combarro, me plonger dans la foule des touristes. Sur le menu bien fourni, j'ai eu du mal à choisir, je n'arrivais pas à le comprendre en espagnol, que des mots qui m'étaient inconnus. Personne ne parlait ... read more
La chapelle de Toxa
panorama du golf de Arousa
mer et montagne

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela November 2nd 2018

Never buy an extra bag allowance from Vueling Airlines unless you are intending to import a small car as hand luggage. My €20 extra was because I am carrying a backpack that does not comply with the size or weight limits. What a joke! People were boarding with backpacks with sleeping rolls attached that were way out of the tiny requirements of Vueling. They are larger than mine. I’ve been duped. I have a personal theory on flight luggage allowances. I think each seat should have a weight allowance, comprised of the combined passenger and luggage weight. If you are tiny, bring all your stuff, but if you are solid, or tall , this is taken into account and excess weight may apply. Planes fly on weight, fuel costs are higher, user pays. If this seems ... read more
Quiet Atmosphere Very Near The Main District.
Entry To Bar Costa Vella
Bar Costa Vella

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